10 Best ‘Invincible’ Villains, Ranked

Lastly, Amazon Prime’s Invincible is coming out with the second half of season 2 on March 14. To the present’s credit score, this adult-animated collection has sufficient compelling villains to make it well worth the wait. So many have been established that it feels just like the narrative can go in many various instructions proper now.

Some villains are higher than others, after all. Their power could are available numbers, bodily energy, or another benefit that makes them uniquely intimidating. The next ten are probably the most compelling villains introduced on the present to date—with a very good probability of affecting the plot going ahead, both in the remainder of season 2 or in subsequent episodes.


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10 Doc Seismic

Debut: Season 1, Episode 3

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Voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos, Doc Seismic can actually take a punch. Not simply from Invincible, although; each time this unhinged seismologist makes use of his wristbands to set off shockwaves and earthquakes, he offers himself a concussion. Although it isn’t solely clear what number of occasions he has used them, he has clearly accrued appreciable mind harm by now. When he claims to have an undergrad diploma in sociology and girls’s research (with a minor in African dance), is he simply delusional?

Both approach, Doc Seismic’s liberal political stances present an amusing spin on the character. He has broken each Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument, so he undoubtedly has a aptitude for public spectacles. Additionally, his magma knights in season 2 make it appear that he’s solely getting extra highly effective. Invincible had a troublesome time defeating him the second time, so who is aware of how robust Doc Seismic will likely be if he will get one other probability to destroy one other historic monument.

9 The Flaxans

Debut: Season 1, Episode 2

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The Flaxans are an alien race that invade Earth thrice (in Season 1’s “Right here Goes Nothing”) utilizing an interdimensional portal. With highly effective weapons and a large military, the Flaxans beat up the Teen Crew fairly badly. However time strikes too rapidly for them on Earth, they usually should retreat from dying of outdated age. Shortly afterward, they return with gadgets that make their our bodies regulate to the environment. A couple of days on Earth is equal to some a long time the place they arrive from, in order that they undoubtedly have the benefit of time.

When the Teen Crew reveals up for his or her third invasion, Robotic is so intimidated by the Flaxans’ numbers and expertise that he considers town misplaced and recommends nuking the place earlier than they even begin preventing. Not probably the most assured begin, however Omni-Man arrives to avoid wasting the day earlier than Invincible is killed. Omni-Man then proceeds to destroy the Flaxans’ dwelling, making certain that they will not be again anytime quickly. Nonetheless, they might (ultimately) resolve to try to actual revenge.

8 The Sequids

Debut: Season 1, Episode 4

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Mars is a harmful planet, and the worst a part of it’s got to be these sequids: parasitic aliens that latch onto your physique and switch you into their brainwashed host. Every sequid has three pink tentacles and a mind within the center. If there have been just a few of this stuff slithering round, then they might solely accomplish that a lot hurt; however there’s sufficient of them to devastate complete planets. Mainly the definition of getting power in numbers, the sequids had been ravaging the galaxy earlier than they crash-landed on Mars.

They’ve discovered it troublesome to take over the shape-shifting Martians, they usually had been scattered when Invincible arrived. Oddly, when none of those parasites has a physique to manage, they’re unable to do a lot. But when only one efficiently finds a bunch, they will all of the sudden talk and performance collectively as an especially highly effective military. Because of Invincible, that is primarily what occurs on Mars. That is undoubtedly an issue he’ll should take care of someday sooner or later, and sooner is best than later.

7 Angstrom Levy

Debut: Season 2, Episode 1

Sterling K. Brown voices Angstrom Levy in Invincible Season 2
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They are saying that information is energy, however Angstrom Levy is the one one who actually overdoes it. That mind is actually too large, and it is pushed him insane. Voiced by Sterling Ok. Brown, this man had many different variations of himself from different universes in a room collectively. The proper event to debate and debate with equally sensible minds about tips on how to procure world peace throughout the multiverse. Nicely, this “genius” wished to take a shortcut: break the Mauler twins out of jail so they might secretly construct a machine that might let him soak up all of his different selves’ reminiscences and information. What may presumably go mistaken?

All the things, and now this former pacifist is out for blood (particularly Invincible’s). Given the start of season 2 befell in an alternate universe, and Angstrom has been reappearing all through the primary half of season 2, likelihood is he will be enjoying a serious position within the season’s second half (and past).

6 D.A. Sinclair’s ReAnimen

Debut: Season 1, Episode 6

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What if zombies had been half-machine? Scientist D.A. Sinclair (voiced by Ezra Miller) gladly solutions that terrifying query in season 1’s “You Look Kinda Lifeless.” It takes plenty of non-consensual surgical procedure and superior expertise, however Sinclair is such a psychopath that he would not thoughts. The end result appears to be like like a pale half-cyborg with a crimson digital camera for a watch. Every ReAniman has tremendous power, pace, endurance, and leaping skills. They’re additionally robust as nails.

Since his defeat, Sinclair has been pressured to work for the International Protection Company. Now, a complete military of ReAnimen is ready for deployment. Since three of them collectively had been in a position to give Omni-Man a significantly arduous time (he was in a position to kill them anyway), a military of this stuff (made with males who had been already lifeless) ought to show an unimaginable drive to be reckoned with. They usually chunk.

