Eiichiro Oda’s Old Habit Explains The Weakest Gorosei Who May Lose to Gear 5 Luffy at Egghead Island in This One Piece Fan Theory


The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece are at the moment on their method to escape Egghead Island because the Navy and the 5 Elders have taken management of the place. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hats is combating the 5 Elders to avoid wasting his crewmates and provides them an opportunity to flee from the island.

Egghead Arc
One Piece – Egghead Arc

Nonetheless, it received’t be as simple as each different time. The 5 Elders are one of many strongest teams in The World Authorities, solely beneath Imu. Their energy and energy is one thing that has by no means been seen earlier than. Though Luffy can deal with himself towards the 5 Elders, it received’t be for lengthy as any minute now he may need to come back out of Gear 5 mode.

Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood that Luffy may be capable to beat at the least certainly one of The 5 Elders. He may need the energy left to deal with certainly one of them and there’s a principle that implies that the weakest one of many 5 Elders is sure to fall within the present arc.

Who’s The Weakest Gorosei Amongst The 5 Elders

In response to a principle posted by Mr Morj on YouTube, the sequence of the planets that the 5 Elders symbolize corresponds to their hierarchy of energy. Mercury is the primary planet, Venus is second, Mars is third (after Earth), Jupiter is fourth, and Saturn is fifth. Oda supplies unambiguous quantity rankings for some subordinate teams, equivalent to cp9 or Baroque Works Brokers. 

Nonetheless, with different subordinate teams, Eiichio Oda employs a gentler strategy primarily based on implicit hierarchy. For instance, the energy hierarchy of King, Queen, and Jack is predicated on the cardboard rankings that correspond to their respective names. Even the Doflamingo chairs Pika, Diamante, and Trebol adhere to the hierarchy of card fits, with spades rating greater than diamonds and golf equipment. 

The Five EldersThe Five Elders
The 5 Elders

Whereas this doesn’t indicate that the 5 Elders’ planetary positions comply with the identical rule, it’s fairly doubtless that Oda gave them their names primarily based on relative energy. Saturn would appear to be the weakest as a result of he’s the primary one the Straw Hat Pirates have confronted, and he’s nearly actually the primary to fall. 

Saturn Will Be Defeated By The Straw Hat Pirates in Egghead

Saturn’s plot is intimately related to the central narrative of Egghead Island, in contrast to the tales of the opposite 5 Elders. Saturn ultimately turns into the main antagonist in Kuma, Bonnie, and Vegapunk’s journey. He’s liable for many of the ache these characters have skilled all through their lives.

jay garcia saturnjay garcia saturnJay Garcia Saturn

Since he has acted as the primary antagonist for the whole lot of this arc, it feels extra applicable and important for him to lose on Egghead Island than it will in a later story. From a plot perspective, that is the second when Saturn is meant to lastly undergo punishment for the wrongdoings he has completed for all these years. 

Followers have already witnessed some stage of rigidity between Luffy and Saturn, so it will make sense to see this explicit matchup at the least play out to its conclusion on this arc. What’s most intriguing is that defeating Saturn early on can be ideally suited as a result of in accordance with the idea, Saturn is the weakest of the 5 Elders.

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