10 Best Pierce Brosnan Movies, Ranked

Ever since his breakthrough role on Remington Steele, Pierce Brosnan’s identify has been synonymous with suave, cool motion heroes. Brosnan is a determine of easy charisma who’s completely suited to summer season blockbusters, however he’s additionally a deeply proficient actor who isn’t afraid to play in opposition to sort. Brosnan has a eager humorousness and sometimes takes attention-grabbing supporting roles; it is spectacular to see how he has repeatedly reinvented his picture all through his prolonged profession in tv and movie.

Though he gained notoriety for being the most brutal 007 in history, Brosnan’s profession is much extra in depth than simply the James Bond franchise. He actually delivered a memorable efficiency as Ian Fleming’s basic spy, however Brosnan has remained related in his post-James Bond years by engaged on under-the-radar initiatives. These are Pierce Brosnan’s finest films, memorable and worthy initiatives that showcase his capacity as a number one man and a scene-stealing supporting participant.

10 ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ (1993)

Directed by Chris Columbus

Picture through twentieth Century Studios

Launched two years earlier than he grew to become Bond, Mrs. Doubtfire reveals Brosnan in a uncommon comedic supporting function. He co-stars in Chris Columbus’ basic household comedy as Stu Dunmeyer, whose advances on inside designer Miranda (Sally Area) spark battle together with her ex-husband, Daniel (Robin Williams). Williams’ comedic efficiency is certainly one of his finest, however Brosnan surprisingly holds his personal by committing to the wacky hijinks. He proves adept at bodily comedy, notably throughout the movie’s now iconic dinner scene.

In comparison with different household comedies of the period, Mrs. Doubtfire has aged very effectively due to its heartwarming themes and respectful depiction of familial dysfunction. Brosnan’s efficiency is reflective of the movie’s complexity; whereas, technically, Stu is an antagonist, he’s not an unlikeable character, a lot much less a villain or a caricature. As an alternative, he is the straight man to Williams’ wild humor, and he excels within the function.

mrs doubtfire poster

Mrs. Doubtfire

Launch Date
November 24, 1993

125 minutes

Anne Wonderful , Randi Mayem Singer , Leslie Dixon

9 ‘Mamma Mia!’ (2008)

Directed by Phillida Lloyd

The cast of Mamma Mia posing for the film's poster
Picture through Common Photos

Though Brosnan’s singing has been criticized, the Irish actor was clearly having a blast with the musical melodrama Mamma Mia! Impressed by the Broadway hit, the 2008 dramedy options Brosnan because the charming Sam Carmichael, who discovers that he might have fathered the bride-to-be Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) together with his ex-lover, Donna (Meryl Streep).

Mamma Mia! is extreme in its campy depiction of middle-aged romance, permitting Brosnan room to commerce hilarious one-liners with co-stars Stellan Skargård and Colin Firth. Even when the extra critical moments are performed for laughs, Brosnan has genuinely nice chemistry with Streep. Each actors heighten the absurdity, delivering cheeky performances that assist lighten the temper. Though it might have been dismissed as a “responsible pleasure” by some, the movie was profitable sufficient for Brosnan to reprise his function within the profitable sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

mamma mia poster

Mamma Mia

Launch Date
July 2, 2008


Catherine Johnson

8 ‘The Lengthy Good Friday’ (1980)

Directed by John Mackenzie

A young man taking a shower in 'The Long Good Friday'
Picture through HandMade Movies

In his function movie debut, Brosnan performs a ruthless Irish hitman within the basic crime drama The Lengthy Good Friday. Regardless of the brevity of his display time, Brosnan shows the physicality and depth that will later make him well-suited to play motion heroes like Bond. The younger actor started working with among the finest actors of the time, as his The Lengthy Good Friday co-stars embody acclaimed performers like Bob Hoskins, Paul Freeman, and Helen Mirren.

