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In the course of the second episode of Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo, the protagonist of the collection decides to sacrifice himself to save lots of everybody else within the double dungeon. This led to Sung Jinwoo gaining a completely totally different and extraordinary energy that has by no means been seen earlier than on this planet of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling anime
Solo Leveling anime

It was initially revealed that what Sung Jinwoo skilled within the Double Dungeon is termed a second awakening on this planet of Solo Leveling and is definitely a really uncommon phenomenon. Nevertheless, after doing the mandatory checkups, it was discovered that Sung didn’t bear a second awakening as a result of they may not see the ability that was granted to him within the dungeon.

Though it was proved that Sung Jinwoo didn’t have any second awakening, he nonetheless managed to get entry to an influence/capacity known as a system. This led to an enormous debate between the Solo Leveling followers about whether or not or not Sung skilled a second awakening.

Warning: Spoilers Forward

Did Sung Jinwoo Have a Second Awakening?

The main target of Solo Leveling is on hunters who battle mystical animals that pose a risk to humanity by going via an “Preliminary Awakening.” An unusual “Second Awakening,” however, may give some hunters enhanced talents past what they initially gained upon awakening. 

Their energy is drastically elevated by this second magical awakening, successfully giving them a fast enhance up the rankings. It was attainable for somebody to go straight from C-Rank to A-Rank, B-Rank, and even S-Rank after experiencing a Double Awakening. Everyone seems to be shocked when Sung Jinwoo returns alive from the D-Rank Dungeon that murdered nearly all of his buddies.

Solo Leveling Episode 2Solo Leveling Episode 2
Solo Leveling

To evaluate the state of affairs, the officers examined Sung Jinwoo to see if he had a second awakening, however the outcomes proved them improper. Nevertheless, Sung did get a power-up referred to as System which is completely totally different from a second awakening. Due to this fact, it may be mentioned that what Sung Jinwoo skilled was not a reawakening, however was granted an influence that had been by no means seen earlier than.

Sung Jinwoo’s System Potential in Solo Leveling is Totally different from Reawakening

Sung Jinwoo’s growth as a Hunter surpasses a Second Awakening when he acquires the System capacity and turns into the Shadow Monarch’s vessel. The System chosen Jinwoo to be its Participant when he freely opted to stay and make himself a sacrifice within the double dungeon.

System - Solo LevelingSystem - Solo Leveling
System – Solo Leveling

The System functioned equally to a online game, giving Jinwoo entry to system quests with particular rewards, a leveling system with numerous expertise and stats, an infinite stock the place he might maintain every kind of magical gadgets, and even an built-in retailer the place she might buy items with the sport’s gold foreign money. 

The System had initially been created by the Architect(The hidden boss of Double Dungeon) to help Ashborn(Monarch of Shadows) in breeding a human vessel able to absolutely absorbing his powers. Its online game interface was additionally purposefully created in order that Jinwoo might simply and quickly turn out to be used to it.

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