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Editor’s Notice: The next accommodates spoilers for Argylle.

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  • The movie Argylle has a mid-credits scene that teases a follow-up movie and connects to earlier movies by director Matthew Vaughn.
  • The mid-credits scene introduces a brand new character named Aubrey Argylle and suggests a connection to a different Matthew Vaughn franchise.
  • The way forward for the Argylle franchise is unsure, with its continuation depending on viewers reception and field workplace success.

Mid and post-credits scenes have turn into widespread options of main studio blockbuster movies. They’re most commonly featured in movies within the superhero style, particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meant to tease future, associated initiatives, or conclude a smaller storyline or operating joke from the movie. However they’ve turn into such a fixture that some viewers even anticipate them in motion blockbusters exterior the superhero style, if the movie in query is a part of or meant to determine a significant franchise. The brand new movie Argylle seeks to do the latter, so viewers will in all probability be questioning if they should wait by way of the credit for any extra scenes. The reply is sure, Argylle does have a further scene after the credit start, although it comes in the midst of them, after solely the earliest, stylized credit, not all the best way on the finish. The scene is seemingly meant to tease a follow-up movie whereas additionally acknowledging a novel based mostly on the identical fictional universe and establishing a connection to earlier movies by director Matthew Vaughn.


An introverted spy novelist is drawn into the actions of a sinister underground syndicate.

Launch Date
February 2, 2024

Matthew Vaughn

135 minutes

Jason Fuchs

What Is ‘Argylle’ About?

Argylle revolves round Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), writer of a well-liked sequence of novels about super-spy Agent Argylle, who’s performed by Henry Cavill in scenes depicting how Elly imagines the books’ narratives. Whereas engaged on the newest ebook within the sequence, Elly is swept right into a real-life espionage plot when Aidan Wilde (Sam Rockwell), an actual spy, tells her {that a} rogue covert company known as the Division desires to kidnap her as a result of her writing has detailed the outcomes of actual covert operations. Ultimately, nonetheless, Aidan and his mentor, exiled former CIA agent Alfred “Alfie” Solomon (Samuel L. Jackson) admit that this too is a lie, and that Elly is definitely herself a spy named Rachel Kyle, Aidan’s former companion and lover.

5 years beforehand, she was captured and brainwashed by the division, with its chief and head of psychological operations convincing her they have been her dad and mom, so they might exploit her data by getting her to publish books. After Rachel and Aidan expose and defeat the Division, Rachel publishes a brand new Argylle ebook telling a fictionalized model of the movie’s story. In the final scene before the credits, they, (and viewers of the film), are confused when, throughout a ebook studying, a fan performed by Cavill asks if Rachel has any questions for him.

What Occurs in ‘Argylle’s Mid-Credit Scene?

The mid-credits scene is about 20 years earlier in a bar known as The King’s Man. A younger man (Louis Partridge) offers the bartender (Ben Daniels) a selected order, and in return is introduced with a field by which is a pistol. The younger man then introduces himself as “Aubrey Argylle”. Earlier than the credit resume, a line of textual content onscreen reads “Argylle E book One: – The Film – Coming Quickly.”

This deliberately confounding scene offers a number of hints at the place the Argylle franchise shall be going subsequent, although it naturally additionally conjures up much more questions than it solutions. Given the best way they’re introduced one after one other, the ebook studying scene and the mid-credits scene counsel that the fan performed by Cavill and Partridge’s character could also be one and the identical and that their historical past additionally influenced the books. How precisely that may be the case based mostly on what the movie has lastly established about Rachel and Aidan’s adventures being the inspiration for the books will presumably be the driving thriller in a subsequent entry within the franchise. Along with a future movie, the mid-credits scene additionally acknowledges Argylle‘s literary counterpart.

