‘Game of Thrones’ – Aegon’s Conquest Explained

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  • HBO is planning a brand new
    Recreation of Thrones
    prequel centered on Aegon’s Conquest, a pivotal occasion in Westerosi historical past.
  • Aegon Targaryen, with the assistance of his sisters and dragons, waged struggle in opposition to the Seven Kingdoms and established his rule.
  • Whereas Aegon conquered most of Westeros, Dorne remained unbowed, unbroken, and out of his management.

With House of the Dragon‘s success, it is no shock that HBO is seeking to broaden its Westeros content material. With a sprawling historical past and quite a lot of areas to select from, many ideas have been explored previously and can possible proceed to be. Nevertheless, nothing has turn out to be extra important to that world than the Targaryens and their dragons. With that to contemplate, HBO is planning a brand new Recreation of Thrones prequel. The Hollywood Reporter launched a report saying that author Mattson Tomlin, who contributed to The Batman and is co-writing The Batman Part II, will be the writer behind an Aegon’s Conquest television series. The studio had been eyeing the Targaryen conquest of Westeros for a while, however we lastly have a extra strong affirmation of the sequence to return. Not far more info exists at the moment on the sequence, however followers can already guess the story. Aegon’s conquest performs a pivotal position in Westerosi historical past because the battle created the Iron Throne, gave the Targaryen household energy, and united Westeros (apart from Dorne) into one massive kingdom. Like Home of the Dragon‘s storyline, Aegon’s conquest is explored in George R. R. Martin‘s novel Fireplace & Blood, so the final plot is laid out, even when HBO chooses to make modifications.

House of the Dragon

The reign of Home Targaryen begins with this prequel to the favored HBO sequence Recreation of Thrones. Primarily based on George R.R. Martin’s Fireplace & Blood, Home of the Dragon is about almost 200 years earlier than Recreation of Thrones, telling the story of the Targaryen civil struggle with King Viserys.

Launch Date
August 21, 2022

Ryan J. Condal, George R.R. Martin

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How Did Aegon Targaryen Grow to be King of the Seven Kingdoms?

Aegon’s conquest takes place a number of generations earlier than Home of the Dragon however facilities on the identical household. Earlier than the autumn of Previous Valyria, the Targaryens moved to Dragonstone however held little energy in Westeros. Nevertheless, they have been dragonriders. Aegon Targaryen married each his sisters, the older one, Visenya, for obligation and Rhaenys for love (or no less than that is what the historical past books would suggest). Aegon was battle hardened whereas nonetheless younger, as he helped Essos restore peace from the again of the Black Dread, Balerion. But he was not the one dragonrider as every of his sister/wives had their very own. Visenya rode Vhagar (sure, that Vhagar) and Rhaenys rode Meraxes. After discovering victory in Essos, Aegon turned his consideration to Westeros, a land that had all the time intrigued him. The Seven Kingdoms have been divided and sometimes warring, however Aegon and his wives deliberate to vary that.

Aegon had an argument with Harren Hoare, the King of the Islands and the Rivers, brought on by Aegon’s refusing to marry Haren’s daughter however providing his pal and, based on rumor, his bastard brother, Orys Baratheon, in his stead. Harren took offense, eradicating the fingers of the envoy as a response, thereby setting off a sequence of occasions that modified the course of historical past. Aegon despatched a letter to each ruler within the Seven Kingdoms, declaring himself the one King. He demanded they bend the knee, regardless of his restricted bannermen. The Princess of Dorne provided to struggle in opposition to the Storm King however wouldn’t swear allegiance to Aegon, a compromise that Aegon didn’t settle for. The Queen Regent of the Vale additionally provided an alliance reasonably than fealty and was rejected. After these responses, struggle was inevitable.

