10 Most Underrated 2010s Movie Villains, Ranked


Everyone loves a good villain, or a minimum of likes to hate a great villain. Most films – whether or not fictional or based mostly on true occasions – merely would not perform the identical approach with out compelling antagonists, in the event that they even functioned in any respect. Heroes and anti-heroes alike want obstacles to beat, with the availability of such issues typically falling on the succesful shoulders of a narrative’s villain, or villains, to the purpose the place movies without traditional antagonists are quite uncommon.

Sure villains from the 2010s already really feel iconic, particularly from large-scale blockbusters that seemingly everybody’s seen (the MCU having its fair share of great ones, for instance, alongside some lesser ones). The next villains, nonetheless, are usually extra underrated, or come from films that are not fairly as well-liked. Such people could also be well-recognized as being dastardly and deliciously evil, however deserve extra of a highlight on them for the battle they create and/or the boldness of their personalities.

10 The MUTOs

‘Godzilla’ (2014)

Picture through Warner Bros. Footage

It’s a stretch to name 2014’s Godzilla underrated, given it kicked off the continued MonsterVerse and is presently the highest-grossing movie in the long-running series. When he’s proven (which isn’t a lot till the ultimate act), Godzilla undeniably steals the present, and greater than deserves to be the titular character earlier than the sequence went one step additional and straight up labeled him King of the Monsters within the 2019 sequel.

However the King of the Monsters’ opponents in 2014’s Godzilla, the MUTOs, deserve a bit extra love than they have an inclination to get. Their title is brief for “Huge Unidentified Terrestrial Organism,” and not solely have they got a cool design, however a pair of them put up a surprisingly good fight against Godzilla throughout a spectacular climactic battle that’s simply the most effective a part of the whole film.

Godzilla (2014)

Launch Date
Could 16, 2014

123 minutes

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9 Faizal Khan

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ (2012)

An epic crime saga told in two parts, Gangs of Wasseypur is a high-intensity, fast-paced, and constantly entertaining movie that greater than earns its complete runtime of practically five-and-a-half hours. It has a story with an impressively huge scope, going down over quite a few a long time and thereby having the ability to inform a narrative that spans generations, centering on the continued violent battle between two crime households in India.

Narratively, Gangs of Wasseypur owes a bit to each The Godfather and The Godfather: Half II, however does greater than sufficient issues otherwise to thoroughly really feel like its personal factor; a case of being impressed moderately than ripping one thing off. It’s additionally arduous to choose an ideal villain when nearly all of the characters are some shade of evil, however it’s Faizal Khan – who’s on the middle of a lot of Half 2 – who’s maybe essentially the most memorably ruthless. His character arc is comparable to Michael Corleone’s, and it’s genuinely fairly surprising to see how bloodthirsty and blinded by revenge he turns into by the saga’s finish.

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8 Janine “Smurf” Cody

‘Animal Kingdom’ (2010)

Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom
Picture Through Madman Leisure

Animal Kingdom could be extra well-recognized as a TV sequence these days, however that sequence – which ended up operating for a powerful six seasons – was based mostly on a 2010 film of the same name. Each movie and sequence revolve round a criminal offense household, with the 2010 film being set in Australia and specializing in a younger man who’s compelled to reside along with his grandmother, and regularly learns about what she and another members of the family of his do for a dwelling.

Jacki Weaver performs this grandmother, and exhibits herself to be a calculating and surprisingly sinister matriarch of the household, and somebody who’s pulling a lot of the strings. Ben Mendelsohn additionally performs an ideal villain right here, as essentially the most outwardly bodily and aggressive member of the Cody crime household, however Weaver’s character – not so menacingly nicknamed “Smurf” – is a special sort of villain; a extra delicate and inevitably extra memorable one.

Animal Kingdom

Launch Date
June 3, 2010

David Michôd


Primary Style

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7 Clas Greve

‘Headhunters’ (2011)

A man in a suit looks disapprovingly off screen
Picture through Friland Movie

Just like the aforementioned Gangs of Wasseypur and Animal Kingdom, Headhunters is a film that’s not too fascinated about having a direct line between good and evil, and is all the higher for it. It’s a remarkably thrilling neo-noir with a really flawed protagonist out of his depths in opposition to extra crafty forces, notably a person whom he steals a precious portray from after which finally ends up being pursued by for a lot of the movie.

Given the principle character’s removed from a great man, it feels a bit unusual singling out a villain right here, however he’s against Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Clas, and the actor – who’s finest recognized for enjoying Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones – does shine within the function. The whole lot of Headhunters pits an excessively formidable and weak protagonist in opposition to a wronged however merciless antagonist, in a approach, and the ensuing recreation of cat and mouse is a blast to look at play out.


Launch Date
August 4, 2011

Aksel Hennie , Synnøve Macody Lund , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau , Julie Ølgaard , Kyrre Haugen Sydness , Reidar Sørensen


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6 David

‘Alien: Covenant’ (2017)

Alien_ Covenant - 2017
Picture through twentieth Century Fox

The Alien sequence is house to some nice villains, including the Xenomorph from the 1979 original and the grasping/callous Carter J. Burke from 1986’s Aliens. Extra underrated, nonetheless, is the android David from the ever-divisive Alien: Covenant, which stands as a sequel to Prometheus that additionally appears like a extra direct prequel to earlier movies within the Alien sequence, given the emphasis on horror and creature terror.

