12 Best Vampire-Themed Anime Movies and Shows, Ranked


Together with vampires, werewolves, witches, and zombies are just a few traditional monsters that take the highlight in anime reveals, as seen in the newest season of Castlevania: Nocturne and the extremely anticipated anime Vampire Dormitory. It is apparent that there is an everlasting curiosity in vampire anime. Because the publication of Irish writer Bram Stoker‘s Dracula in 1897, audiences’ curiosity in vampiric entities by no means appears to falter as these creatures have gone by means of sundry revamps in mass media.

In anime, vampires are beloved characters as they signify a hanging mix of darkness and attract with their supernatural powers and deep, complicated behaviors that make for compelling storytelling. Additionally they usually possess supernatural skills like tremendous power, velocity, and telepathy, making them formidable characters to root for (and be terrified of). From the eerily mysterious Shiki to the action-packed Blood+ , there is a ton of nice vampire anime that can preserve viewers sinking their enamel into extra.

12 ‘Vassalord’ (2013)

Created by Nanae Chrono

Holding a remarkably shorter runtime than different entries on this checklist, Vassalord is predicated on Nanae Chrono‘s josei manga and is tailored into an Authentic Video Animation (OVA) of half-hour. The anime facilities across the ambiguous relationship between Charley, a vampire hunter for the Vatican who can also be a cyborg-vampire hybrid, and his vampire grasp Johnny who relishes in his playboy way of life.

Bearing themes of suspense, thriller, and younger love, Vassalord sees Charley controlling his urge for Johnny’s blood while the latter finds Charley’s resistance to being amusing but seductive. What makes Vassalord a compelling present is its exploration of immortality, because it sees a vampire who has lived for hundreds of years, portraying his lengthy life as each a blessing and a curse. For viewers who need to lose themselves in a great vampire anime show, they need to try Vassalord.

Vassalord is at the moment not accessible to stream, lease, or buy.

11 ‘Blood: The Final Vampire’ (2000)

Created by Mamoru Oshii

Impressed by Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the American supernatural drama tv collection Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blood: The Final Vampire is a Japanese animated horror fantasy anime movie that encompasses a world guarded by a highschool lady named Saya — who simply occurs to be a katana-waving, vampire hunter.

Not like conventional vampire lore, Saya doesn’t possess the standard weaknesses reminiscent of daylight or garlic. Saya relinquishes Chiropterans, bat-like vampiric creatures who can pose as people and, sarcastically, like consuming their blood as effectively. Set within the Sixties, Saya is allotted to the American Yokota Air Base the place it’s believed {that a} Chiropteran has infiltrated the military base. Alongside its thrilling motion sequences, Blood: The Final Vampire is an excellent anime about vampires because it explores Saya’s predicament as somebody who’s conflicted along with her identification.

Blood: The Final Vampire

Launch Date
April 2, 2009

Chris Nahon

Gianna Jun , Allison Miller , Liam Cunningham , JJ Feild , Koyuki , Yasuaki Kurata


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10 ‘Blood Lad’ (2013)

Created by Yuuki Kodama

Most followers of vampires have, at one level of their lives, fantasized about turning into one themselves in order that they might possess skills like superhuman agility and ageless lifespan. An underrated anime show from the 2010s that everybody ought to watch, Blood Lad options the descendant of Dracula, Staz Charlie Blood, an otaku who indulges in Japanese tradition while bearing no real interest in human blood or the vampire way of life.

When an ingenious Japanese highschool lady, Fuyumi Yanagi, by accident barges into the Demon World, Staz turns into instantly interested in her. Their allegedly romantic encounter is minimize brief when Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant demon and turns into a ghost, however not even the afterlife can put a hindrance on Staz’s decision to get the lady of his desires.Watch on Hulu

9 ‘Vampire Princess Miyu’ (1997 – 1998)

Created by Narumi Kakinouchi and Toshiki Hirano

Tailored from the eponymous manga collection, Vampire Princess Miyu is without doubt one of the extra underrated vampire anime reveals on the market. It is centered on a lady named Miyu, who finds herself stranded between the human and demon worlds. Born a vampire, Miyu’s future is linked along with her Shinma facet (god-demon), and he or she believes her function is to catch others like her to ship them again to the underworld.

