10 Best Characters in the X-Men Movies, Ranked

Inside the Marvel universe, people born with the X-Gene turn out to be mutants and develop an expansive vary of superpowers after they hit puberty. Thus, mutants are feared and hated by humanity, with many changing into radical criminals to strike again at a world that brazenly rejects them. Nevertheless, some mutants select to make use of their powers to guard each their fellow mutants and humanity, such because the X-Men.

From 2000 to 2019, twentieth Century Studios helmed an X-Men film franchise that has turn out to be one of many highest-grossing of all time. The movies launched a number of the hottest X-Males to a brand new technology of audiences and have been instrumental within the rise of superhero movies within the 2000s and 2010s. Because of gifted actors and robust writing, even in a number of the weaker movies, these variations of the characters stay sturdy within the minds of followers. These are the perfect characters within the X-Males films, with quite a lot of changing into the definitive variations of their respective mutants.

10 Kitty Pryde

Performed by Sumela Kay, Katie Stuart, and Elliot Web page

Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

A resident of Xavier College for Gifted Kids, Kitty Pryde (Sumela Kay, Katie Stuart, and Elliot Web page) can part by means of stable matter. As soon as she learns learn how to management her powers, she turns into a member of the X-Males with the codename Shadowcat. In a while, she positive factors the flexibility to ship folks’s consciousness by means of time, which she makes use of to ship Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) again to 1973 to stop an apocalyptic future the place mutants are virtually eradicated.

Ready till X-Men: The Last Stand to make Kitty a crew member was a sensible choice, because it allowed audiences to see her develop from a pupil to a superhero. Kitty provides youthful power to the dynamic, and her distinctive powers result in artistic motion scenes. She’s at her greatest in The Final Stand, particularly in the course of the climax when she interacts with Jimmy (Cameron Brilliant), a younger mutant getting used to synthesize a mutant remedy. Actually, she’s among the many few good issues in what might be the worst X-Men movie.

9 Rogue

Performed by Anna Paquin

Rogue smiling softly in X-Men
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

Whereas most mutants love their powers, some, like Marie D’Ancanto (Anna Paquin), discover them extra of a burden than a present. She has the ability to soak up the reminiscences and mutant powers of whoever she touches, but when she’s not cautious, she will damage and even kill the individual. Frightened of herself, Marie lives on the run till she meets Wolverine, and the 2 are ultimately discovered by Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart).

Rogue is a personality who helps present the complexity of mutants and the way their powers can have drastic, life-altering penalties. This significant side turns into a significant focus within the third movie, the place Rogue significantly considers taking the mutant remedy in order that she will contact her boyfriend, Bobby (Shawn Ashmore). Moreover that, she’s a candy nation lady who develops a powerful friendship with Wolverine, which furthers their respective arcs. Sadly, Rogue fades into the background following her introduction within the first film, changing into one of the crucial wasted X-Males characters.



Launch Date
July 14, 2000

104 minutes

8 Beast

Performed by Steve Bacic, Kelsey Grammer, and Nicholas Hoult

An outdated pal of Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) is a superb scientist whose mutation gave him animalistic toes, granting him enhanced reflexes. Toying with the concept of a remedy, Hank tries to suppress his mutation, however his components backfires and causes him to develop blue fur and feline-like options. In time, he comes to just accept his new kind and turns into Secretary of Mutant Affairs within the U. S. Cupboard.

Beast’s story is a powerful story of self-acceptance and utilizing one’s expertise for the betterment of others. Regardless of his spectacular power, Hank prefers to resolve issues diplomatically and approaches others with kindness and understanding. Each of his main actors carry phenomenal performances: Hoult does an ideal job enjoying Beast in his youthful, much less assured years, whereas Emmy-winner Kelsey Grammer captures the self-confidence and knowledge that include age.

7 Jean Gray

Performed by Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner

An extremely highly effective psychic mutant, Jean Gray (Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner), works personally with Charles to grasp her powers. A few of her talents embody telepathy and telekinesis, making her one of many extra versatile members of the crew. Whereas she is generally a sort, supportive individual, there’s a darker aspect to Jean lurking beneath the floor referred to as the Phoenix.

Because the undisputed most powerful member of the X-Men, the mighty Jean reveals the unbelievable damaging talents of mutants and their power of character to make use of her powers for good. She is a supportive, mild one who is dedicated to serving to others, making it all of the extra stunning when she is consumed by the Phoenix and turns into a raging pressure of destruction. The one factor that drags her down is her love triangle with Wolverine and the crew chief, Cyclops (James Marsden).

6 Deadpool

Performed by Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool looking up at the camera in Deadpool.
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

Following a dishonorable discharge from the Particular Forces, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) turns into a mercenary for rent, doing all the pieces from assassinations to threatening stalkers. When he’s recognized with terminal most cancers, Wade partakes in an experimental remedy, which triggers his X-gene and grants him a therapeutic issue but in addition disfigures his physique. Breaking freed from the power, Wade takes the identify Deadpool and begins searching down these accountable for his current situation.

Following a disastrous movie debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds’ second, extra trustworthy adaptation of the character has been praised by audiences and critics for bringing new life to the X-Males franchise. Deadpool is a superb instance of an anti-hero: although he has an ethical code and is keen to work alongside heroes like Colossus (Stefan Kapičić), he additionally will not hesitate to make use of deadly pressure to make sure that the dangerous guys get taken down. If that wasn’t sufficient to like him, he is one of many funniest Marvel characters, consistently breaking the fourth wall and firing off one hilarious one-liner after one other.