A wealthy and absorbing crime drama, The Lengthy Good Fridayexamines the inherent instability of the gangster way of life and spends time displaying mobsters of their on a regular basis lives. The movie earned rave critiques for its deconstruction of police corruption and the affect of the IRA. These days, it stays a well timed thriller that any gangster movie buff needs to check out.

the long good friday poster

The Lengthy Good Friday

Launch Date
November 3, 1980


Barrie Keeffe

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7 ‘Mars Assaults!’ (1996)

Directed by Tim Burton

Professor Donald Kessler teaching a class on Martian anatomy in in 'Mars Attacks!'
Picture through Warner Bros.

Tim Burton has made some bizarre films, however Mars Attacks! was a surprisingly subversive science fiction comedy that deserves more respect than it initially got. Brosnan has a short function because the goofy Professor Donald Kessler, who’s tasked with serving to the incompetent President of the US (Jack Nicholson) put together Earth for an invasion of Martian ships. Brosnan leans into the character’s idiosyncrasies and goes toe-to-toe with Nicholson on the top of his powers.

Whereas it suffered from comparisons to Independence Day, which premiered the identical 12 months, Mars Assaults! is a hilarious satire of human incompetence within the face of an extraterrestrial invasion. People in catastrophe films typically rally behind each other to face down threats, however Mars Assaults! reveals mankind’s establishments as being grossly ill-equipped and unprepared. Burton’s cheeky humorousness has made the movie age very effectively.

Mars Assaults!

Launch Date
December 13, 1996

Jack Nicholson , Glenn Close , Annette Bening , Pierce Brosnan , Danny DeVito , Martin Short , Sarah Jessica Parker , Michael J. Fox , Rod Steiger , Tom Jones , Lukas Haas , Natalie Portman


6 ‘Tomorrow By no means Dies’ (1997)

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode

James Bond and Mai Lin on a motorbike looking ahead in Tomorrow Never Dies
Picture through MGM

Whereas the following sequels, The World Is Not Sufficient and Die One other Day, did not reside as much as expectations, Tomorrow By no means Dies is well probably the most underrated James Bond films ever made. The movie forces Bond to face off with the newspaper media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), a much more life like villain than earlier antagonists within the franchise.

Though the franchise isn’t precisely recognized for its sturdy feminine characters, Tomorrow By no means Dies includes a Bond woman who was truly 007’s equal. Michelle Yeoh’s secret service agent Mai Lin works intently with Brosnan’s 007 to cease a world battle from breaking out. The superb chemistry between Brosnan and Yeoh makes the movie’s epic set items much more exhilarating. Moreover, Brosnan’s charisma is at its peak, as Tomorrow By no means Dies options a few of his finest one-liners and motion sequences.


Tomorrow By no means Dies (1997)

Launch Date
December 11, 1997


Ian Fleming , Bruce Feirstein

5 ‘The World’s Finish’ (2013)

Directed by Edgar Wright

Guy Shepherd walking into a bar in The World's End
Picture through Common Studios

Regardless of a historical past of enjoying heroes, Brosnan received the chance to play a villainous function in Edgar Wright’s science fiction comedy The World’s End. He co-stars because the trainer Man Shepard, who reencounters former scholar Gary King (Simon Pegg) when he returns to his hometown to finish a bar crawl. Regardless of his affinity for Shepard, Gary realizes that his favourite trainer has been corrupted by an alien invasion drive.

Brosnan does a fantastic job at weaponizing his inherent charisma, changing into an intimidating drive of nature at a second’s discover. The World’s Finish is arguably Wright’s most mature movie, because it tackles critical themes about nostalgia, dependancy, and despair. By merging the affect of alien invasion movies with a nuanced drama about grownup relationships, Wright creates a shocking and hilarious spectacle that may’t simply be labeled as only one style.

The World’s End

Launch Date
July 18, 2013

Thomas Legislation , Zachary Bailess , Jasper Levine , James Tarpey , Luke Bromley , Sophie Evans


4 ‘Seraphim Falls’ (2006)

Directed by David Von Ancken

Gideon looking ahead with a tired expression in Seraphim Falls
Picture through Samuel Goldwyn Movies/Vacation spot Movies/Sony Photos House Leisure

Seraphim Falls flips the revenge film on its head, forcing its viewers to query their expectations about heroes and villains. Set within the aftermath of the American Civil Conflict, the revisionist western follows stars Brosnan as an ex-Accomplice soldier who flees a ruthless Union officer (Liam Neeson). Initially, Seraphim Falls is a survival thriller, however a surprising plot twist reveals that the 2 males are intertwined by a tragic second from the warfare.

