Alone in the Dark Chapter 3 Puzzle Guide and Walkthrough


This Alone within the Darkish chapter 3 puzzle information is right here to make sure that your journey continues with out a lot problem. Initially of Chapter 3, your protagonist has managed to unravel the medallion puzzles and discover themselves again at Derceto. You’ll be holding onto a Chest Key and a letter.

The following areas of Alone within the Darkish are going to check your wit towards a bunch of various and new puzzles that may require you to maintain observe of all of the distinctive objects in your possession. With out spoiling any particulars, let’s dive straight into it.

Alone within the Darkish Chapter 3 Puzzle Information and Walkthrough – Convent of Taroella and Gallatin Road

Alone in the Dark chapter 3 puzzle guide
This chapter revolves round smaller puzzles mixed with stage design.

When you’re by way of with Chapter 2, Return to the Drawing Room space, and find a telescope. A fast puzzle right here will reveal how the lenses align, resulting in a wall-mounted puzzle. It’s a easy one and offers you a code; 9-4-1 which is used to enter the Convent of Taroella. Subsequent, head to the Eating Room, shifting in the direction of the Major Parlor.

When you find a small library, soar into the catacombs and find the grand library. Alone within the Darkish is stuffed with creepy locations like this one, however don’t be scared away! You’ll simply have to be cautious of a cross-shaped socket discovered on a pillar. This results in one other ladder, that ultimately takes you to flooring 2. An identical sample then provides you entry to flooring 3 and 4.

You’ll be making your means by way of a clerestory to the opposite facet of that flooring. Keep in mind so as to add the cross to the pillar subsequent to the elevator, as this allows you to enter it and choose up a ebook. Subsequent, a cutscene will lead you to Gallatin Road.

Navigate by way of this space of Alone within the Darkish till you see a small boathouse. Discover a ladder that leads you to a desk with a crane key on it. This key’s used to function a crane and helps you enter the sewers. Subsequent, observe a ladder into the warehouse the place you’ll find an workplace and a secure code from a cupboard. The code is L4-R5-L4. As soon as opened, you’ll acquire the cargo manifesto and the Tommy Gun.

When you make your means out of this space, there’s one puzzle coming in the way in which of your subsequent Alone within the Darkish journey. That is the sarcophagus puzzle which requires a talisman. Proper behind, you’ll discover a bunch of symbols that match with Perosis journal and the acquainted zodiac indicators. The code right here is 258.

Uncovering the Desert Standing Stones

Alone in the Dark gameplayAlone in the Dark gameplay
There’s an enormous reveal ultimately, and right here’s how one can get to it.

Alone within the Darkish is stuffed with interactable objects, and this subsequent space goes to make you’re employed for it. Head in the direction of the dunes the place you may choose up a rope. This rope is used on the wire anchor, resulting in a cutscene.

As you traverse the following space, you’ll discover a lens that may be picked up. Add it to the lens holder pull the lever by the door, and level the beam in the direction of the attention proper above the door. This may unlock it. Ensure you additionally choose up the historical choose within the room.

Upon descending into the following zone, you’ll need to destroy a barricade that reveals yet one more lens. Enter the hallway subsequent, and preserve shifting till you may direct the lens as soon as once more in the direction of the attention on the field, and choose up the third lens.

One other set of stairs will lead you to the facet of a balcony, the place you may add this lens to a holder. Direct this beam in the direction of the mirror that’s on the left of a huge statue. Doing so will activate the lends proper above the statue. Head as much as it, and direct it in the direction of the plate discovered on the ground. Subsequent comes an escape sequence. With out spoiling a lot, you’ll end up interacting with one other plate that triggers a cutscene.

The cutscene permits you to take a more in-depth have a look at the Darkish Man’s Contract and a Sacrificial Dagger. That is what leads us to Chapter 4 of Alone within the Darkish.

What are your ideas on this chapter of Alone within the Darkish? Had been you capable of navigate the areas easily? Tell us within the feedback beneath.


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