Eiichiro Oda Reveals the Actual Reason Behind Vegapunk’s Most Wanted Status and That’s Not Just His Scientific Research

Though the primary arc of the finale saga of One Piece, Egghead, disclosed many information, revealed the mysterious 5 Elders, and supplied many thrilling fights, the principle plot of the Egghead Island arc centered across the World Authorities making an attempt to assassinate Dr. Vegapunk and his Satellites. And his message that’s being delivered to the world is proof that they succeeded in killing him.

Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece
Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece

It was revealed initially of the story that Dr. Vegapunk was conducting analysis that went in opposition to the insurance policies of the World Authorities, which is why they determined to kill their greatest technological ally. Nevertheless, this may not be the one cause why Dr. Vegapunk was given the standing of probably the most wished particular person in One Piece.

The current occasions in One Piece Chapter 1114 revealed that Dr. Vegapunk was conducting analysis on the Poneglyphs. This meant that he, identical to Nico Robin, had the power to learn the traditional scripture written on these mysterious gigantic stones, and that is thought of the largest crime in keeping with the foundations established by the World Authorities.

Finding out a Poneglyph is One of many Greatest Crimes in One Piece

Poneglyphs are mysterious stone slabs which have carried the history of the One Piece world, particularly the small print in regards to the Void Century and the Historic Kingdom. The main points about these mysteries have been inscribed on them, and the one individuals who knew the right way to learn them have been the students of Ohara.

Nevertheless, the reality in regards to the One Piece world places the World Authorities in a dangerous place, as they have been one way or the other accountable for the atrocities that befell in the course of the void century. This is the reason they determined to forbid the research of the Poneglyphs and issued a buster name on Ohara island, killing all the students besides Nico Robin.

Poneglyphs - One PiecePoneglyphs - One Piece
Poneglyphs – One Piece

At the moment, there are solely two individuals who know the right way to decipher a Poneglyph. The primary one is Nico Robin, as she is from Ohara Island, and the second is Kozuki Sukiyaki, the previous shogun of Wano and the daddy of Kozuki Oden. Whereas Sukiyaki’s id is hidden from the World Authorities, they’ve been actively chasing Nico Robin for a very long time.

Eiichiro Oda Reveals Dr. Vegapunk’s Greatest Crime

On Could 12, 2024, One Piece chapter 1114 was launched, which revealed information about Pleasure Boy and his powers, the Historic Kingdom, the Mom Flame, and extra. Nevertheless, one of many greatest revelations that the chapter made was the truth that Dr. Vegapunk managed to decipher the contents of the Poneglyphs and discover out the small print in regards to the Void Century.

Vegapunk revealing that he can read the PoneglyphsVegapunk revealing that he can read the Poneglyphs
Vegapunk revealed that he can learn the Poneglyphs

He claimed that after the incident with Ohara, he determined to hold on their research of the Poneglyphs. He collected data from the books that they left behind and was restored by Saul, and with the assistance of his intelligence, he was in a position to retrieve precious data that might put the authority of the World Authorities at risk.

The World Authorities might have for as soon as thought of sparing the lifetime of Vegapunk for his scientific analysis, however him uncovering the actual reality of the One Piece world and revealing it to the remainder of the folks makes him probably the most wished man, which is why he was killed by Admiral Kizaru in Chapter 1108, and they’re going to most definitely eradicate his satellites too.

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