10 Superhero Movies Audiences Loved But Critics Hated, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Throughout the final a number of a long time, Hollywood has put an elevated emphasis on adapting comedian e-book properties as main blockbuster movies. The term “superhero fatigue” has grow to be extra widespread not too long ago on account of some main field workplace disasters; nevertheless, there are quite a lot of successes that point out that the style isn’t slowing down anytime quickly. Critics and audiences are sometimes aligned of their tastes, with movies like Joker and Black Panther grossing over $1 billion and incomes Academy Award nominations for Finest Image. Nevertheless, some superhero motion pictures that critics detested have acquired higher reactions from audiences.

Defining the “critic and audience” divide may be tough, as critics are inherently film followers to start with. Nevertheless, hardcore comedian e-book followers might decide an adaptation in a different way based mostly on their preordained information of the supply materials, whereas a critic who judges a movie purely on its deserves might go right into a screening with completely different expectations. Rotten Tomatoes has a number of examples of superhero motion pictures that critics discovered horrible, however audiences loved, proving that issues are by no means black and white.

10 ‘Blade’ (1998)

Critic rating 59%, Viewers rating 78%

Picture by way of New Line Cinema

Blade is among the most influential comedian e-book motion pictures of all time. Launched over a decade after the notorious failure of Howard the Duck, the movie proved that Marvel motion pictures had the potential to be blockbuster successes. Blade did not earn a “recent” score from critics however nonetheless sits nicely with a 78% approval score from audiences, who clearly have been enthusiastic concerning the movie and Wesley Snipes’ efficiency.

In hindsight, Blade might not have appealed to critics who have been focused on seeing a subversive tackle the vampire film style and should not have achieved sufficient to differentiate itself from different motion movies starring Snipes. Nevertheless, comedian e-book followers have been enthusiastic about seeing one in every of their characters lifted completely from the web page. In an period the place superhero motion pictures have been much less widespread, Blade’s existence was a novelty.

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9 ‘Blade II’ (2002)

Critic rating 57%, Viewers rating 68%

Blade fighting a horde of Reapers in Blade II
Picture by way of New Line Cinema

Blade II conjured comparable reactions from critics as its predecessor and narrowly prevented the “recent” label. Though the viewers response was considerably cooler, followers nonetheless gave Blade II a optimistic score of 68%. Blade II is arguably a much less targeted movie in comparison with its predecessor and doesn’t include as a lot of the expansive worldbuilding. Nonetheless, the presence of Ron Perlman and an eclectic solid of supporting characters might have been sufficient to fulfill hardcore Marvel followers.

It was unlikely that critics unimpressed with the primary Blade would have been any extra optimistic about its sequel, and Blade II might seem to be a disappointment in the career of director Guillermo del Toro. The acclaim that del Toro acquired for his earlier horror movies Mimic and The Satan’s Spine might have saddled Blade II with sizable expectations that have been tough to stay as much as.

Blade II Film Poster

Blade II

Launch Date
March 22, 2002

117 minutes

Marv Wolfman , Gene Colan , David S. Goyer

8 ‘Constantine’ (2005)

Critic rating 46%, Viewers rating 72%

John Constantine looking ahead with a determined expression in 'Constantine'
Picture by way of Warner Bros. Photos

Though Deadpool and Logan broke floor by proving that R-rated comedian e-book motion pictures might be business successes, Constantine was launched in an period the place darkish and violent superhero motion pictures have been far much less widespread. Critics have been unimpressed with the moody environment and downbeat efficiency by Keanu Reeves, however Constantine earned optimistic marks from audiences and drew a robust cult following.

The movie’s sturdy visible continuity with the supply materials might have drawn the reward of comedian e-book followers, because it appeared unlikely that the movie would ever see the sunshine of day. Regardless of opening itself as much as potential sequels with a post-credit stinger, Constantine was a monetary disappointment that did not kickstart a brand new franchise for Warner Bros. and DC. Nonetheless, it did set up Francis Lawrence as a filmmaker to observe; his subsequent work in The Hunger Games franchise was well-received amongst audiences and critics alike.



