12 Best Stalker Movies, Ranked

One of the best type of thrillers are those that mix real-life psychological horrors with nerve-shredding suspense and no type of thriller does that higher than stalker flicks. Motion pictures about stalkers at all times handle to get below the viewers’s pores and skin by build up an eerie environment and hitting that common worry of somebody watching you from the shadows. There’s at all times that lurking worry of somebody following you from afar or a stranger simply gazing you that these movies at all times carry to life and amplify by way of some unsettling suspense.

It’s much more horrifying when that terrifying entity breaks out of the shadows and abruptly turns into connected to the protagonist’s life resulting in a scary cat-and-mouse recreation. One of the best stalker motion pictures will be creepy as hell, however which of them actually showcase these creatures of behavior in essentially the most terrifying and suspenseful gentle? Followers will hopefully see extra spectacular motion pictures about stalking within the coming years, however can select from essentially the most suspenseful ones streaming proper now within the meantime.

12 ‘Greta’ (2018)

Directed by Neil Jordan

Director Neil Jordan’s 2018 thriller Greta delivers some enjoyable thrills and chilling suspense in its story of a younger lady’s good deed having unexpectedly sinister penalties. Regardless of in the end being a disappointing thriller that only looked good within the trailers, followers of the style should wish to take into account seeing it for nice performances from its lead actors.

After discovering a handbag on the subway and returning it to its proprietor, Frances (Chloe Grace Moretz) beneficial properties a brand new companion in an older lady named Greta (Isabelle Huppert) who appears good at first however has darker shades that result in some ugly realizations. Jordan’s path balances some enjoyable horror and severely disturbing stalking that turns into elevated by way of Moretz and Huppert’s nice performances.


Launch Date
February 28, 2019

Neil Jordan


11 ‘Unhinged’ (2020)

Directed by Derrick Borte

Picture through Solstice Studios

Slightly than be shadowy and refined in executing its stalker story, Unhinged showcases some full-blown street rage with its bonkers, however immensely suspenseful premise.

The movie follows a single mom (Caren Pistorius) whose dangerous interplay with a fellow driver (Russell Crowe) finally ends up making her a goal for his surprising fury and kicks off a harmful cat-and-mouse recreation. Crowe is frightening as hell in Unhinged, and also you’re consistently left on the sting of your seat as the stress and suspense ramps up and by no means lets off the gasoline.


Launch Date
July 16, 2020

Derrick Borte


10 ‘I Know What You Did Final Summer time’ (1997)

Directed by Jim Gillespie

Freddie Prinze Jr and Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Know What You Did Last Summer
Picture through Columbia Photos

Director Jim Gillespie‘s I Know What You Did Last Summer is a traditional from the slasher style that is price mentioning for its brilliantly terrifying showcase of stalking. It is centered on 4 highschool mates who’re concerned in a hit-and-run one summer time, which leads to a pact to maintain the traumatic ordeal a secret (after eliminating the physique, after all). Not too lengthy after, they start to obtain threatening messages from a stalker-turned-murderer.

The movie performed a vital position in reviving the teen slasher genre in the late 90s. It managed to do that with its twisty story, suspenseful scenes, a lot of jumpscares, and a genuinely scary stalker that can make audiences suppose twice about making a legal pact with their buddies.

9 ‘The Cable Man’ (1996)

Directed by Ben Stiller

Though Ben Stiller’s 1996 black comedy The Cable Man options loads of comedic expertise, together with Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick within the lead roles, its central stalker story has its creepy moments.

The movie follows an architect (Broderick) who’s stalked by his intrusive cable man Chip (Carrey) and showcases an awesome mixture of darker comedy and suspenseful stalking. Carrey’s usually over-the-top comedy has some nice dashes of darkish and creepy conduct and Stiller’s path works extremely effectively in mixing wild comedy and real-life horrors.

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8 ‘The Strangers’ (2008)

Directed by Bryan Bertino

Masked killers from The Strangers (2008)
Picture through Common Photos

Bryan Bertino’s directorial debut, The Strangers, nonetheless stays one of many scariest home invasion movies of all time largely due to how haunting its titular group of masked killers is.

With its trio of masked killers stalking and terrorizing a pair all through the evening, they rapidly get below your pores and skin with how menacing and haunting their presence is. Bertino’s path makes The Strangers a regularly chilling viewing and the movie incorporates one of the crucial unnerving one-takes of all time. It is sincerely not for the faint of coronary heart.

The Strangers

Launch Date
Might 29, 2008

Bryan Bertino


7 ‘Watcher’ (2022)

Directed by Chloe Okuno

Picture through Sundance

Watcher is the newest movie to come back from IFC Midnight and author/director Chloe Okuno and consistently retains viewers on their toes with its shadowy stalker story.

The movie follows Julia (Maika Monroe), an actor who finds herself being watched nightly by a determine from the constructing throughout from her. Watcher is a complete nerve-shredder filled with excellently crafted frights, a career-best performance from Monroe, and a few stellar path from Okuno that induces paranoia and chills. You’ll be consistently wanting over your shoulder after Watcher.