Vampire Princess Miyu is certainly gorier and extra brutal than your typical newbie anime, however viewers will certainly admire it for its hauntingly lovely artwork model and atmospheric soundtrack. Audiences who haven’t got the abdomen for excessive violence and graphic killings might need to skip it, however followers of that side of the style will probably get pleasure from this lesser-known collection.

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8 ‘Kizumonogatari’ (2016)

Created by Nisio Isin

After the discharge of the critically acclaimed, jaw-dropper smash hit collection Bakemonogatari, it is no shock that its prequel Kizumonogatari will delight each followers and newcomers to the franchise. That is due in massive to its emphasis on vivid physique horror components, harking back to body-horror movies like Raw and Fresh.

The anime motion pictures comply with the primary highschool pupil protagonist Koyomi Araragi as he learns of a rumor about a fantastic blonde vampire seen lurking round city. On the identical day, Koyomi encounters the blonde-hair, golden-eyed Vampirella, albeit mendacity in a pool of her blood with all 4 of her limbs minimize off by vampire hunters. When the badly mutilated vampire cries out for his assist, Koyomi’s determination would lead to his life fully modified, for higher and for worse.

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7 ‘Seraph of the Finish’ (2015)

Created by Takaya Kagami

Seraph of the Ends

Seraph of the Finish is a considerably light-hearted anime about vampires that mixes navy confederacies with supernatural components, albeit in a post-apocalyptic setting that caters extra to youthful audiences. The action-adventure collection chronicles the occasions undergone by the Japanese Imperial Demon Military, the place exterminating vampires is simply a part of their each day routine. The primary protagonist Yuichiro Hyakuya is without doubt one of the younger survivors who’re untouched by a man-made virus ravaging the human populace in 2012.

After Yuichiro escapes from being captive and meals provide to vampires, he turns into decided to avenge his mates who weren’t as fortunate as he’s. Other than its unimaginable world-building that includes the political dynamics of a vampire society, viewers can even benefit from the anime due to its intense motion sequences which are primarily centered on the battles between people and vampires.

Seraph of the Finish

Launch Date
April 4, 2015

Miyu Irino , Micah Solusod , Saori Hayami , Nobuhiko Okamoto


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6 ‘Blood+’ (2005 – 2006)

Created by: Asuka Katsura


Other than having the identical identify for the protagonist, Blood+ is an equally fascinating anime spin-off set in an alternate universe than its movie predecessor Blood: The Last Vampire. The present is considerably standard with its inclusion of radically numerous characters in addition to action-packed sequences absolutely profiting from vampires’ badass qualities.

Residing with anemia and unable to remember recollections past the earlier 12 months, Saya Otonashi’s strange life is shattered when she is attacked by a Chiropteran. After consuming the blood of her savior, Saya learns that her blood turns into a catalyst for slaying the bloodsucking monsters. Armed with a katana, Saya’s mysterious previous extending over a long time and centuries is slowly revealed as she travels across the globe eliminating Chiropterans.


Launch Date
October 8, 2005

Katsuyuki Konishi , Hiroyuki Yoshino , Jûrôta Kosugi , Junichi Suwabe , Kentarô Itô , Ami Koshimizu , Akira Ishida , Kôji Tsujitani


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5 ‘Shiki’ (2010 – 2011)

Created by Fuyumi Ono

Shiki (anime)

Translated as “Corpse Demon,” Shiki‘s story takes place in Sotoba, a small quaint Japanese city tormented by a string of mysterious demise, coinciding with the arrival of the enigmatic Kirishiki household who had moved right into a long-abandoned mansion on the outskirts. The village physician Toshio Ozaki and different residents of Sotoba start investigating and even receiving visits at night time from vampiric creatures named Shiki.

