Awakening Will Be Missing The Most Exciting Feature From The Books And Fans Have Denis Villeneuve’s Movies To Blame Entirely


Dune: Awakening, Funcom’s upcoming open-world survival title set inside Frank Herbert’s iconic universe, obtained a complete overview earlier this month by way of a brand new trailer.

Particulars relating to base constructing, fight mechanics, and the cruel desert atmosphere of Arrakis have been revealed in the trailer, which loved a whole lot of recognition because of Dune: Half 2 reinvigorating fan curiosity. Nonetheless, a conspicuous omission garnered the eye of hardcore Dune followers: the absence of sandworm using at launch.

Don’t Strive To Get Atop These Sandworms

Sandworms are only to be run away from at Awakening's launch. Image credit: Funcom
Sandworms are solely to be run away from at Awakening‘s launch. Picture credit score: Funcom

Using sandworms is a core aspect of Dune lore, the place riders traverse the huge desert dunes (pun supposed) atop colossal sandworms. The flicks characteristic this as effectively, however unusually, it will not be available within the preliminary launch of Dune: Awakening.

Nonetheless, Dune followers can decrease their pitchforks and snuff out the torches. Funcom has offered clear reasoning behind the choice and hinted at a future roadmap brimming with Fremen-centric content material.

The exclusion of sandworm using at Awakening‘s launch stems from a strategic deal between Funcom and Legendary Footage, the studio producing the Dune movies. Initially deliberate for launch earlier than the premiere of Dune: Half Two, Funcom aimed to keep away from overshadowing the movie’s exploration of Fremen tradition.

The primary film introduces the Fremen as a shrouded society, whereas the sequel delves deeper into their distinctive lifestyle. Legendary Footage apparently wished to protect the cinematic impression of uncovering Fremen customs, like sandworm using.

Dune: Awakening‘s Delay Invalidated The Deal’s Objective

Dune: Awakening being delayed beyond Dune: Part 2's release rendered the deal useless. Image credit: FuncomDune: Awakening being delayed beyond Dune: Part 2's release rendered the deal useless. Image credit: Funcom
Dune: Awakening being delayed past Dune: Half 2‘s launch rendered the deal ineffective. Picture credit score: Funcom

All of it appeared simple, however Dune: Awakening‘s delay to 2025 threw an enormous spanner within the works, as it will now launch after Dune: Half Two. Thankfully, Funcom has confirmed that sandworm using, together with a bunch of extra content material, will arrive in a post-launch replace.

Gamers can nonetheless interact in sure Fremen practices at launch. Given the paramount significance of moisture in Arrakis’ scorching temperatures, gamers can undertake the Fremen strategy of consuming fallen enemies’ blood to replenish fluids. Different hydration choices similar to harvesting water from dew fields or plant matter are additionally obtainable.

Moreover, Funcom has offered in-depth particulars relating to the sandworms themselves. These underground bugs exist in quite a lot of sizes, with the deepest desert areas harboring essentially the most deadly specimens. All sandworms pose a big hazard and are designed to be evaded reasonably than confronted.

The MMO's vast environments are courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. Image credit: FuncomThe MMO's vast environments are courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. Image credit: Funcom
The MMO’s huge, stunning environments are courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. Picture credit score: Funcom

Primarily based on 2022’s reveal trailer and the sport’s utilization of Unreal Engine 5, sandworm encounters look to be visceral and heart-pounding experiences. Funcom’s Inventive Director, Joel Bylos, emphasised the collection of UE5 resulting from its superior graphical constancy and flexibility. Even cinematographer Greg Fraser used it to plan a few of Dune: Half Two‘s intricate scenes.

Whereas the preliminary lack of sandworm using could disappoint some, Funcom’s roadmap guarantees a future wealthy with Fremen lore, together with confirmed sandworm using. Awakening guarantees to be an open-world survival expertise that drips with the identical attract as Herbert’s universe.


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