Everything You Need To Know About the ‘Star Wars’ High Republic Era


Star Wars: The Excessive Republic is the latest Star Wars period that we have now been diving into since Mild of the Jedi was launched in January 2021. If you have not learn any of the Excessive Republic novels however are interested by what this period corresponds to, that is the place for you.

Inside the previous two years, The Excessive Republic has given us many nice tales full of improbable characters you’ll love, hate, and luxuriate in. From novels like Mild of the Jedi, Cataclysm, and Path of Deceit to comics similar to There’s No Concern, Coronary heart of Drengir, and Jedi’s Finish to animation with Young Jedi Adventures. Whereas the movies have but to indicate audiences this unimaginable second in Star Wars historical past, Lucasfilm’s subsequent new challenge, The Acolyte, will finally take us to this pivotal moment in Star Wars history. This is every little thing you must find out about Star Wars’ Excessive Republic Period.



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How Does ‘The Acolyte’ Hook up with The Excessive Republic Period?

The Acolyte 2024 New Disney Plus Poster

The Acolyte

The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that may take viewers right into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and techniques and rising dark-side powers within the remaining days of the Excessive Republic period. A former Padawan reunites along with her Jedi Grasp to analyze a collection of crimes, however the forces they confront are extra sinister than they ever anticipated.

Launch Date
June 4, 2024

Important Style



Star Wars

The upcoming Disney+ collection, The Acolyte, will present us the top of the Excessive Republic and usher within the subsequent period within the Star Wars timeline. The official synopsis of the present is as follows:

The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that may take viewers right into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and techniques and rising dark-side powers within the remaining days of the Excessive Republic period. A former Padawan reunites along with her Jedi Grasp to analyze a collection of crimes, however the forces they confront are extra sinister than they ever anticipated.

Whereas The Acolyte will present us the top of the Excessive Rebpulic period, this era is without doubt one of the richest in all Star Wars lore.

The place Does The Excessive Republic Match Inside the Star Wars Timeline?

Editor’s Notice: The Battle of Yavin is when Luke Skywalker destroyed the primary Demise Star. “BBY” is Earlier than the Battle of Yavin, and “ABY” is After the Battle of Yavin.

Star Wars has all the time been large on their timeline, which is sweet. It helps maintain issues organized. Whereas the movie and tv entries within the Star Wars universe have stayed throughout the Skywalker Saga, the novels have expanded the world whereas protecting the story in line with few timeline errors. It additionally helps that the Excessive Republic storylines happen a whole lot of years earlier than the Prequel Trilogy, which means the writers haven’t got to fret about something that has to do with any of the story arcs that we have now gotten to this point, like Fall of the Jedi (100 BBY – 19 BBY), Reign of the Empire (19 BBY – 5 BBY), Age of Revolt (5 BBY – 4 ABY), The New Republic (5 ABY – 34 ABY), and Rise of the First Order. It’s all new territory.

The age of the High Republic is broken up into phases. Section one, also referred to as The Mild of Jedi, is the closest to the prequel trilogy, with The Excessive Republic:Out Of The Shadows positioned at 231 BBY and set in the identical yr as The Rising Storm, The Fallen Star, and Midnight Horizon. Then we have now Mild of the Jedi, a yr after Out of the Shadows and Rising of Storm, making it 232 BBY, together with Into the Darkish. Section 2 is extra of the prequel to the Excessive Republic story. Section 2, also referred to as Quest of The Jedi, is 100 years earlier than Mild of the Jedi. The novels in Section 2 are within the yr 382 BBY, similar to Path of Deceit, Convergence, The Battle of Jedha, Cataclysm, and Path of Vengeance. Section three, Trails of the Jedi, is simply across the nook, beginning with The Eye of Darkness, which might be launched on November 14th.

The Eye of Darkness takes place one yr after the occasions of The Fallen Star. Within the occasions of Fallen Stars, our heroes expertise the destruction of the Starlight Beacon by the Nihil. Not solely that, however extra Drive-eating Levelers have been showing. Let’s take a step again and discuss a few of the important occasions which have been occurring throughout The Excessive Republic.

What Are the Important Occasions Throughout The Excessive Republic?

Star Wars The High Republic Jedi looking at the Destruction of Starlight Beacon
Picture through Disney

  • The Development of Starlight Beacon

The development of the Starlight Beacon was essentially the most essential challenge for the Jedi order of its time; due to Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh, it was her thought to create the Starlight Beacon. It was additionally the most costly challenge as a consequence of its dimension, not simply the performance of this station. It acted as a beacon to information vacationers. It additionally boosted communication alerts within the outer rim. The Starlight labored as a hospital, analysis station, observatory, and cultural middle. The Starlight was not only for the Jedi however for all individuals, to provide hope to the galaxy.