The anime vampire supernatural horror collection is extra of a slow-burn, choosing the routes of psychological horror quite than full-blown motion sequences just like the earlier two entries. That stated, the way in which Shiki offers life to its complicated characters, notably the vampires who wrestle with their new existence and morality, is fairly fascinating to look at. After watching Shiki, audiences might by no means have night time’s sleep with out ensuring that nobody resides beneath the mattress.


Launch Date
June 27, 2010

Tôru Ohkawa , Koki Uchiyama , Kazuyuki Okitsu , Wataru Takagi , Yasuaki Takumi , Izumi Sawada , Nozomi Sasaki , Haruka Nagashima


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4 ‘Jojo’s Weird Journey’ (2012 – )

Created by Hirohiko Araki

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

One of many longest-running anime series beloved by fans new and outdated around the globe, Jojo’s Weird Journey is well-known for not solely its intriguing storylines exploring completely different timelines, themes, and genres, but additionally its incorporation of popular culture references as exemplified in its distinctive artwork model and notorious poses.

The primary three seasons of the supernatural journey anime present see vampires because the present’s main antagonist, with the military of undead creatures led by one among anime’s most charismatic villains, Dio Brando. Proudly owning skills like high-level regeneration, physique manipulation, and blood-sucking tentacles on their fingers, these undead creatures aren’t the standard vampire audiences are aware of as they might simply (and by accident) rework into zombies if their vampire transformation course of is dealt with incorrectly.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Launch Date
October 4, 2012

David Vincent , Matthew Mercer , Daisuke Ono , Unshô Ishizuka , Tôru Ohkawa


3 ‘Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust’ (2000)

Created by Hideyuki Kikuchi

Encompassing breathtaking visuals, provocative darkish humor, and chilling orchestral sound work, gothic horror aficionados will certainly love Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. This grownup horror fantasy film revolves round D, a reticent and taciturn vampire hunter who’s half-vampire, half-human. Feared and famend for his distinctive abilities at looking down creatures of the night time, D is employed by a rich businessman to trace down his daughter Charlotte, believing she was kidnapped by a vampire baron named Meier Hyperlink.

The tables are turned when it’s revealed that Charlotte and Meier share an genuine mutual endearment, however prize-seeking bounty hunters and sempiternal sinister forces demand to intervene. There are a variety of ideas that make Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust a memorable anime, together with its use of expertise in a fantasy setting, in addition to its opening sequence the place D is driving his bionic horse by means of a barren wasteland. It is really a vampire anime movie like no different.

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2 ‘Castlevania’ (2017 – 2021)

Created by Warren Ellis

Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Adrian "Alucard" Tepes together in Dracula's Castle from 'Castlevania'
Picture by way of Netflix

For audiences searching for a vampire anime for inexperienced persons, Castlevania is the right place to begin. Netflix’s collection is predicated on the eponymous online game, and follows the complicated principal characters Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades as they defend the nation from the violent Dracula and his military.

A darkish medieval fantasy, Castlevania is gorgeously animated and flawlessly scored, transporting followers to a special interval in time. Even those that by no means performed the video games will have the ability to admire this massively standard collection, which breathes new life into Dracula’s tragic story. For many who’ve completed Castlevania and are left wanting extra, a sequel to the collection titled Castlevania: Nocturne with extra fascinating vampire characters can also be accessible on Netflix.

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1 ‘Hellsing Final’ (2006 – 2012)

Created by Kouta Hirano

When malicious creatures of the night time threaten the residents of England, it is as much as the top-secret Hellsing Group to annihilate these menaces and restore peace at once, an easy job contemplating the group possesses a trump card, that of essentially the most highly effective vampire alive, Alucard.

Upon studying {that a} Nazi paramilitary group known as the Millennium is the first perpetrator behind people turning into vampires on a grand scale, Alucard’s unabridged omnipotence might be unveiled at midnight and gritty vampire anime collection Hellsing Final — however will or not it’s on the expense of mankind’s full eradication? Alucard is a posh and morally ambiguous character, so viewers can have a variety of enjoyable making an attempt to uncover the primary character’s motivations and allegiances. It is a vampire anime for viewers who like watching intense motion and studying extra about morally difficult characters.Watch on Hulu

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