However past any alien or aliens, it’s Michael Fassbender’s David who drives a lot of the battle in Alien: Covenant, along with his chilly and calculating selections being simply as brutal as any alien creature seen within the sequence. He’s against all of the human characters and the friendlier android Walter (additionally performed by Michael Fassbender), and is arguably the most effective and most memorable a part of the whole movie.

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5 Daniel Lugo

‘Ache & Achieve’ (2013)

Pain & Gain - 2013
Picture through Paramount Footage

Whereas Michael Bay is finest recognized for his bombastic motion blockbusters, he also made a surprisingly good crime movie in 2013: Pain & Gain. It’s a mean-spirited and darkly comedic one that will rub some the fallacious approach, given the strategy it takes to telling a narrative impressed by actual occasions, however in his personal very Michael Bay approach, it’s nonetheless made obvious that these on the narrative’s middle will not be good folks.

The three primary characters are a trio of health club junkies led by Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg), who concocts a plan to abduct after which extort a rich businessman to acquire his fortune. This goes fallacious, and a sequence of disastrous occasions naturally observe. Although it’s most likely Dwayne Johnson who steals the present in what’s arguably his best-ever efficiency, his character is barely extra sympathetic and fewer malicious, with Lugo being the “mastermind” behind the trio’s legal scheme, and subsequently rising as essentially the most outwardly villainous.

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4 Park Sang-joon

‘A File of Candy Homicide’ (2014)

Koji Shiraishi is actually an underrated filmmaker total, as even what’s debatably his best possible film – the 2005 found footage horror film Noroi: The Curse – nonetheless isn’t tremendous well-known outdoors followers of the style. Made practically a decade later, 2014’s A File of Candy Homicide is underrated to the purpose the place you may nearly name it obscure… although given how grisly and intense it’s, possibly that’s considerably comprehensible.

A File of Candy Homicide can also be a discovered footage/mockumentary sort of film, and facilities on a journalist and a cameraman documenting the exploits of a extremely harmful particular person who’s escaped from a psychiatric hospital and is occurring a murderous rampage. Yeon Je-wook is genuinely terrifying in his portrayal of this disturbed character, and A File of Candy Homicide manages to be uncomfortable and persistently horrifying largely as a consequence of its central villain.

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3 Richard, Stan, and Dimitri

‘Revenge’ (2017)

Revenge - 2017 (1)
Picture through Rezo Movies

To not be combined up with the Kevin Costner film of the same name, 2017’s Revenge has a easy premise that it executes with thrilling type, stomach-churning suspense, and a few extremely visceral motion. The movie focuses on simply 4 primary characters, with the hero being a younger girl who’s assaulted and left for lifeless within the desert by three males who failed to complete the job, and are then systematically – and cathartically – hunted down.

All three of the lads are accountable, not directly or one other, for what occurs, and there’s subsequently one thing very satisfying about seeing the tables activate the lot of them. The very fact they’re all brutal, evil, and/or weak-willed simply will increase the sense of karmic justice that’s felt all through the movie’s second half, with among the extra extreme scenes in Revenge being genuinely brutal, and never for the squeamish.


Launch Date
February 7, 2018


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2 Billy Lee

‘Unhealthy Instances on the El Royale’ (2018)

The cult leader in Bad Times at the El Royale
Picture through twentieth Century Fox

An unpredictable and genre-blending movie in all the proper methods, Bad Times at the El Royale is a reasonably underrated movie typically, with its ambition and execution making it worthy of probably attaining cult basic standing sooner or later. Given what number of twists and turns there are narratively, it’s finest to not give away too many plot particulars. Doing so would additionally really feel troublesome, given what number of characters find yourself showing all through the movie’s pretty prolonged 141-minute runtime.

Nonetheless, it’s price highlighting that Unhealthy Instances on the El Royale has an ideal villainous flip from Chris Hemsworth, right here taking part in a personality moderately totally different from the sort he normally portrays. His character, Billy Lee, is the chief of a harmful cult, and his actions all through the movie get increasingly more surprising and violent the additional the story goes alongside.

Unhealthy Instances on the El Royale

Launch Date
October 4, 2018

Drew Goddard


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1 Dick Cheney

‘Vice’ (2018)

Vice is more or less a biographical film, however takes some liberties with historical past, both to inform the core story extra successfully or just because sure occasions may solely be speculated on. The central narrative, because the title implies (although it admittedly has multiple which means), is about politician/businessman Dick Cheney, with a selected concentrate on his time spent as George W. Bush’s vp.

Cheney was – and arguably nonetheless is – a divisive determine inside the world of U.S. politics, and Vice actually performs up a few of his extra controversial qualities and selections to the purpose the place it mainly makes him a villain. It’s actually on-brand for Adam McKay and his brand of satire/social commentary, and Christian Bale (doing one in all his famed “transformations”) is undeniably spectacular within the function, after all additionally well-supported by some Oscar-winning make-up.

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