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Time and time once more, a large number of TV exhibits have embedded themselves into the every day lives of viewers by means of catchphrases that slither their means into common conversations. Brooklyn Nine-Nine stands out as one such sequence, with its witty anecdotes and hilarious episodes. Over two years after its finale, the present’s catchphrases nonetheless discover their means into common vocabulary. In contrast to some dialogues which will have grow to be redundant over time, those from Brooklyn 9-9 stay contemporary, particular, and splendidly quirky, making the present an essential cultural touchstone.

From “Title of your intercourse tape!” to “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, …,” these dialogues have etched a everlasting spot within the hearts of audiences. However even past the dialogues, the present left a legacy that may go on for ages. Regardless of not reaching the identical degree of mainstream recognition as a few of its counterparts, like Pals or The Huge Bang Concept, Brooklyn 9-9’s high quality stays unparalleled. The present would not depend on off-color or crude humor and is ready to generate laughter by means of good and inclusive humor, which is a testomony to its brilliance.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Comedy sequence following the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and his numerous, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD’s 99th Precinct.

Launch Date
September 17, 2013

Dan Goor, Michael Schur

Essential Style


10 “9-9!”

Terrence Jeffords

The B99 squad at Los Angeles Airport
Credit score: NBC

The squad on the ninety-ninth precinct makes use of this chant fairly often. From motivating one another in instances of disaster to celebrating all wins ‒ large and small, this chant turns into an emotion with the progress of the present. Whereas the phrase is barely recognition of their NYPD precinct, it pushes the detectives to do higher. Past the mantra, the phrase has additionally weaved its means into their on a regular basis conversations, the place it would not simply discuss with their place of business however a gaggle of individuals they’ve realized to just accept as a household away from house.

Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) makes use of this phrase for the primary time in The Pilot when he tells Holt (Andre Braugher), “That is how we do it within the nine-nine, sir. Catch dangerous guys and look good doing it.” But it surely’s actually solely used as a chant in Thanksgiving, the tenth episode of the primary season the place Jake proposes a toast to his crew. Because the seasons progress, nevertheless, Sergeant Terrence Jeffords (Terry Crews) is usually the primary to shout it out, and the squad chants it again in unison. Whereas Jake is the one who coined the time period, and Terry is the one who makes use of it most frequently, it belongs to everybody on the squad, a dwelling, respiration embodiment of their camaraderie and love.

9 “… Now Quantity 5.”

Jake Peralta

Jake shouting
Credit score: NBC

The seventeenth episode of the fifth season provides probably the most hilarious chilly opens on Brooklyn 9-9. Jake is investigating a homicide and asks the witness to establish the killer. When she heard him sing “I Need It That Approach” by Backstreet Boys, he asks all of the 5 guys within the suspect lineup to sing one a part of the track. Nevertheless, Jake, being Jake, will get carried away with the event and utterly forgets in regards to the witness standing subsequent to him. As he rounds up the track, he sings “…Now Quantity 5” as a substitute of the unique lyric, “Inform Me Why,” which results in top-of-the-line chilly opens on the present.

The scene was executed flawlessly by the actors and the manufacturing. Whereas a detective forgetting that he was trying to establish a serial killer can be appalling in all conditions, the writers discover a approach to make it lighthearted and hilarious, pulling it off in a means most exhibits could not. Even years after the episode aired, followers nonetheless make memes on the TV present, usually about getting challenged to sing the track appropriately for thousands and thousands of {dollars} and ending up singing Now Quantity 5 as a substitute of the unique track.

8 “I am the human type of the 💯 emoji.”

Gina Linetti

Gina Linetti on her phone
Credit score: NBC 

Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) is the Regina George of the nine-nine. She is assured, suave, audacious, and unapologetic. She has a larger-than-life persona and walks by means of life with an unmatched aptitude. In line with her, the English language can’t absolutely seize the depth and complexity of her ideas, so she began incorporating emojis into her speech to raised categorical herself (winky face). On one such event, she introduces herself because the human type of the 100 emoji, which, whereas fairly narcissistic, is not removed from the reality.