When Argylle’s cast was announced in 2021, the movie was described as an adaptation of an upcoming novel of the identical title by first-time writer Elly Conway. Nonetheless, reviews questioning Conway’s existence started when The Hollywood Reporter printed an article stating that reporters for the publication have been unable to both make contact along with her or confirm on-line details about her, earlier than trailers and different promotional supplies for the movie revealed that she is, the truth is, Howard’s fictional character. Hypothesis continued about who really wrote the ebook, which was printed final month, nonetheless utilizing the Conway pseudonym, with followers of Taylor Swift concocting theories that she was the writer, till novelists Terry Hayes and Tammy Cohen confirmed to The Telegraph that they are the true writers earlier as we speak.

Hayes and Cohen defined that Vaughn advised the previous write an Argylle ebook, whereas Vaughn himself was already engaged on the film, with the specification that the ebook wouldn’t be a easy novelization of the movie’s story however one of many tales the Elly character would have written about Cavill’s model of Argylle. With this uncommon manufacturing historical past in thoughts, it looks as if the mid-credits scene is teasing a brand new movie that’s not less than partially based mostly on Hayes and Cohen’s ebook, with both Partridge and/or Cavill enjoying the Argylle the primary movie introduced as fictional, however who might the truth is be actual throughout the movie’s universe. While speaking to Polygon, Vaughn confirmed this was the intention. Argylle: E book One is a possible movie revolving across the Cavill/Partridge character, whereas a hypothetical third movie could be a extra direct sequel to Argylle, presumably returning to the “actual world” of the primary movie and a give attention to Rachel and Aidan.

Is ‘Argylle’ within the Kingsman Universe?

Colin Firth as Galahad in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Picture through twentieth Century Fox

Talking of the movie’s universe, the mid-credits scene makes issues much more difficult by suggesting that the Argylle movies happen in the identical world as one other Matthew Vaughn franchise. Vaughn is probably finest generally known as the director of Kingsman: The Secret Service, a 2015 movie based mostly on the comedian ebook sequence of the identical. One other comedic satire of the spy style which was acclaimed for its over-the-top violence and the sudden selection of casting Colin Firth as an motion hero, Kingsman adopted Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton), a troubled British teenager who joins the elitist tremendous spy group generally known as the Kingsman after studying his late father was a member.

The movie was adopted by a sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 2017, and a prequel, The King’s Man, which was launched in 2021 after a number of delays. Given Vaughn is the director, the conspicuous naming of the bar in Argylle‘s mid-credits scene means that the bartender and the cinematic model of Aubrey Argylle are Kingsman brokers, particularly on condition that the group usually makes use of common companies like tailor retailers as fronts for its bases within the earlier movies. A tease like this was not fully sudden by movie followers who’ve adopted Argylle’s manufacturing, as Vaughn confirmed in a 2023 look on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he envisioned the movie as going down in the identical fictional universe as Kingsman and a mysterious third potential franchise, between which he hopes to stage crossovers much like these seen within the MCU.


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The director supplied an replace to Collider in regards to the trilogy capper.

The Way forward for the ‘Argylle’ Franchise Is Already UnsureSam Rockwell, Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, and Bryce Dallas Howard on a poster for Argylle

Sadly, there’s no assure these plans will come to fruition. Though the Argylle novel is accessible, Vaughn clarified to Polygon that it’s “as much as the viewers,” whether or not extra installments within the franchise are made, suggesting that approval for future initiatives will depend on the movie’s success. Given the largely damaging evaluations of the movie, it being financially profitable sufficient to warrant so many alternative potential follow-ups is unlikely. The box office failures of several 2023 blockbusters, together with two entries within the normally worthwhile MCU, confirmed that being a part of a significant franchise not ensures field workplace success for movies that obtain damaging evaluations. Those that loved the movie and/or ebook is perhaps understandably confused by the numerous self-aware mysteries the toddler franchise has already arrange. Audiences might not get the solutions they’re hoping for because it’s potential Argylle might find yourself being the one movie within the franchise.

Argylle is in theaters now.

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