Eiichiro Oda Could’ve Ended Zoro vs Sanji Rivalry in 1 Storyline That He Deliberately Crafted to Avoid Them Ever Fighting


Rivalries between two members of the identical group or group are frequent occurrences within the anime world and One Piece takes it to a complete new degree. Characters like Shanks and Mihawk are recognized to have lifelong rivalry with one another which helps in making the storyline much more attention-grabbing.

Zoro and Sanji Rivalry

One such attention-grabbing rivalry that followers love is seen between Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji, the wings of the longer term Pirate King. Though each are a part of the identical crew, they’ve been at one another’s throats because the starting of the story. This has additionally led to the One Piece followers being divided into two teams, one which helps Sanji whereas the opposite who helps Zoro.

If Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece desires, he can finish this rivalry immediately by declaring the stronger character between the 2. He even acquired an opportunity in the course of the Entire Cake Island arc to make the 2 characters combat one another, however he intentionally averted it, to maintain the rivalry going. 

Sanji’s Combat Towards Luffy Throughout The Entire Cake Island Arc

Through the Zou arc, when Capone Bege asks Sanji to go along with him to the Entire Cake Island and marry the daughter of Huge Mother if he desires to avoid wasting The Straw Hat Pirates and his mentor Zeff, Sanji has no alternative however to depart the crew. Nonetheless, this was not accepted by his Captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy determined to go to Entire Cake Island and convey again his crewmate from Huge Mother. Nonetheless, Sanji wanting to avoid wasting his buddies from the wrath of Huge Mother pirates, determined to remain on the island. Nonetheless, Luffy being Luffy, he tries to influence Sanji to go along with him which results in the combat between the 2 characters in chapter 844.

Sanji Beating Luffy
Sanji Beating Luffy

Luffy knew that Sanji was combating in opposition to him solely as a result of he needed to avoid wasting his buddies, which is why Luffy didn’t combat again. In the end Sanji beat Luffy to a pulp and knocked him out fully. Nonetheless, they later resolved their points and escaped from the island collectively.

Eiichiro Oda Had The Likelihood to Finish The Rivalry Between Zoro and Sanji

When Luffy determined to go to the Entire Cake Island, Zoro may have gone with him and helped him to carry again Sanji. Nonetheless, Eiichiro Oda intentionally selected to depart Zoro out of the Entire Cake Island arc. It is because Oda knew that the arc would result in Zoro and Sanji combating a critical battle which may end in one in all them being defeated.

Zoro and Sanji with their usual bitterness
Zoro and Sanji

If Zoro had seen Sanji beating Luffy so badly simply to make it seem like he hated Luffy, Zoro would haven’t stayed silent and watched it. He would have undoubtedly interfered within the combat and saved his captain from getting overwhelmed by Sanji. He may have additionally fought Sanji out of anger and the combat would have resulted in one in all them getting damage fairly badly. 

Though this combat would haven’t solely ended the rivalry between the two characters, it certainly would have proved which ones is the stronger one. Moreover, it will have ended the lengthy debate between Zoro and Sanji followers who imagine that their favourite character is the stronger particular person in One Piece.

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