Gina has a outstanding ability set and might get nearly something completed. When the neatest of the squad fails to resolve an issue, Gina usually saves the day. She typically opts for unconventional strategies that would land within the legally grey territory, however the outcomes communicate for themselves. Gina is thrifty and intelligent and might conquer any scenario with ease. Whereas she is not the kindest member of the squad – usually mocking others on a whim, she is a drive to be reckoned with and develops sturdy bonds with everybody all through the seasons. Finally, she ends up becoming a lifestyle icon, influencing millions around the globe along with her attraction.

7 “Terry Loves Yogurt.”

Terrence Jeffords

Terry eating yogurt
Credit score: NBC

Among the many many romantic storylines on the present, Terry is discovered to be a part of an intense love affair as properly. Not a traditional romantic one, however an unwavering ardour for yogurt. Whereas he loves his household essentially the most, his mango yogurt is an in depth second. The catchphrase has been utilized by a number of characters over the seasons, but it surely actually belongs to Terry. His affection for his yogurt is an emblem of consolation for him, particularly with the fixed hype round his muscular, Kool-Assist Man-like physique.

When Holt delivers a poignant message of hope after Captain Seth Dozerman’s (Invoice Hader) demise – widespread for the road, “Every little thing is Rubbish, By no means Love Something,” he additionally mentions Terry’s mango yogurt, which has been discontinued. And Terry’s love is true, proved in the season five episode HalloVeen, the place Holt, Amy, and Jake all put GPS trackers in Terry by tricking him on separate events into consuming yogurt.

6 “Noice!”

Jake Peralta

Jake smiling at Amy
Credit score: NBC

Whereas Jake is all the time inventive along with his vocabulary, his slang for “cool/superior” is unquestionably one in every of his finest works primarily based on recognition. Each time he is excited and joyful, Jake tends to use the word “noice,” a play on the phrase good. He is aggressive with the utilization of this phrase and over the seasons, Charles and Amy choose it up fairly just a few instances. Finally, although, the quote is all Jake and captures his playful nature. Whereas the roots of the pronunciation will be present in an exaggerated Australian accent, Jake Americanizes the phrase along with his utilization.

The phrase is undoubtedly simple to slide into on a regular basis vocabulary, changing the often-overused phrase with a catchy rendition. In time, the catchphrase has discovered its place on a number of sorts of merchandise and has grow to be a fan favourite for gleeful moments. The phrase has additionally been added to the City Dictionary, because of its exponentially growing use on social media.

5 “Bone?!”

Captain Raymond Holt

Holt standing on a desk, shouting
Credit score: NBC

After the squad disobeys Captain Jason Stentley (Ken Marino) and leaves for Florida to assist Captain Holt and Jake battle towards Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis (Eric Roberts), they’re punished and placed on the night time shift. As a result of spending his nights on the precinct, Captain Holt and his husband get much less time to spend collectively and develop issues of their marriage. On their first date in a really very long time, Kevin brings up a Monte Carlo simulation of three doorways in a sport present. The couple fights over the identical, and Holt nearly finally ends up firing Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) for taking his husband’s facet.

When Rosa realizes the true drawback, she tells Holt he and his husband have to bone. Shocked past perception, Holt is infuriated at Rosa and makes an ordeal out of it shouting in entrance of all the precinct. This makes all the precinct crack up at him being so labored up. Finally, although, when he involves work the subsequent morning, it’s revealed that Rosa’s guess was proper, and Kevin and Holt clear up their miscommunication by “boning.”


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By no means cease, by no means stopping!

4 “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, …”

Jake Peralta

Jake standing at the train station
Credit score: NBC

Jake’s lexicon is fascinating. Whereas “noice” conveys that the topic is cool or superior when he makes use of “cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, …” in repetition, he really signifies that the factor in query is lower than ideally suited, typically even dismal. His feelings across the phrase vary from gentle unhappiness to a contact of irritation, relying upon the scenario. When he is sentenced to jail after being framed by Melanie Hawkins (Gina Gershon) for financial institution theft, Jake ends the episode with “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Little question, little question, little question,” leaving the season on a unusual word regardless of the gloomy circumstances.