Director David Von Ancken brilliantly inverts expectations, making it unclear to the viewer who they need to be rooting for. Brosnan provides a fierce and heartbreaking efficiency in Seraphim Falls, enjoying a person who has seemingly misplaced the whole lot and can do no matter is critical to outlive. Neeson’s physicality has made him the motion star of a technology, however Brosnan greater than holds his personal throughout the movie’s brutal hand-to-hand fight sequences.

Seraphim Falls Film Poster

Seraphim Falls

Launch Date
January 26, 2007

115 minutes

David Von Ancken , Abby Everett Jaques

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3 ‘The Ghost Author’ (2010)

Directed by Roman Polanski

The Ghost confronting Adam Lang in The Ghost Writer
Picture through StudioCanal

A shocking conspiracy thriller that questions the soundness of Nice Britain’s establishments, The Ghost Author options an uncharacteristically enigmatic and sinister efficiency from Brosnan. Brosnan stars as England’s Prime Minister, who works alongside an unnamed ghost author (Ewan McGregor) to provide his memoir. What begins as an earnest examination of the previous reveals a surprising cover-up that connects the nation’s most influential members.

Brosnan is fantastic at displaying the stunning powerlessness of his character; finally, the Prime Minister is only a pawn inside a bigger scheme. The Ghost Author escalates rigidity with plot twists that complicate the understanding of British politics. Whereas it’s not stunning that director Roman Polanski made one other nice conspiracy thriller, the surprising ending of The Ghost Author ranks among the many most chilling moments in latest cinematic historical past.

The Ghost Author

Launch Date
February 12, 2010


Robert Harris , Roman Polanski

2 ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ (1999)

Directed by John McTiernan

Thomas Crown spreading his arms confidently in The Thomas Crown Affair
Picture through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The unique The Thomas Crown Affair grew to become probably the most fashionable heist movies of the Sixties because of Steve McQueen‘s now-iconic efficiency. Whereas any remake was understandably saddled with important expectations, Brosnan is worthy of McQueen’s legacy in The Thomas Crown Affair. He stars because the titular artwork thief, who groups up with an insurance coverage investigator (Rene Russo) to steal a prized portray.

With snappy humor and creative theft scenes, The Thomas Crown Affair is the whole lot a fantastic heist film ought to be. Brosnan is at his most charismatic in The Thomas Crown Affair, as he completely embodies the rugged professionalism that’s important to the character. Die Hard director John McTiernan provides various memorable motion sequences, however The Thomas Crown Affair is just a fantastic romance because of the nice chemistry between Brosnan and Russo.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Launch Date
August 6, 1999

114 minutes

Leslie Dixon , Kurt Wimmer

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1 ‘Goldeneye’ (1995)

Directed by Martin Campbell

James Bond discuss an explosive pen bomb gadget with Q in the film GoldenEye.
Picture through MGM/UA Distribution Co.

Though nearly shut down in production, 1995’s Goldeneyeis among the most necessary Bond films. Six years since License to Kill took the collection in a darker course, some feared 007 would appear irrelevant in comparison with different motion movies within the Nineteen Nineties. Nevertheless, Goldeneye efficiently modernized the character by pitting Bond in opposition to a really private enemy, Sean Bean’s 006.

Brosnan provides extra depth to the character’s vulnerabilities than any earlier iteration of the franchise as much as that time. The Irish actor strikes the proper tone with Goldeneye, as his model of Bond encapsulates the very best of earlier iterations. Whereas the Roger Moore period of the franchise was criticized for its silliness and Timothy Dalton’s movies have been far too brutal, Brosnan launched a model of Bond that might be each humorous and suave. The movie itself is kind of good, confidently guiding the collection into a brand new age and welcoming Brosnan with open arms into the function that will outline his profession.



Launch Date
November 16, 1995


Ian Fleming , Michael France , Jeffrey Caine , Bruce Feirstein

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