Attack on Titan: Why Was the Anime Better Than the Controversial Manga Ending?

The ending of Assault on Titan was massively anticipated when it lastly arrived again in 2021. The manga’s finale provoked plenty of debate amongst followers, with many feeling unhappy.

So when it got here time for the anime adaptation, everybody was on the sting of their seats questioning if the creators would tweak or overhaul that controversial ending.

The anime staff has a powerful monitor report of shut collaboration with the unique manga writer Hajime Isayama, so hopes have been excessive that they could “repair” issues and ship a extra satisfying conclusion to such a massively widespread sequence.

Assault on Titan Anime Made The Story Much less Difficult

One of many greatest enhancements within the Attack on Titan anime’s finale is how they dealt with Armin’s dialogue with Eren. By avoiding any strains that appeared to approve or justify Eren’s actions, it grew to become a lot clearer that the general message is about how violence gained’t remedy the world’s main issues.

Eren and Armin From Attack on Titan (Credits: MAPPA)
Eren Yeager (Credit: MAPPA)

A fan on Reddit identified that not one of the characters find yourself contradicting this central theme straight by their phrases or actions. Whereas this variation alone doesn’t repair each problem the story had in successfully conveying that anti-violence message, it’s nonetheless a noteworthy enchancment that actually strengthens the finale’s thematic influence.

The anime’s writing makes it a lot simpler to understand the tragedy of the cycle of violence that Assault on Titan was attempting to painting.

They took this idea even additional by adjusting Eren’s dialogue primarily based on the modifications to Armin’s strains. Within the manga, after Eren justifies his actions as inevitable as a consequence of his future visions, Armin challenges him on how horrible his plan actually was.

However within the anime, Eren truly admits that he solely resorted to the Rumbling as a result of he couldn’t discover a higher answer.

Eren From Attack on Titan (Credits: MAPPA)Eren From Attack on Titan (Credits: MAPPA)
Eren Yeager (Credit: MAPPA)

By having Eren himself acknowledge that his actions weren’t the very best strategy, it turns into an outright denial that what he did ought to ever be seen as justifiable or righteous.

This serves as an incredible repair to the problems created by Armin’s dialogue within the unique manga finale. Within the anime model, there’s no ambiguity or combined messaging – the story clearly condemns the cycle of violence reasonably than showing to condone it in any method.

These changes elevate the anime’s finale head and shoulders above how the manga’s ending performed out. The thematic intent lands rather more powerfully.

Armin from Attack on Titan (Credits: MAPPA)Armin from Attack on Titan (Credits: MAPPA)
Armin (Credit: MAPPA)

The anime makes it clear- Armin never approves of Eren’s genocidal Rumbling. Not solely is Armin disgusted by it destroying most of humanity, however he additionally calls out how Eren’s plan gained’t truly save Paradis and can solely perpetuate extra battle.

This line of considering is bolstered when the characters understand Eren’s try to make them heroes has backfired, making them targets as an alternative. All through, nobody condones Eren’s actions, resolving the manga’s thematic muddling in a simple, highly effective method.

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