On different events, he makes use of repetitions with different phrases like “uncool” and “yep.” When Cheddar is kidnapped, and Jake decides to strategy the abductors dressed as Kevin, he goes as far as to do the mantra with “certainly” to suit into character. In a common situation, that is positively a cool catchphrase to make use of to precise dismay in a scenario you need others to assume you are joyful about.

3 “Scorching Rattling!”

Captain Raymond Holt

Holt posing for the camera
Credit score: NBC

Along with his calm and stoic demeanor, it appears inconceivable to consider Holt reacting to something in a haughty method. However in Jake and Sophia (Season 2, Episode 6), Holt reveals his excited and cheerful facet ‒ even when it comes out solely sometimes. When Amy is 70 seconds late for work‒ positively a sight for sore eyes, Jake asks everybody to guess why she’s late. Whereas Rosa thinks she tucked herself in too tight, Jake believes she fell right into a manhole. When Holt overhears the commotion, he decides to intervene. He then bets that Amy was late as a result of the road within the financial institution was too lengthy.

When Amy comes again, everybody asks her the rationale she was late. Finally, Holt’s motive prevails, and he reacts with “Scorching Rattling!,” stunning everybody along with his enthusiastic response. Over the continuing seasons, Holt continues to use this remark on various occasions. What makes this even funnier is that the actors revealed that the remark was spontaneous, and the rationale the scene cuts proper after Holt’s response is as a result of everybody was laughing out loud.

2 “Yippie Kayak, Different Buckets!”

Charles Boyle

Charles sitting on a throne while Jake stands beside him
Credit score: NBC

Jake’s timeless love for Die Laborious is a continuing reminder in lots of episodes of Brooklyn 9-9. So when he will get the prospect to be a real-life John McClane, albeit with Canadian robbers as a substitute of German villains like he would have most well-liked, Jake is clearly overjoyed. However as circumstances would have it, he and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) are outnumbered within the midst of the tried theft. In a selfless act, Jake provides up his McClane second to save lots of all of the civilian hostages concerned within the larceny. A lot to his dismay, after touchdown from the vent, Charles shouts, “Yippie Kayak, Different Buckets” as a substitute of the unique.

Whereas censoring profanity and making the episode healthful, Charles finally ends up ruining Jake’s vicarious second, however they lastly emerge victorious in catching the robbers and preserving all hostages secure. Past their tasks as cops, this second brought forward their unbreakable bond. The catchphrase took the web by storm and rapidly grew to become a fan favourite. From hoodies to frames, the phrase nonetheless guidelines, turning a censoring transfer right into a cultural phenomenon.

1 “Title of your intercourse tape.”

Jake Peralta

Jake standing at the table making an announcement
Credit score: NBC

Probably the greatest working gags on Brooklyn 9-9, “Title of your intercourse tape!” is Jake Peralta’s default response to any scenario that incorporates refined innuendos. In comparison with a few of its counterparts from different TV exhibits, this catchphrase has the least warmth and would not lean on off-color humor for laughter. It thrives on the ingredient of shock and performs on the nuances of language. Jake largely makes use of it on different individuals, aside from when it’s a gracious remark about his personal prowess, however now and again refers to it as “our intercourse tape” when referring to him and Amy.

Whereas the dialogue is already one of many funniest on the present, it beneficial properties much more emotion within the last episode. Whereas speaking to Jake at their one final assembly earlier than Jake leaves the precinct, Holt compliments Jake and tells him, “I suppose in the long run, we rubbed off on one another fairly a bit. Title of your intercourse film!” He then appears to Jake for affirmation on whether or not he spoke it appropriately. Jake will get emotional, turning one of many funniest dialogues on the present right into a everlasting poignant second.

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