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Eiichiro Oda has a behavior of drawing parallels between two characters in his magnum opus. He’s nice at creating mysteries, which preserve the viewers engaged till the top. Usually, Oda has used a specific time period in One Piece, which has raised a number of questions and fan theories. ‘Inherited Will’ is one thing that retains on occurring within the anime.

Other than that includes Monkey D. Luffy’s pirating journey, One Piece exhibits how each current-generation pirate is related to the outdated era. Like Luffy, Blackbeard is without doubt one of the essential characters who stand on the other aspect of the pole. He, being one of many essential antagonists, holds a specific reference to the legendary pirate, Rocks D. Xebec.

Marshall D. Train Inherited Rocks D. Xebec’s Will

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Marshall D. Train, popularly often called Blackbeard, is without doubt one of the essential antagonists in One Piece and is an Emperor of the Sea. He holds the unusual energy to steal Satan Fruit’s powers. Whereas Monkey D. Luffy is believed to have inherited Joyboy and Gol D. Roger’s will, Blackbeard has inherited Rocks D. Xebec’s will. Their similarities usually make the followers suppose that historical past would possibly repeat itself.

Rocks D. Xebec is understood for the God Valley incident, which modified the core of historical past. He recruited probably the most highly effective pirates of his time and sought to beat the world. Blackbeard additionally has the identical motive and has highly effective crewmates like Kuzan, Shiryu, and Jesus Burgess. Each of them have a lust for energy, and they’re able to go to any extent for it.

Rocks D. XebecRocks D. Xebec
Rocks D. Xebec

One other connection between them is that no member of their crew holds a particular bond with their captain. They got here collectively for his or her love of destruction. Blackbeard’s ship is known as the Saber of Xebec, which hints that he may need entry to Xebec’s weapon. Some even consider that Blackbeard may be his weapon. All these similarities level out that Blackbeard may be the one who inherited Rocks D. Xebec’s will.

Historical past Would possibly Repeat Itself in One Piece

At the moment, Blackbeard selected Hachinosu as his base for operations. In Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback, the World Authorities stole the Nice Pirate Treasure and took it to Hachinosu. Rocks D. Xebec may need additionally recognized about Imu and thus gave delivery to his motive for conquering the world. Other than Rocks D. Xebec, One Piece’s God Valley incident gave delivery to 2 new legends of the world.

one piece - luffyone piece - luffy
One Piece

Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger teamed as much as defeat Rocks D. Xebec. Historical past would possibly repeat itself with Blackbeard dealing with a tag staff of Monkey D. Luffy and Koby at Hachinosu. Like Roger and Garp, Luffy and Koby are rivals. They may be part of forces to cease the higher evil. The largest connection between Marshall D. Train and Rocks D. Xebec is that each of them belong to the D clan.

One Piece has proven a number of similarities between these two antagonists. With One Piece nearing its finish, all of the mysteries may be revealed one after the other. Till Eiichiro Oda‘s affirmation, all the things will stay a fan idea.

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