Forerunners Secretly Being The Good Guys All Along Is A Severus Snape-Level Twist We Aren’t Ready For

Halo Infinite left gamers with a cliffhanger of the specter of the Infinite. Whereas particulars on this new race stay scarce, that hasn’t stopped followers from rabidly speculating over who it could possibly be.

Whereas many consider that The Infinite is a brand-new race, one of the convincing theories on the subject means that the Infinite won’t be totally new, however somewhat a terrifying echo of the previous – the Flood, in a special kind.

The Infinite’ Genesis Could Be All In The Identify

There may be a lot The Endless have in common with The Flood.
There could also be so much The Infinite have in widespread with the Flood.

Posted to the r/halo subreddit, the theory builds upon the established connection between the Flood and the Precursors in Halo lore. Precursors had been god-like entities with immense energy, whereas the Flood is a parasitic infestation consuming all life.

The speculation proposes an fascinating twist: the Precursors won’t be totally separate from the Flood. Maybe, they’re two sides of the identical coin. Precursors, of their superior state, could possibly be prone to “devolving” into the Flood.

The Flood, then, consumes and assimilates, doubtlessly striving to evolve again into an ideal being – a god-like kind harking back to the Precursors. This cycle of destruction and potential “rebirth” could possibly be the true nature of the Infinite.

This concept aligns with the thought of the Infinite being “limitless.” Precursors transcended time, and the Flood’s relentless consumption could possibly be seen as a unending cycle. The Harbinger’s motives additionally achieve context.

Maybe she represents a species wronged by the Forerunners, in search of revenge by releasing the imprisoned Precursors (the Infinite). In her twisted logic, this could unleash the Flood as soon as once more, doubtlessly fulfilling a warped sense of restoring stability to the galaxy.

The place The Halo 7 Concept Probably Falters

The power gap between humans and the godlike beings the theory posits would be tough to translate to gameplay.The power gap between humans and the godlike beings the theory posits would be tough to translate to gameplay.
The facility hole between people and the godlike beings the speculation posits could be powerful to translate to gameplay.

Nonetheless, the speculation pitches a story problem about how humanity might presumably defeat god-like beings that manipulate time, however provides an inexpensive rationalization: the Precursors are maybe weakened by their imprisonment, hindering their full potential.

Possibly the time manipulation isn’t absolute, leaving room for a strategic benefit. Alternatively, the Flood could possibly be launched in a much less advanced state, requiring humanity to fight the instant menace whereas going through the potential for a better evil to emerge later.

Amongst a lot of the different opinions on the enemy race, this concept seems to be on the Infinite in a totally new gentle, leveraging current lore whereas including wise evolutions. It additionally avoids the all-too-common trope of introducing a totally new, ever-more-powerful menace.

For now, there's no saying when the next Halo game might release.For now, there's no saying when the next Halo game might release.
For now, there’s no saying when the subsequent Halo sport may launch to reply our questions.

Nonetheless, integrating it seamlessly into the Halo lore requires addressing the immense energy disparity between humanity and the potential god-tier beings they may face. It could possibly be performed, however it is perhaps a very long time till we discover out definitively.

343i’s radio silence about future video games and even DLCs is regarding, and with Microsoft now proudly owning IP like Name of Responsibility and Elder Scrolls, it additionally might not consider Halo the marque IP it was at one level. For now, the upcoming Xbox Video games Showcase is our solely hope for potential Halo information.

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