Blackbeard’s 3rd Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan That Can Transform Him into a Legendary Viking Sea Monster

Marshall D. Train is exclusive in that no different particular person within the universe of One Piece can preserve two Satan Fruits without delay. Nonetheless, a brand new commonplace idea goes additional and proposes a risk that the third fruit powers Blackbeard—a Legendary Zoan. Thus, the Viking Viking fruit presents him his sea monster prowess. This might deepen the world of One Piece and firmly entrench Blackbeard within the context of Norse mythology with the earlier-mentioned maritime lore. 

The Legendary Zoan Sort: A Gateway to Legendary Beasts

Blackbeard from One Piece
Blackbeard – Marshall D. Train

The opposite is scarce and influential, stated to permit the consumer to rework right into a legendary creature with fearsome talents. Greater than the rest, the thematic wealth introduced forth by way of One Piece can hardly be ignored as a result of Blackbeard would personal the third Satan Fruit on this class. If Blackbeard’s third Satan Fruit permits him to develop into a creature of legend, it might take the world of One Piece to a special airplane.

Some theories recommend that this mythic creature might have been impressed by the Jormungandr or the Kraken, which is deeply embedded in Viking and maritime lore. The Jormungandr and Kraken depict fears and legends concerning the sea; the primary is a sea serpent so gigantic that it’s believed to be circling the earth, and the second is an enormous sea monster that scares sailors. His pirate persona and darkish ambitions—such a creature would ally themselves to suggest the overwhelming menace to the world that Blackbeard represented. He would have signaled the world within the story by way of that allyship to usher in new chaos. 

Blackbeard’s Ties to Norse Mythology and Viking Lore

blackbeard showcasing yami yami no miblackbeard showcasing yami yami no mi
Blackbeard showcasing Yami Yami no Mi

The idea of a Viking-based Satan Fruit tethers Blackbeard’s character to a wealthy cultural and historic heritage. Celebrated for seafaring and adventuring, Vikings boast a mythology teeming with gods, monsters, and superhumans. This might, in flip, add a lot to Blackbeard’s character and an altogether completely different comprehension regarding his motivation, stratagems, and eventual contribution resulting in the climax of One Piece.

The concept of Ragnarok, the prophesied apocalypse in Norse mythology, might go hand in hand with Blackbeard’s imaginative and prescient of the One Piece world. Identical to demise amongst gods comes with Ragnarok, the reshaping of the world and the delivery of a brand new society, Blackbeard’s goals could be interpreted as dismantling organized society to emerge a brand new world beneath his dominion.

The Affect of a Third Satan Fruit on the One Piece Universe

Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit from One PieceBlackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit from One Piece
Blackbeard’s Darkish-Darkish Fruit from One Piece

Introducing a 3rd Legendary-type Satan Fruit for Blackbeard would have far-reaching penalties for your complete energy stability throughout the One Piece universe. Blackbeard could be reincarnated as one of many fearsome rivals within the present; he would set the stage for some epic battles redefining the period.

It may also begin new alliances and hostilities, with different characters of the One Piece world reacting to Blackbeard’s elevated menace. Deeper exploration of the world’s mystical components, from the ocean’s origin and the All Blue idea to the genesis of the Satan Fruits and what’s important.

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