5 Battle Beast

Debut: Season 1, Episode 5

Battle Beast roaring while holding a cane in 'Invincible'
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He is acquired fur, a steel membership, a mighty roar, and a reputation so dumb that it might be unimaginable to take him significantly if he did not make mincemeat out of everybody. To place issues in perspective: Battle Beast has the facility to effortlessly toss Monster Lady, although she’s greater. He practically kills Invincible (and some members of the brand new Guardians of the Globe) in the identical scrap, and complains that he was “promised this world supplied worthy opponents,” as if preventing a bunch of wimps is not even well worth the effort.

By the tip of the struggle in season 1’s “That Actually Hurt,” he simply watches the remainder of his group get beat up, as if he had been merely judging the brawl as an skilled who is aware of higher. He would not end the job, both, as he declares “there isn’t a honor in killing bugs.” With that type of perspective, Battle Beast proves he might be each merciful and condescending on the similar time. He’s simply considered one of the strongest characters on the show, and will in all probability put up a very good struggle in opposition to Omni-Man if given the possibility.

4 The Kaiju

Debut: Season 1, Episode 3

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It takes loads to problem Omni-Man. Enter an infinite inexperienced monster with yellow tentacles the place its face must be and large spikes throughout its physique. That is the kaiju. Although its first struggle with Omni-Man is not proven, the viewer will get to see the aftermath. Donald walks as much as it and tells Cecil he by no means noticed Omni-Man challenged like that earlier than. Who is aware of the place it got here from; all that is clear is that this large monster is not lifeless. It is as sturdy because it appears to be like.

How and the place does one put one thing this dimension “on ice”? Anyway, it reappears later—at which level Cecil and his workers apparently made the kaiju numb to ache and “juiced it up with each drug enhancement and improve we had.” The best half might be how all of that stuff additionally made it actually indignant. In order that they teleport this monster proper in entrance of Omni-Man within the penultimate episode of season 1, which the latter would not recognize. For sure, it is a heck of a rematch.

3 Omni-Man

Debut: Season 1, Episode 1

JK Simmons as Omni-Man in 'Invincible'
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Omni-Man has been probably the most highly effective being on Earth since he arrived a couple of a long time in the past. Although he was by no means a member of the Guardians of the Globe, he did ultimately kill all of them briefly order. Everybody thought he was good, however it’s revealed within the season 1 finale that he was despatched right here by his planet (Viltrum) to weaken Earth for an invasion. As a dark version of Superman, he has tremendous power, endurance, pace, and flight. As a Viltrumite, he additionally lives for a number of thousand years.

Voiced by J.Ok. Simmons, Omni-Man is the type of man who will enter the Flaxans’ portal alone in order that he can destroy their infrastructure, assets, and inhabitants. He stays for therefore lengthy that he is grown a beard by the point he is executed. Omni-Man can also be keen to let a practice crash into his personal son to show some extent in regards to the distinction between mighty Viltrumites and weak people, although he has proven a change of coronary heart not too long ago. It will likely be fascinating to see how this previously relentless character develops.

2 Evil Invincible from an Alternate Dimension

Debut: Season 2, Episode 1

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Invincible (voiced by Oscar-nominee Steven Yeun) alwyas had the potential to turn into as evil as his Viltrumite ancestors, and the opening of season 2 made that completely clear. In an alternate dimension, Mark Grayson is so horrible that he practices tips on how to paralyze Adam Eve by breaking harmless civilians’ spines. He isn’t the one model of Invincible to aspect together with his father, both. With the opening of the multiverse, there could also be quite a lot of evil Marks who could attempt to convert (or exchange) this present’s most important character.

Because the first episode, the viewers has rooted for Invincible’s morals to prevail within the face of sudden and great strain. To date, he hasn’t been good; however he was remarkably in a position to persuade his father to sympathize with him on the finish of season 1. In consequence, Omni-Man really deserted his publish—one thing no Viltrumite has ever executed earlier than. For this model of Invincible to show to the darkish aspect can be a disturbing character arc, and it might be simply as unnerving for one more model of him to take his place.

1 The Viltrumite Military

Debut: Season 2, Episode 3

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One Omni-Man is frightening sufficient, however a complete military of Viltrumites is nearly unfathomable. It solely takes one to wipe out the common civilization, and it solely takes three to kick the snot out of poor Allen the Alien. Season 2’s “It is Been a Whereas” ends on a be aware that has left followers in suspense since final November. Briefly, Omni-Man left his publish, and that has penalties. Now not is Omni-Man to be perceived as an unstoppable drive; he’s merely a soldier gone M.I.A. from his military.

With their plans to purify the universe, the Viltrumites aren’t messing round. They think about themselves the superior race, and can cease at nothing to execute their plan. Omni-Man going rogue is unprecedented in Viltrum’s historical past, so Invincible should not financial institution on the notion that perhaps some others will take pity on him, too. In the meantime, the Coalition of Planets has conferences to try to determine tips on how to cease their enlargement. It is a good factor there are solely so lots of them.

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