With lower than 1,600 males, Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys landed on the Westeros mainland on the mouth of the Blackwater Rush. There they constructed a fort, which later turned town of King’s Touchdown. They already had assist from homes Velaryon, Celtigar, and Massey, with the previous two additionally being Valyrian homes, however they wanted extra allies. Luck for the Targaryens, dragons are likely to sway individuals. Shortly, the close by homes joined the trigger, with just a few threats. The primary battle got here when the lords of Duskendale and Maidenpool united their forces to march in opposition to Aegon. Orys Baratheon led the troops whereas Aegon and his dragon descended from the skies. After the dying of each the lords, the houses agreed to support Aegon. Afterward, the Targaryens topped Aegon, however he nonetheless confronted opposition.

Aegon’s Conquest Reshaped All of Westeros

Paddy Considine on the Iron Throne in House of the Dragons
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Aegon fought with Harren Hoare till Hoare’s personal males rebelled in opposition to him, led by none apart from Home Tully. With many Riverlords becoming a member of Aegon, he burned Harrenhal and named Edmyn Tully the brand new Lord Paramount of the Trident. Orys and Rhaenys took on the Stormlands. Although lord Argilac Durrandon was defiant to the final, his troopers have been no match for a dragon. After his dying, his daughter, Argella Durrandon, declared herself the Storm Queen. However fearing retribution from Aegon, the knights delivered her to Orys, who married her and established House Baratheon, changing into the primary Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

Following the burning of Harrenhal, Visenya went to Crackclaw Level to complete conquering the Crownlands. However her opponents now realized the hazards of dragonfire and surrendered, leaving their weapons at her ft. She promised to make them her direct vassals, which was a greater possibility than dragonfire. A bloody battle occurred when Aegon turned his consideration to the Westerlands and the Attain. Homes Gardener, Lannister, and Oakheart united in opposition to Aegon. With all three Targaryens current, tons of died within the fireplace, ending each the Gardener and Oakheart traces. Loren Lannister surrendered and have become the Warden of the West. With the Gardeners gone, their steward, Harlen Tyrell, surrendered to Aegon and gained the title Warden of the South.

Torrhen Stark got here out of the North with a pressure of 30,000 males. Aegon gathered his rising forces to oppose the Northerners. With Aegon’s host now outnumbering the Northmen and the instance of Harrenhal looming in Torrhen Stark’s thoughts, Torrhen negotiated give up, incomes the title “The King Who Knelt.” Regardless of a battle in Gulltown which price them many ships, the Arryns felt protected of their fortress of the Vale. Fortifying their forces, the Queen Regent, Sharra Arryn, tried to barter to maintain her son’s title. However with all their safety, Visenya may nonetheless fly Vhagar into the interior courtyard to search out the younger king earlier than his mom. After this show, Sharra surrendered, and her son was made Warden of the East reasonably than a king.

Dorne Stays Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken


With six of the Seven Kingdoms below his management, Aegon shifted his focus to Dorne. Rhaenys flew to Dorne on her dragon however discovered every thing deserted apart from Sunspear. There, the growing older Princess Meria Martell met her and insisted that, true to her home’s phrases, Dorne would stay unbowed, unbent, and unbroken. Refusing to give up or struggle, Aegon had to surrender on Dorne in the intervening time, leaving one Kingdom not below his management.

What Was Aegon’s Legacy and the Aftermath of His Conquest?

Aegon was given the title of Aegon the Conqueror for his actions and dominated Westeros for the rest of his life. He used Balerion’s flames to soften the swords of his enemies into the Iron Throne. But after uniting most of Westeros, Aegon needed to preserve it that approach. The specter of dragons helped, however he additionally needed to adapt to the Faith of the Seven. He continued to struggle with Dorne and later conquered the Iron Islands. Although he by no means received Dorne, Aegon claimed the title of King of the Seven Kingdoms by making the Iron Islands their very own Kingdom. In future generations, Aegon is remembered with reverence and has been rumored to be a Targaryen dreamer himself. Although the motion could also be written, there are nonetheless a variety of blanks a present may fill in, very like Home of the Dragon. And if this new endeavor is something just like the final, it is not going to disappoint.

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