‘Demon Slayer’s Sword Colors Explained

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  • In
    Demon Slayer
    , the Nichirin blades utilized by Demon Slayer Corps members are constructed from Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore collected from mountains which might be bathed in daylight all yr spherical.
  • Every colour of the Nichirin blades represents a unique component or inspiration, in addition to the character and energy of the demon slayer wielding it.
  • The completely different colours of the Nichirin blades have distinct traits and are related to distinctive Respiratory strategies.

Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu no Yaiba, within the Japanese authentic) is among the hottest anime and manga franchises proper now, particularly with Season 4 debuting its highly-anticipated run. It follows Tanjiro Kamado, an insecure boy who pledges vengeance on demons after his total household is killed by one. He does this by becoming a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, a gaggle of sword-wielding people who battle demons because the creatures assault harmless folks after sunset. Eliminating a demon is not any straightforward feat. The anime has extremely expert evil spirits who discover inventive methods of launching lethal assaults to make us determined – from the normal physique snatching to limb-deteriorating bouncing balls. Within the Demon Slayer universe, one of many few methods to kill a demon is by exposing them to daylight. That is the rationale why the swords utilized by demon slayers undergo prolonged solar publicity throughout their manufacturing. However how are they made, anyway?

Demon Slayer

A household is attacked by demons and solely two members survive – Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who is popping right into a demon slowly. Tanjiro units out to grow to be a demon slayer to avenge his household and remedy his sister.

Launch Date
January 21, 2021

Natsuki Hanae , Zach Aguilar , Abby Trott , Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


What Is a Nichirin Blade in ‘Demon Slayer’?

A Nichirin blade is the metal specifically made for the swords that Demon Slayer Corps members use to kill demons. In keeping with the Demon Slayer manga (which might be the “bible” of the anime sequence), the blade is made out of Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore, that are collected from the mountains. However the supplies aren’t collected from simply any mountain. They’re picked from mountains that stand above the clouds, that means they’re bathed in daylight all yr lengthy, with out interference from the rain or having daylight blocked. The sword is constructed from a fabric that has absorbed solar, the one factor that may kill demons. One other distinct attribute of the Nichirin blade is that they modify colours as soon as their house owners decide them up for the primary time. Every colour represents a unique component or inspiration, in addition to the personalities and the kind of energy that every demon slayer holds, and yow will discover the distinction between all of them under:

Black Nichirin Blade

Essentially the most mysterious sword colour from Demon Slayer is the one Kanjiro wields. The black blade represents the Solar and is surrounded by prejudice and misconceptions, as traditionally each demon slayer who held it lived a brief life. This might imply that Tanjiro is destined to interrupt the sample and set a brand new legend for black Nichirin blades within the Demon Slayer universe. Additionally, black is steadily perceived because the absorption of all colours, which could imply that Tanjiro is ready to navigate by sword colours and Respiratory — which is a demon slayer approach that enables them to hone within the energy that they maintain inside themselves to the sword.

Grey Nichirin Blade

The wielder of the grey Nichirin blade is the one who breaks the sample and reveals that the Nichirin doesn’t essentially have for use as a sword. Gyomei Himejima has the grey blade that represents the Stone and, as an alternative of getting a sword, he makes use of an ax connected to a series. Curiously, Gyomei’s character is the other of what the Stone represents: he’s calm and compassionate, and is continually crying — regardless that he’s one of many strongest demon slayers.

Indigo-gray Nichirin Blade

Inosuke Hashibira wielding two indigo-gray nichirin swords in Demon Slayer
Picture through Ufotable

The indigo-gray sword represents Beasts, and, appropriately, its holder within the anime wears a large hog head as a helmet as a way to conceal his face. Inosuke Hasibira additionally makes use of two swords on the similar time, and each of them have the potential to not solely kill a demon however make a messy job out of it: the swords are constructed with jagged edges which resemble a predator’s enamel.

Purple Nichirin Blade

Purple usually means depth, and in Demon Slayer that is no completely different. The crimson sword represents Flame and Kyojuro Rengoku’s excentric and expansive character interprets that. The fireplace Respiratory permits for some unimaginable visuals, together with the Dance of the Hearth God, which grew to become one of many anime’s most famous scenes but (watch out for spoilers for Season 1 within the hyperlink).

Amber Nichirin Blade

The amber blade represents Sound, and it’s wielded by Tengen Uzui. The Sound Respiratory makes use of noise to confuse adversaries, and those who use it have an especially developed sense of listening to. Tengen additionally makes use of the blades with completely different weapons: his amber Nichirin blade is utilized in a set of kusarigama, which is a cleaver-like hand weapon.

Yellow Nichirin Blade

The yellow blades draw from Thunder, and within the manga and anime this finally ends up represented by Zenitsu Agatsuma, a boy who’s afraid of his personal shadow, however, when put below excessive desperation, unleashes a pointy and quick character who might trigger mayhem by his sword blade.

Blue Nichirin Blade

Demon Slayer's Giyu Tomioka and the blue nichirin sword
Picture through Ufotable

One of the vital outstanding swords seen in Season 1, the blue sword represents Water and its proprietor, Giyu Tomioka makes use of it in fluid actions that make him a talented and formidable killer. The actions used for Giyu’s water Respiratory resemble the ocean: a relaxed physique of water that may be lethal below particular circumstances.

Pink Nichirin Blade

The pink blade represents Love, which can appear form of summary when put along with the opposite blades, nevertheless it has an evidence: the Love Respiratory has a peculiar nature, and it was developed by the pink Nichirin blade wielder herself, Mitsuri Kanroki. She was impressed by the Flame Respiratory after being skilled by Kyojuro Rengoku. Her sword can be extraordinarily peculiar; it’s skinny and resembles a whip, and he or she’s the one one who can wield it correctly.


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White Nichirin Blade

The white in Demon Slayer sword colours represents the mist, which is embodied by Muichiro Tokito within the manga and anime sequence. The mist Respiratory is steadily related to a relaxed and distant character, and Muichiro by no means lets feelings get in the way in which of his judgment. This sword colour has strategies derived from wind Respiratory.

Lavender Nichirin blade

This blade represents the Serpent, the rationale why Obanai Iguro’s sword resembles the physique of a snake. The Serpent Respiratory is derived from Water Respiratory and the strategies resemble the actions of the animal it represents.

Mild Pink Nichirin Blade

Demon Slayer's light pink nichirin blade
Picture through Ufotable

Derived from Water Respiratory, the sunshine pink Nachirin blade represents the Flower, and it’s utilized by Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Koucho, the sister demon slayers who developed their very own shared Respiratory.

Inexperienced Nichirin Blade

The Respiratory that impressed many different strategies is represented by the inexperienced sword colour. Wind is the component of the inexperienced Nichirin blade and Sanemi Shinazugawa is the one who wields it in Demon Slayer. His twisted character made for a harmful welcome when Tanjiro was transported to a really particular place by the tip of Season 1.

Purple Nichirin Blade

kokushibo with his purple nichirin blade and a red haired tattoed person in Demon Slayer
Picture through Ufotable

The purple blade represents the Moon, which is the precise reverse of the sword that Tanjiro makes use of. Not by likelihood, that is the sword that one of many major antagonists of the sequence to date, Kokushibo, wields. The Moon Respiratory is an improved model of the Solar Respiratory, which was enhanced by means of some obscure strategies.

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