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  • Phoebe’s possession plot makes “The One With The Lesbian Wedding ceremony” the strangest and most unbelievable episode of Associates, nevertheless it was additionally groundbreaking.
  • The episode offers no hints that Phoebe’s possession is not actual, as her habits proves that she is being inhabited by the spirit of an outdated lady.
  • In the meantime, Carol and Susan’s wedding ceremony was a milestone for illustration when it aired in 1996, and has aged nicely within the a long time since.

Many years after the sitcom ended, Friends continues to be wildly widespread. The present follows six buddies, Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Rachel Inexperienced (Jennifer Aniston), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), and Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), as they assist one another throughout their struggling careers and love lives. The 90s present stays grounded for anybody who can droop their disbelief sufficient to excuse the dimensions of their residences and the sequence’ occasional veer into the improbable and outright weird. Many episodes contain plot factors like monkeys and conspiracy theories, however none examine to these about Good friend’s distinctive character, Phoebe. From adopting rat infants to believing a cat is her reincarnated mom, Phoebe has no scarcity of weird story arcs. She’s unpredictable, however a lot of her quirks may be defined by her previous or indeterminate beliefs. One Phoebe plot crosses a line into being utterly far-fetched as she’s possessed by a useless therapeutic massage shopper, who won’t depart Phoebe’s physique regardless of her efforts. Phoebe randomly spouts outdated woman sayings or talks about individuals she would not know, making this possession appear believable and greater than her private perception. That is undoubtedly the strangest episode of Associates, however it was also groundbreaking.

Phoebe’s possession happens in Season 2, Episode 11, “The One With The Lesbian Wedding ceremony,” when Ross’s first ex-wife, Carol (Jane Sibbett), lastly marries her new associate, Susan (Jessica Hecht), in one of many first on-screen same-sex weddings. Associates is not all the time inclusive. Not solely did the present wrestle with a scarcity of illustration, however many of the jokes haven’t aged well. The operating jokes about Chandler’s transgender parent and Ross marrying a lesbian cross a line into homophobia. But this wedding ceremony is a standout. As a result of the episode focuses on the characters somewhat than politics, it aged pretty nicely. Even Ross grows to just accept Carol and Susan’s relationship and assist them, which was uncommon in 1996. Although this episode offers probably the most outright weird plot of the sequence, it is a vital addition to the present and historical past.


Ross Geller, Rachel Inexperienced, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay are six twenty-somethings residing in New York Metropolis. Over the course of 10 years and seasons, these buddies undergo life classes, household, love, drama, friendship, and comedy.

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September 22, 1994

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‘Good friend’s Strangest Plot Facilities Round Pheobe

From the start, Phoebe is the wildcard of the buddy group, so it is no shock that she is the middle of this plot. Although she isn’t inexcusably dumb, Phoebe sees this in a unique way, and her uncommon mix of optimistic vitality and darkish edge units her aside. When she enters the episode, her shopper, Rose Adelman, has simply died on the therapeutic massage desk. Understandably, Phoebe is shaken by this occasion. She admits to her buddies that, for the time being of loss of life, she was cleaning Rose’s aura and felt it depart, however not far, getting into Phoebe herself. This units off a series of occasions as her voice randomly modifications, spouting outdated clichés or interacting along with her buddies in a grandma-like method. Whereas most of Phoebe’s odd habits may be defined by the character’s nature, this possession is seemingly proven in her habits. Both she may be very devoted to this sensible joke that will get no payoff within the episode, or she is definitely taking part in host to the spirit of an outdated lady.

The presence of Rose will get on everybody’s nerves, together with Phoebe’s. So, she goes on a mission to assist Rose transfer on. Phoebe meets Rose’s husband to study why she could have caught round. Mr. Adelman (Phil Leeds) admits that his deceased spouse needed to “see every part,” setting a troublesome activity that Phoebe undertakes. She takes her undesirable companion across the metropolis sightseeing in hopes of eliminating her. But solely when she witnesses two girls getting married does the apparently bigoted Rose Adelman announce that she’s seen all of it and depart Phoebe. The possession is rarely referenced once more all through the present and is rarely defined. Although a present with as many seasons as Associates is bound to have some plotlines that do not match, Phoebe being possessed is unnecessary, and the sequence would not attempt to clarify. While Friends has some logical discrepancies, they’re hardly ever this egregious, making Rose Adelman’s contribution stand out.


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This Episode of ‘Associates’ Was Groundbreaking for Its Time

Although he’s initially upset about his ex-wife’s marriage, Ross accepts it, even serving to to persuade her to undergo with it. Ross has a fraught relationship with Susan, which is comprehensible given their scenario. Although he factors out that he would nonetheless be upset if Carol had been remarrying a person, his preliminary response is lower than accepting. But when Carol has a breakdown when her mother and father refuse to assist her, Ross swallows his delight, not solely attending the marriage however strolling Carol down the aisle. Ross’s growth helps the series move on from this early plot level as he learns to work together and co-parent with the couple.

Now it is customary, however Carol and Susan’s wedding ceremony was controversial when the episode aired in 1996. This was earlier than New York legalized same-sex weddings, and subsequently, NBC prepared for backlash. Some networks refused to air the episode, nevertheless it did not obtain the response the creators anticipated. Although Carol popping out as homosexual and leaving Ross to be with a girl is used as a joke all through the sequence, the marriage itself is dealt with properly. There are just a few traces highlighting the political aspect of this challenge, as Monica explains that they need to get married due to their love, and the officiant states that the becoming a member of of any two individuals is a pleasure to God. But the plot level of the marriage largely facilities on Ross’s character development, which is sensible as neither Carol nor Susan are significantly important characters within the total sequence.

As a result of the episode is not deeply political, it aged nicely. Although there’s an unavoidable political facet to it, “The One With the Lesbian Wedding ceremony” would not dive too far into it, letting the episode stay related even after LGBTQ+ individuals have gained extra widespread acceptance. Ultimately, it exhibits Ross accepting Carol and Susan’s relationship and supporting them, which was pretty novel in 1996. Associates wasn’t the best at representation, with six straight white leads, however this episode exhibits a profitable try. And the restricted backlash is a milestone, although admittedly a wierd one. This groundbreaking wedding ceremony is paired with Phoebe’s weird plot, however the episode was important to the present for its illustration.

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