Launch Date
February 12, 2016

108 minutes

Rhett Reese , Paul Wernick

5 Mystique

Performed by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence

As a younger lady, Raven Darkhölme meets Charles Xavier when she makes an attempt to steal meals from his residence however is welcomed in as a foster sister. As a younger grownup, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) tries to comply with Charles’ ideology of utilizing her powers to assist people and mutants equally however turns into disillusioned and gravitates as an alternative in the direction of Magneto’s (Michael Fassbender) extra radial mutant supremacist view. Finally, Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) turns into Magneto’s (Sir Ian McKellen) closest ally together with her expertise in hand-to-hand fight and her impeccable shapeshifting powers.

Mystique is without doubt one of the most compelling characters within the X-Males movies because of her incredible design and the sturdy personalities present in each variations of the character. Romijn performs her as an aged and skilled veteran whose each motion makes audiences query what she goes to do subsequent. In the meantime, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence performs her as a younger girl nonetheless looking for her place on this planet and how much impression she may have on the combat for equality.

4 Quicksilver

Performed by Evan Peters

Quicksilver looking to his left in battle in X-Men: Apocalypse
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

The illegitimate son of Magneto, Peter Maximoff (Evan Peters), lives together with his mom and two siblings in America. His mutant powers permit him to maneuver and suppose at supersonic speeds, however he typically makes use of them for juvenile pranks and thievery. In 1973, he’s recruited to assist break Magneto out of jail and later joins the X-Males of their battle towards the traditional mutant, En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac).

Regardless of becoming a member of the franchise late into its run, Quicksiver grew to become a fan favourite because of his energetic persona, Peters’ efficiency, and the way artistic the movies introduced his powers to life. He is a rebellious teen with a love of pranks and quips, which performs nicely off the opposite, extra severe characters. He’s additionally entrance and heart for the standout scenes from X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, the place he makes use of his tremendous velocity to save lots of folks to the tune of Jim Croce and Eurythmics.

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Poster

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Launch Date
Could 15, 2014

Bryan Singer


Simon Kinberg , Jane Goldman , Matthew Vaughn

3 Magneto

Performed by Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender

Magneto looking to his right in X-Men
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

Throughout World Conflict II, Erik Lehnsherr and his household are despatched to Auschwitz, the place he develops his energy to regulate steel. After the conflict, he strikes to America and hunts down Nazi survivors earlier than becoming a member of forces with Charles Xavier to cease Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) from beginning World Conflict III. Though Erik and Charles turn out to be buddies, Erik disagrees with him that people and mutants will be capable of coexist, happening a radical path of mutant supremacy.

Magneto is without doubt one of the biggest comic-book villains for a cause, and the movie model does an outstanding job of capturing the complexity of the character. He is a incredible antagonist as a result of, whereas his actions are incorrect, his logic shouldn’t be, as humanity has a horrible historical past of demonizing and attacking that which does not match the norm. His friendship with Charles is a spotlight of each movie, as the 2 males need the identical factor and respect each other deeply however cannot agree on learn how to see their dream by means of.

X-Men First Class Movie Poster

X-Men: First Class

Launch Date
June 1, 2011

Matthew Vaughn


Ashley Miller , Zack Stentz , Jane Goldman , Matthew Vaughn , Sheldon Turner , Bryan Singer

2 Charles Xavier

Performed by Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy

Professor X meeting an older version of himself in X Men- Days of Future Past
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

Probably the most highly effective telepath on this planet, Charles Xavier, dedicates his life to defending mutants from oppression and fostering an excellent relationship with humanity. Utilizing a complicated laptop referred to as Cerebro, he can find mutants wherever on the planet, and produce them to his college to assist them hone their powers and be a part of a supportive group. A few of his college students he trains to be the X-Males, a activity pressure dedicated to sustaining peace between the 2 worlds by defeating mutant and human forces who would see one or the opposite harmed.

Charles Xavier is the center and soul of the X-Males movies, serving as a sensible and compassionate chief for the crew and the principle supply of hope that a greater world may be achieved. Stewart’s portrayal is nothing in need of legendary, capturing Charles’ intelligence and unwavering spirit together with his highly effective voice. For his half, McAvoy can also be sensible, switching between youthful confidence and excessive stress as his beliefs are challenged between movies.

1 Wolverine

Performed by Hugh Jackman

Logan looking to the distance in 'Logan.'
Picture by way of twentieth Century Studios

Because of his highly effective regenerative powers, James “Logan” Howlett has lived for lots of of years and fought in lots of international conflicts. He’s ultimately chosen by William Stryker (Danny Huston) for the Weapon X Mission, which sees liquid Adamantine hooked up to his bones, making him indestructible. Nevertheless, the trauma additionally wipes his reminiscence, leaving Logan to wander the Earth in quest of solutions about his previous.

A reluctant hero by means of and thru, Wolverine stands as maybe essentially the most recognizable and beloved live-action comedian movie protagonist. He’s a person at conflict with himself, consistently struggling between his animalistic rage and the ethical compass that retains pulling him again to the trail of a hero. Jackman’s efficiency is phenomenal at capturing this duality, particularly in movies like The Wolverine and Logan, the place he additionally has to grapple together with his personal mortality.



Launch Date
March 3, 2017

137 minutes

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