  • The Nice Hyperspace Catastrophe

The Nice Hyperspace Catastrophe occurred in the course of the development of Starlight, and the catastrophe confirmed an excellent quantity of weak spot that the republic had earlier than Starlight, like not having a robust sufficient sign to ship out assist or Jedi or different warriors have been shut sufficient to assist in the course of the catastrophe. The Hyperspace Catastrophe occurred as a result of the Legacy Run was destroyed in hyperspace as a consequence of an object in the identical path lanes. The Hyperspace Catastrophe additionally teases us a couple of hidden menace that we are going to later know because the Nihil.

The Battle for No Area was between the Jedi and the Nihil for the good corridor of No Area, residence of the Nihil. The Jedi profitable this battle crippled the Nihil for a short while with the seize of Lorna Dee, who was a tempest runner; for those who have no idea what a tempest runner is, these are the leaders of their particular group of their group, and there are solely three tempest runners so they’re important. Due to Jedi Mater Avar Kriss, Jedi Knight Goonral Monshi, Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis, Jedi Grasp Sskeer, Jedi Knight Nooran, and Jedi Knight Orbalin,

  • Destruction of Starlight Beacon

The Destruction of Starlight Beacon was the hugest revelation for the Jedi on the finish of Section One, particularly after their large success within the Battle for No-Area. To realize the destruction of Starlight Beacon, Marchion Ro despatched Cale, Leyel, Werrera, and lots of Nameless creatures to chop the Jedi from the power. For individuals who have no idea the Anonymous, they’re also referred to as Shrii Ka Rai (Eaters of the Drive). They have been launched by the Path of the Open Hand to destroy all power customers; again then, the creatures have been often called the Levelers. They’d pale white pores and skin with pink eyes, and their homeworld was Planet X. The Levelers had quite a few results on power sensitives, similar to hallucinations, shedding the connection to the power, and generally dying.


‘Ahsoka’ Features a Sneaky Reference to the High Republic Era

Excessive Republic period ideas proceed to develop into fashionable Star Wars.

The Important Characters of The Excessive Republic

Avar Kris

Avar Kris concept art Star Wars
Picture through Disney

Everytime you really feel alone…every time darkness closes in…hear our sign and know that the Drive is with you. That is our promise. That is our covenant. For mild and life…

Avar Kriss was some of the vital characters in the course of the Excessive Republic period, a lot so that every one the Masters revered her, together with Yoda. Avar Kriss was the character that related all of the Jedi to assist stop additional destruction in the course of the Nice Hyperspace Catastrophe and lots of different crises just like the Drengir Disaster and the Nihil Battle.

Bell Zettifar

Bell Zettafar & Ember concept art Star Wars
Picture through Disney

“That is how we will defeat the Nihil, Bury. By saving individuals, one by one, if we have now to. Identical to we did on Phrill, each life we defend is one other blow nicely struck. By making certain their legacy lives on, even when the Nihil take every little thing from them, we present the Nihil that they will by no means actually win.”

Bell Zettifar is a human male whom Loden Greystorm educated. Bell is especially recognized for having a hound named Ember by his aspect. Bell was recognized to be some of the gifted Jedi of his grade. He has additionally been in lots of important battles, like The Nice Catastrophe and the Destruction of the Starlight Beacon. It might be the golden period for Star Wars followers if we may get Dave Filioni and Kathleen Kennedy taken with making movies within the Excessive Republic Period. (Jahi Di’Allo Winston as Bell, that is all I am saying!)

Marchion Ro

Marchion Ro Star Wars concept art
Picture through Disney

“No, if that ship did have a path engine, it means somebody has betrayed us. Uttersond could or might not be related, but when he is useless, we’ll by no means know. Hold him alive for now.”

Marchion Ro is without doubt one of the greatest villains that we have now gotten in Star Wars! Sure, he’s higher than Kylo Ren, not higher than Darth Vader or Maul, however he’s getting there, and his design is good. If Marchion had power capability, this man can be an precise menace like Darth Vader. He likes to get down and soiled, however like Palpatine, he’s a planner and doesn’t rely an excessive amount of on issues like a planet’s destroyer. If we ever get a movie, we’d like Marchion as the primary villain or somebody like him.

Many extra characters within the Excessive Republic period have gained recognition over the previous few years, which won’t solely gardener extra reveals like The Acolyte however will finally hit the silver display screen. There’s a lot lore and exquisite character writing inside this period Lucasfilm would lose out on including extra followers to the style and greater than possible convey again misplaced followers of Star Wars. That’s how good the writing is in these tales proper now. If you wish to begin studying the Excessive Republic books, you can find the complete reading order by clicking here.


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