Biomutant Review (Nintendo Switch)

On paper, Biomutant is a weird however distinctive open-world RPG. That includes bipedal cat-like creatures, it stands out by means of its fight system that mixes martial arts with gunplay and elemental assaults. In actuality, it’s one more mediocre cookie-cutter RPG that falters underneath the burden of its personal ambitions.

Experiment 101’s debut title initially launched in 2021 and is now coming to the Nintendo Swap. How does the kung-fu fable fare on Nintendo’s 7-year-old console, and does the gameplay make up for its lack of a transparent course?

Biomutant releases on Might 14th for Nintendo Swap. It’s already out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

With an extended checklist of options, all types of mechanics, and an enormous world, Biomutant is a jack of all trades—and a grasp of none. Sadly, the quantity-over-quality strategy is obvious all through, because the crew appears to have tossed an eclectic mixture of components right into a pot, leaving the ultimate product undercooked.

The sport locations you in a post-post-apocalyptic world on the precipice of destruction. You begin your journey by selecting and personalizing a mutated critter that appears like a cross between a ferret, a mouse, and a cat.

As soon as the sport kicks off, you might be confronted with warring tribes and 4 “Worldeater” monsters threatening to finish the world. It clearly drew inspiration from Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, however that simply made me wish to play these video games as a substitute.

Biomutant has an enormous and lore-rich world, however the narrative lacks depth to get you invested. The identical will be mentioned in regards to the sport’s lackluster dark-vs.-light morality system, which might have added weight to the story had been it not devoid of ethical ambiguity and nuance.

A Beautiful however Pixelated World

<em>Biomutant</em> features beautiful biomes that suffer under the Nintendo Switch’s subpar visual fidelity.
Biomutant options stunning biomes that undergo underneath the Nintendo Swap’s subpar visible constancy.

The place the sport shines probably the most is in its world. The map boasts various biomes, together with lush forests, tropical seashores, barren wastelands, icy tundra, and extra.

These look attractive, but at any time when I ended to admire the world, I couldn’t assist however be saddened by the dearth of visible constancy on the Nintendo Swap. The Nintendo Switch 2 really can’t come soon enough.

Each in handheld and docked mode, blurry textures, pixelated visuals, and janky efficiency with fixed pop-ins made it tough to benefit from the in any other case beautiful environment.

Tons of latest areas, loot, and enemies enticed me to discover off the primary path. At the least till I had accomplished a bunch of quests, at which level I spotted how every one was only a barely altered model of the previous with one more guidelines of samey stuff to do. The atmospheric soundtrack is simply as repetitive, with a number of tracks taking part in in a loop, exacerbating the rinse-and-repeat really feel.

Biomutant’s Kung-Fu Fight Doesn’t Pack a Punch

Some of the enemies in <em>Biomutant</em> are hilariously bizarre.Some of the enemies in <em>Biomutant</em> are hilariously bizarre.
Among the enemies in Biomutant are hilariously weird.

Biomutant throws an enormous number of enemies at you, every weirder than the opposite. From colourful seals and black gooey blobs to furry crocodiles in pajamas, every time I believed they couldn’t get any weirder, they did.

You combat them with a martial arts-style fight system that allows you to get inventive. You’ll be able to equip melee and ranged weapons and study varied elemental particular assaults, permitting you to cartwheel throughout the battlefield swirling swords, slinging weapons, and capturing fireballs.

You can build all kinds of weapons and armor with <em>Biomutant’s</em> deep crafting system.You can build all kinds of weapons and armor with <em>Biomutant’s</em> deep crafting system.
You’ll be able to construct all types of weapons and armor with Biomutant’s deep crafting system.

Utilizing the sport’s deep crafting system, you’ll be able to machine weapons and armor by combining all types of loot you discover on the earth. Regardless of the irritating menus, those that love crafting would possibly get pleasure from entering into the weeds of this; nevertheless, the sport doesn’t actually encourage you to make use of it, as a lot of the foremost weapons you purchase are fairly ample.

No matter your weapon of selection, in Biomutant, a small cat-like creature packs as a lot of a punch as you’ll think about—none. Fight feels painstakingly weightless, lacks rhythm and fluidity, and is general clunky and jarring.

You’ll be able to mix strikes, weapons, and particular assaults utilizing varied button mixtures, but these are barely ever wanted to achieve the higher hand. Whereas utilizing the combos will get you thru fights extra easily, I by no means encountered a combat the place button mashing couldn’t additionally get the job performed.

The imprecise aiming of the joy-con on the Swap besides made fight extra of a nuisance than an thrilling problem. This is likely one of the elementary problems with the sport: it lacks nuance and problem to maintain you engaged.

Experiment 101’s crew of round 20 individuals had excessive ambitions and good concepts but couldn’t tie them right into a bundle that works effectively. Much less would have been extra, and it could have performed the sport favorably had the crew targeted on just a few core parts as a substitute of tossing every part they may consider collectively.

A quote within the sport says: “Your future awaits on the trail you’ll take to keep away from it.” It seems like Biomutant desperately tried to keep away from the trail of one more cookie-cutter RPG, and within the course of, it ended up precisely that.

Biomutant: 6/10

6 out of 106 out of 10

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