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The largest drawback with One Piece that anime followers have had is the necessity for persistence and power to embark on a 1000+ episode journey. It is rather time-consuming and will take months to succeed in the present occasions of the story. This led many followers to keep away from the good collection altogether.

One Piece
One Piece

Followers don’t know the place to begin and what the filler episodes are that they need to keep away from. This sort of drawback additionally takes place for One Piece followers as they will’t precisely pinpoint the precise episode or arc of their favourite or explicit second from the collection. A One Piece watch information will give the followers the proper chronological order of all the story and assist them perceive the arcs and the sagas higher.

Additionally, in some nations, the One Piece collection is somewhat troublesome to search out because the streaming platforms are totally different for each area.

One Piece Watch Information: Each One Piece Arc in Chronological Order

For anime followers who want to delve into the world of One Piece and go on a 1000-episode journey, this One Piece watch information will assist them perceive each saga and arc somewhat higher and assist them watch the collection in chronological order.

1. East Blue Saga [Ep. No. 1-61]

East Blue SagaEast Blue Saga
East Blue Saga
  • Romance Daybreak Arc[Ep. No. 1-3]
  • Orange City Arc [Ep. No. 4-8]
  • Syrup Village Arc [Ep. No. 9-18]
  • Baratie Arc [Ep. No. 19-30]
  • Arlong Park Arc [Ep. No. 31-44]
  • Loguetown Arc [Ep. No. 45, 48-53]
  • Buggy’s Crew Journey Chronicles [Ep. No. 46-47]
  • Warship Island arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 54-61]

2. Alabasta Saga [Ep. No. 62-135]

Alabasta SagaAlabasta Saga
Alabasta Saga
  • Reverse Mountain Arc [Ep. No. 62-63]
  • Whiskey Peak Arc [Ep. No. 64-67]
  • Diary of Koby-Meppo Arc [Ep. No. 68-69]
  • Little Backyard Arc [Ep. No. 70-77]
  • Drum Island Arc [Ep. No. 78-91]
  • Alabasta Arc [Ep. No. 92-130]
  • Publish-Alabasta Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 131-135]

3. Sky Island Saga [Ep. No. 136-206]

Sky Island SagaSky Island Saga
Sky Island Saga
  • Goat Island Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 136-138]
  • Ruluka Island Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 139-143]
  • Jaya Arc [Ep. No. 144-152]
  • Skypiea Arc[Ep. No. 153-195]
  • G-8 Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 196-206]

4. Water 7 Saga [Ep. No. 207-325]

Water 7 SagaWater 7 Saga
Water 7 Saga
  • Lengthy Ring Lengthy Land Arc [Ep. No. 207-219]
  • Ocean’s Goals Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 220-224]
  • Cunning’s Return Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 225-228]
  • Water 7 Arc [Ep. No. 229-263]
  • Enies Foyer Arc [Ep. No. 264-290, 293-302, 304-312]
  • Boss Luffy Historic Particular [Special Episodes] [Ep. No. 291-292, 303, 406-407]
  • Publish-Enies Foyer Arc [Ep. No. 313-325]

5. Thriller Bark Saga [Ep. No. 326-384]

Thriller Bark SagaThriller Bark Saga
Thriller Bark Saga
  • Ice Hunter Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 326-335]
  • Chopper Man Particular [Special Episodes] [Episode 336]
  • Thriller Bark Arc [Ep. No. 337-381]
  • Spa Island Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 382-384]

6. Summit Battle Saga [Ep. No. 385-516]

Marineford ArcMarineford Arc
Summit Battle Saga
  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc [Ep. No. 385-405]
  • Amazon Lily Arc [Ep. No. 408-417]
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Serial [418-421, 453-456]
  • Impel Down Arc [Ep. No. 422-425, 430-452]
  • Little East Blue Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 426 – 429]
  • Marineford Arc [Ep. No. 457-489]
  • Publish-Battle Arc [Ep. No. 490-491, 493-516]
  • Toriko Crossover [Special Episode] [Episode 492]

7. Fish-Man Island Saga [Ep. No. 517-574]

Fishman Island SagaFishman Island Saga
Fishman Island Saga
  • Return to Sabaody Arc [Ep. No. 517-522]
  • Fish-Man Island Arc [Ep. No. 523-541, 543-574]
  • Toriko Crossover [Special Episode] [Episode 542]

8. Dressrosa Saga [Ep. No. 575-746]

Dressrosa ArcDressrosa Arc
Dressrosa Saga
  • Z’s Ambition [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 575-578]
  • Punk Hazard Arc [Ep. No. 579-589, 591-625]
  • Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover [Special Episode] [Episode 590]
  • Caesar Retrieval [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 626-628]
  • Dressrosa Arc[Ep. No. 629-746]

9. 4 Emperors Saga [Ep. No. 747- Ongoing]

Four Emperor SagaFour Emperor Saga
4 Emperor Saga
  • Silver Mine Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 747-750]
  • Zou Arc [Ep. No. 751-779]
  • Marine Rookie Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 780-782]
  • Complete Cake Island Arc [Ep. No. 783-877]
  • Levely Arc [Ep. No. 878-889]
  • Wano Arc [Ep. No. 890-894, 897-906, 908-1085]
  • Cidre Guild Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 895-896]
  • Anime twentieth Anniversary Particular [Special Episode] [Episode 907]
  • Uta’s Previous Arc [Filler arc] [Ep. No. 1029-1030]
  • Wano Arc Half 3 [Ep. No. 1031-1085]

10. Finale Saga[Ep. No. 1086 – Ongoing]

Egghead ArcEgghead Arc
Remaining Saga
  • Egghead Island Arc[1086-Ongoing]

The place To Watch One Piece Anime

One PieceOne Piece
One Piece

One Piece anime is available on a number of streaming providers. The collection is out there with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and an English dubbed model can be obtainable on Funimation. You may as well watch episodes of One Piece on Hulu and Netflix, however Crunchyroll is essentially the most advisable web site/platform for watching the entire collection.

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