Launch Date
June 3, 2022

Chloe Okuno

1 hr 36 min

6 ‘Unsane’ (2018)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Claire Foy in Unsane
Picture through Fingerprint Releasing / Bleecker Avenue

Steven Soderbergh‘s 2018 psychological horror film Unsane embodies all of the horrors of gaslighting right into a terrifying expertise of a girl coping with her stalker. Whereas trying to flee her stalker, Sawyer (Claire Foy) finally ends up unknowingly signing a consent type to be dedicated to a psychiatric hospital the place her stalker David (Joshua Leonard) is working.

Soderbergh crafts a tense expertise that’s elevated by way of Foy’s unimaginable on-edge efficiency and expertly instills chills at each flip. Whereas Unsane does not stray too removed from the method that makes stalker motion pictures so tense and suspenseful, it is the expertly crafted formulaic points that really make it good ultimately.


Launch Date
February 21, 2018

Steven Soderbergh


5 ‘One Hour Picture’ (2002)

Directed by Mark Romanek

Robin Williams as Sy Parrish, standing in a grocery store aisle and staring blankly into the camera in One Hour Photo
Picture through Fox Searchlight

Robin Williams was recognized for making audiences snicker, and their hearts swell along with his charismatic and good-hearted performances, however many won’t bear in mind his most terrifying efficiency in One Hour Picture.

The movie sees Williams play Sy, a photograph technician who’s obsessive about a seemingly excellent household who he views by way of their images earlier than injecting himself into their lives. Many praised Williams for his against-type performance that utterly rocks you to your core in how unnerving and unforgettable it’s. It is a efficiency from Williams that reveals how proficient he was and is mostly remembered as one in every of his finest.

One Hour Picture

Launch Date
August 21, 2002


4 ‘Cape Worry’ (1991)

Directed by Martin Scorsese

pjimage - 2022-06-14T003753.544

One of many older movies about stalkers, Cape Worry is a film that trades romance for revenge and is an underrated gem in Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro’s longtime collaboration. The movie sees DeNiro play Max Cady, a former prisoner who terrorizes the household of his former lawyer (Nick Nolte) who wronged him.

DeNiro is a fully terrifying pressure and Scorsese completely builds up Max’s rising presence to create a stalker story filled with terror. It is among the many filmmaker’s easiest, showcasing his emblems, particularly because the protagonist crosses numerous strains to pursue an unethical selection.

Cape Worry

Launch Date
November 15, 1991

128 minutes

3 ‘Deadly Attraction’ (1987)

Directed by Adrian Lyne

A close-up of Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (1987)
Picture through Paramount Photos

A cinematic masterpiece from the 80s, Fatal Attraction follows the unlucky experiences of a seemingly content material married man, Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas), who quickly begins a treacherous affair with Alex Forrest (Glenn Shut). When Dan needs to finish issues, Alex’s attraction towards him turns into an all-consuming fixation, which quickly results in unfavorable occasions that have an effect on the protagonist and people round him.

An distinctive stalker movie, Deadly Attraction masterfully depicts the risks of obsession and sheds gentle on the darker sides of need. Shut’s spine-chilling portrayal of her character is a convincing image of a stalker who will not cease till she will get what she needs. It is a cautionary story that can have audiences suppose twice earlier than beginning an intense relationship.

2 ‘It Follows’ (2014)

Directed by David Robert Mitchell

The tall man enters the room in 'It Follows'
Picture through RADiUS-TWC

David Robert Mitchell’s 2014 breakout movie It Follows blends a horrifying fashionable creature function with all of the horrors of an unknown presence at all times making you look over your shoulder. The movie follows Jay (Maika Monroe) as she makes an attempt to flee the grasp of a shape-shifting entity that regularly walks towards her.

Mitchell’s path consistently retains you wanting round to see for those who see one thing strolling in direction of Monroe’s Jay, who delivers a must-watch breakout efficiency on this tense film. It Follows has change into a definitive fashionable stalker story for a motive and can immediately make viewers unsettled by its unknown entity.

It Follows

Launch Date
March 15, 2015

David Robert Mitchell

Bailey Spry , Carollette Phillips , Loren Bass , Keir Gilchrist , Maika Monroe , Lili Sepe

100 minutes

1 ‘The Invisible Man’ (2020)

Directed by Leigh Whannell

Elizabeth Moss in The Invisible Man
Picture through Common Photos

The Invisible Man is a current cinematic gem that is centered on the protagonist Cecilia Kass (masterfully performed by Elisabeth Moss), whose current escape from an abusive relationship is undermined by creepy and seemingly inexplicable occasions. Cecilia’s short-lived freedom is shattered by an invisible presence, which she believes to be her ex, and the supernatural stalking quickly turns into a horrifying nightmare.

Equal components thrilling and terrifying, The Invisible Man depends on suspense and Cecilia’s vulnerability and previous experiences to maintain audiences scared from begin to end. Elisabeth Moss’ charming efficiency is what makes the stalker movie that rather more convincing and disturbing, particularly when viewers understand its hyperlink to the results of home abuse.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Launch Date
February 28, 2020

Leigh Whannell

124 minutes

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