Launch Date
February 8, 2005

122 minutes

Jamie Delano , Garth Ennis , Kevin Brodbin , Frank A. Cappello

7 ‘Man of Metal’ (2013)

Critic rating 56%, Viewers rating 75%

Superman looking to the distance from the middle of a street in a small town in 'Man of Steel'
Picture by way of Warner Bros.

It’s arduous to consider one other comedian e-book film that has been as divisive as Man of Steel. Zack Snyder’s daring reimagining of the Superman mythology took a darkish, violent tackle Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and featured a big stage of city destruction. The disturbing nature of the motion might have rubbed critics the incorrect manner, as Man of Metal solely narrowly prevented getting labeled “recent.”

Whereas audiences have been usually extra receptive, the controversial decision to show Superman killing General Zod (Michael Shannon) stays polarizing. Snyder is a filmmaker who hardly ever fails to impress debate; critics have usually been unimpressed by his flatly written characters and shallow themes, however he has a loyal fanbase that appreciates the stylized artwork fashion and kinetic motion scenes. Snyder’s subsequent DC movies have been as divisive as Man of Metal, resulting in a full reboot that may start subsequent 12 months with a model new tackle Superman.

Henry Cavill as Superman on the Man of Steel poster

Man of Metal

Launch Date
June 12, 2013


6 ‘Venom’ (2018)

Critic rating 30%, Viewers rating 80%

Eddie Brock holds a chicken and stares down Venom in 2018's Vemon
Picture by way of Sony Photos Releasing

The notion of a by-product of the Spider-Man franchise that didn’t really characteristic the webslinger appeared like a disastrous concept, significantly after the unfavourable reception to Topher Grace’s model of Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3. Nevertheless, Venom was a shocking viewers crowd-pleaser and an surprising box-office smash.

Viewers enthusiasm was excessive sufficient that Tom Hardy returned for the sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and is ready to reprise his position for a third entry in the series slated for release this fall. Alas, critics might have been confused by the tone of Venom, because the movie turns into extra of a “buddy comedy” than a conventional superhero film. Whereas the conflict of influences might have made the movie impenetrable to some, audiences have been clearly entertained by the wild slapstick comedy that the Venom franchise has epitomized.

Venom Poster


Launch Date
September 28, 2018


Scott Rosenberg , Jeff Pinkner , Kelly Marcel , Will Beall , Todd McFarlane , David Michelinie

5 ‘Eternals’ (2021)

Critic rating 47%, Viewers rating 77%

Kingo smiling in the desert in Eternals
Picture by way of Marvel Studios

Though the MCU was as soon as considered “untouchable,” Eternalsgrew to become the primary Marvel movie to obtain a “rotten” score from critics. Nevertheless, audiences have been much more receptive to Chloé Zhao’s epic adaptation, with some arguing that Eternals is a misunderstood gem. It’s simple to see why critics had such excessive expectations; Zhao was coming off the success of Nomadland, and lots of have been anticipating her to make among the best movies within the franchise’s historical past.

Regardless of the extra optimistic reactions from audiences, Eternals has not had a big influence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Improvement of a sequel has seemingly stalled, and the brand new menace launched within the movie’s post-credit scene has but to be addressed by the MCU. Nevertheless, the movie’s launch amidst the COVID-19 pandemic might have led to some short-sighted choices on the a part of Marvel Studios.

Eternals Movie Poster


Launch Date
November 5, 2021

156 minutes

4 ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ (2023)

Critic rating 46%, Viewers rating 82%

Ant-Man and Kang share a conversation in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 
Picture by way of Marvel Studios 

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was thought-about a surprising disappointment compared to its predecessors. Whereas each Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp had been well-received by critics and audiences alike, Qunatumania was a box office disappointment that earned nasty evaluations from critics. Nonetheless, audiences have been nonetheless enamored with Paul Rudd’s comedic tackle Scott Lang, because the movie acquired a formidable viewers approval score of 82%.

