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Whereas many One Piece followers received’t agree with it, the Skypiea arc within the sequence is likely one of the most essential and entertaining arcs of the sequence. Not solely did the arc give top-of-the-line villains of One Piece, however it additionally uncovered lots of references that later turned essential to the story. Nonetheless, some followers really feel the necessity to skip the arc and don’t perceive its significance.

Skypiea Arc
Skypiea Arc

Many followers imagine that the arc is only a filler arc and is used for plot course however doesn’t maintain any significance within the storyline of One Piece. Due to this, some followers skipped the arc solely, leaving an enormous gap within the story, which held an enormous reference within the later a part of the story, such because the Gear 5 transformation.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, knew the significance of the Skypiea arc, and he determined to make One Piece followers who skipped the arc solely pay the worth throughout the Wano arc, particularly when Luffy attained the Gear 5 transformation. The transformation and the arc generally had lots of Skypiea references that followers who skipped missed solely.

Why do Followers Skip Skypiea Arc in One Piece?

The Skypiea Arc, which runs from episodes 153 to 195, is 43 episodes that proceed the place the Jaya Arc left off. It follows Luffy and his group as they discover the island of Skypiea and battle the lightning-wielding “God” Enel. Through the years, the Straw Hats journey in Skypiea has obtained lots of unfair criticism.

On condition that the Straw Hat crew goes above and past to achieve the island above the clouds, many One Piece followers believed that the journey on Skypiea was basically a aspect mission. This gave rise to the notion that going to the island merely serves as a way of disorientation and that it doesn’t, actually, ahead the plot of the sequence.

Skypiea Arc - One PieceSkypiea Arc - One Piece
Skypiea Arc – One Piece

However after the Wano arc, many followers modified their mindset about Skypiea, because the Wano arc had some references or parallels with the Skypiea arc that have been missed by followers who skipped Skypiea. This led to followers regretting their resolution.

Skypiea Parallels Throughout Gear 5 Transformation

Eiichiro Oda made the One Piece followers who skipped Skypiea pay the worth in his manner. He launched some parallels within the story that was a hyperlink between Skypiea and Wano, which many followers couldn’t perceive, thus being fully clueless. These parallels made them perceive the significance held by the Skypiea arc.

Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy - One PieceGear 5 Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece
Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy

Lots of them have been throughout the Gear 5 transformation. The primary is, when Luffy makes use of gear 5 mode for the primary time, he jumps within the sky and kinds the pose of Nika, which was first proven within the Skypiea arc when the straw hats have been dancing across the hearth. One other one was Luffy’s chuckle, which was additionally a reference to the Skypiea arc.

Oda even foreshadowed the second when Luffy makes use of the Gear 5 method to show every little thing round him into rubber. This was first hinted at in Skypiea when Luffy jumped on the clouds for the primary time. Additionally, Luffy’s shadow within the clouds when he become gear 5 was foreshadowed throughout the Skypiea arc. Oda planted a number of the largest parallels between Skypiea and Wano, which have been loved by the followers who watched Skypiea and went over the heads of One Piece followers who ignored it.

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