Critics appeared to be postpone by Quantumania‘s clumsy, confused tone because the movie tried, and failed, to take the collection in a barely darker path. The frequent allusions to different installments within the “Multiverse saga” might have made it much more tough for non-Marvel aficionados to bridge an emotional reference to the fabric. Quantumania additionally suffered from crushing expectations, because it was the introduction of the MCU’s subsequent Massive Unhealthy; sadly, it could not rise to the problem.

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3 ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ (2021)

Critic rating 57%, Viewers rating 84%

Carnage roaring in rage with tentacles coming out of his back in Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Picture by way of Sony Photos Releasing

Like its predecessor, Venom: Let There Be Carnage proved divisive because of its sharply comedic tone. Audiences appreciated the absurdist components of Andy Serkis’ movie, which mirrored Venom’s robust comic book history. Nevertheless, critics have been extra unfavourable of their reception of the movie’s obtrusive pacing points, unusual setups for future movies, and underwhelming villains.

At simply over 90 minutes, Venom: Let There Be Carnage might not have had sufficient narrative momentum to justify the hype that it earned from the advertising supplies. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is probably greatest appreciated as a responsible pleasure, missing the self-seriousness that had crept into many different Marvel and DC comedian e-book variations. The movie doesn’t take itself critically, however critics might have anticipated a extra well-fleshed-out narrative from a filmmaker of Serkis’ expertise.

2 ‘Marvel Girl 1984’ (2020)

Critic rating 58%, Viewers rating 73%

Wonder Woman wielding the lasso of truth at the White House in Wonder Woman 1984
Picture by way of Warner Bros. Photos

Patty Jenkins’ first Wonder Woman movie was a shock smash hit that each proved the viability of female-led superhero motion pictures and served because the savior of the DC Prolonged Universe. Whereas the darker earlier entries within the franchise earned critical backlash, Jenkins and Gal Gadot gained the favor of comedian e-book followers and newcomers alike. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman 1984 polarized critics because of its sillier tone and lack of motion.

Audiences appeared to benefit from the campy throwback to the motion movies of the Eighties, however critics didn’t really feel that it was as emotionally resonant or thrilling as its predecessor. Marvel Girl 1984‘s controversial plot twists and confused narrative did not assist, which some felt turned the movie into a work of body horror. The strategy by which Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor returns to the franchise was underwhelming at greatest and problematic at worst, even when audiences loved revisiting the character.

Wonder Woman 1984 poster

Marvel Girl 1984

Launch Date
December 16, 2020

151 minutes

Dave Callaham , Patty Jenkins , Geoff Johns , William Moulton Marston

1 ‘Glass’ (2019)

Critic rating 37%, Viewers rating 67%

The Beast screaming in rage while walking shirtless down the street in Glass
Picture by way of Common Photos

Many followers of M. Evening Shyamalan thought that Glass was a movie they might by no means get to see. The long-anticipated sequel united the characters from Shyamalan’s traditional superhero drama Unbreakable with James McAvoy’s anti-hero from the shock hit Split. Whereas the union of the 2 kinds was rewarding to followers, critics have been extremely skeptical about Shyamalan’s twist ending.

Though shocking conclusions are Shyamalan’s staple, Glass’ closing act proved to be disappointing for critics wishing for one thing extra profound. Each Unbreakable and Break up have been marketed as unique properties, however Glass was nonetheless burdened with important expectations from Shyamalan’s followers. The extra essential reception might have been a results of the stress to repay the time that critics had already invested within the universe. Shyamalan’s movies have usually been divisive, so it is solely potential that Glass will develop in estimation in subsequent years.



Launch Date
January 16, 2019

M. Evening Shyamalan

129 minutes

M. Evening Shyamalan

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