‘Game of Thrones’ Mad King Caused His Own Downfall

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  • The insanity of the Targaryen rulers is a outstanding theme in
    Recreation of Thrones
  • Aerys’s mistreatment of Tywin Lannister and his household led to their rivalry and eventual downfall.
  • Tywin acquired his revenge on Aerys by main the Sack of King’s Touchdown and finally killing him.

Game of Thrones contains many characters who meet horrible ends by way of conflict, betrayal, and revenge. However that is elevated for the Targaryen family. With their place, energy, and tendency to go mad, many Targaryens fall from grace all through Westeros’ historical past, and their tales are remembered by your entire kingdom. The collection follows Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) on this path as she goes from a promising younger queen to the character who ruthlessly burns King’s Landing, however she is way from the primary Targaryen ruler to take action. That honor belongs to Maegor the Cruel, the third Targaryen to rule Westeros, and, within the generations since, the affliction is so frequent that it impressed the saying, “Each time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.” There are many examples, together with Aerion Brightflame, who died by consuming wildfire hoping to show right into a dragon, Baelor the Blessed, who starved himself due to his perception that meals was sinful, and a number of other others. However, lengthy earlier than Daenerys’ destiny turned clear, the Targaryen insanity was a outstanding a part of the collection by way of her father, King Aerys II (David Rintoul).

Although useless earlier than the collection started, Aerys’ actions put Westeros and Daenerys into the state of affairs seen within the present. Aerys is remembered because the Mad King, and for good cause. Aerys earned the title by burning Ned Stark’s father and brother alive, and his paranoia and cruelty resulted in Robert’s Rebellion, which drastically modified Westeros. However it wasn’t what led to his undoing. The once-promising king was on the trail to destruction lengthy earlier than due to the animosity he created between himself and his former good friend Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance). It was, in spite of everything, Tywin’s son who dealt the killing blow. However whatever the conflict, Tywin would have been Aerys’ downfall due to his repeated slights to the shrewd lord. The rivalry with Tywin would have killed the king, insanity or not.

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Tywin Lannister Made Aerys’ Early Reign Profitable

Aerys performs a minor position within the collection, however the story is a results of the chaos he left behind. Nevertheless, George R. R. Martin‘s writings present extra info on the character. Aerys was an bold man, wanting the quantity amongst the great kings of Westeros. One in every of his first acts as king was to switch the council with new advisors, together with making his childhood good friend, Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King. Although, not like many kings, Aerys took an lively position in ruling, he had little follow-through in his massive plans. He wished to increase his kingdom into the Wilding territory of the North, constructing a brand new Wall to assert the land. Aerys additionally thought of invading the Stepstones and instigating a conflict with the Iron Financial institution of Braavos, however none of those plans have been sensible.

Regardless of this, Aerys’ reign started as affluent, largely, resulting from Tywin’s work because the Hand. Tywin made peace with Braavos, received Aerys the favor of the lords, and improved buying and selling, all of the whereas giving Aerys credit score for his actions. Aerys grew standard, and Tywin had a fame as a brutal man. Nevertheless, the dominion observed Tywin’s work and the rumor that Aerys was nothing greater than a figurehead turned outstanding. Aerys grew jealous, punishing those that continued the rumor, together with eradicating the tongue of Ser Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson). He stopped listening to Tywin’s recommendation, defying his Hand to the detriment of the dominion. But even that wasn’t what secured him a spot as Tywin’s enemy.

Aerys’ Therapy of his Household Angered Tywin Lannister

Tywin was not the one Lannister that Aerys mistreated, and Tywin is nothing if not devoted to the Lannister family. Tywin’s cousin and spouse, Joanna Lannister, was one other supply of the rising schism. Whereas Tywin and Joanna had a loving marriage, Aerys and his sister-wife, Rhaella, didn’t. This resulted within the king having many affairs, and he confirmed explicit consideration to Joanna. Some rumors claimed that earlier than her marriage ceremony to Tywin, Joanna was Aerys’ mistress. However Aerys’ inappropriate conduct didn’t cease together with her marriage ceremony. In actual fact, that evening, he was heard loudly wishing for the abolished regulation of the lord’s proper to the primary evening, which might permit him to sleep with Joanna first. Aerys can also be stated to have taken liberties in the course of the bedding ceremony that angered Tywin.

This case continued for years till Joanna was dismissed from her place as Rhaella’s woman’s maid, inflicting hypothesis. Rhaella had a strict rule that, although she couldn’t cease her husband’s affairs, she wouldn’t permit her women to be concerned. Joanna was not the one woman’s maid dismissed on this method, suggesting that it was a continued drawback for Aerys. With Joanna gone from King’s Touchdown, Aerys should not have been capable of do extra harm. However when she returned for an vital event, he publicly requested if her breasts had been destroyed by feeding her twins, humiliating the ladies to the purpose that Tywin tried to resign because the Hand, however Aerys would not let him. With the strain between them, mocking Tywin turned a method to win Aerys’ favor, besides, Tywin endured it. However Aerys’ insults did not stop, and after Joanna’s loss of life as she gave beginning to Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Aerys urged that the substitute of Joanna with a son with dwarfism was proof that the gods meant “to show him some humility finally.” This lastly turned the buddies into enemies, although Tywin nonetheless served as Hand.

It was solely then that Aerys’ insanity started to manifest, as he turned extra paranoid and violent, however the harm with Tywin was already performed. As his sanity fluctuated, he continued to slight Tywin. Aerys rudely rejected Tywin’s proposal to marry Cersei (Lena Headey) and Aerys’ inheritor, Rhaegar (Wilf Scolding). However Aerys was not by way of with Tywin, appointing Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to the Kingsguard, which Tywin believed was a method to deprive him of the inheritor he wished, leaving Tywin with solely Tyrion, who he famously hated. Aerys’ contempt for Tywin was clear lengthy earlier than his insanity turned outstanding, proving that their falling out was not a results of Aerys’ affliction, although it was made worse by it. Aerys deliberately alienated Tywin, and that’s what killed him.


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Tywin Took Revenge on Aerys in Robert’s InsurrectionCharles Dance as Tywin Lannister skinning a stag in Game of Thrones.

Although Tywin was lengthy indignant with Aerys, he waited for the correct second to enact revenge, biding his time and, finally, he succeeded. Tywin is an skilled participant of the infamous game of thrones, and his victory not solely killed Aerys however destroyed the Targaryen dynasty. Actually, Aerys’ actions impressed others to rise in opposition to him, however the closing blow was from Tywin. Tywin didn’t instigate the battle, nor was he Aerys’ ally. Strategic to the top, Tywin waited till victory was assured to hitch the riot. But he was the one who led the Sack of King’s Touchdown, and Jaime Lannister killed Aerys. It was even Tywin’s bannerman, Gregor Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson), who killed Aerys’ grandchildren.

Aerys could also be remembered because the Mad King, however he was destined for failure lengthy earlier than he earned that title. By making an enemy of his harsh and efficient good friend, Aerys assured his personal destruction. His petty jealousy of Tywin’s success as Hand precipitated him to lash out and create an enemy out of a person who ought to have been an ally. Aerys’ repetitive slights to Tywin and his conduct in direction of Joanna undid the king even with out his insanity. Although Tywin took benefit of Robert’s Insurrection, he would not have let Aerys’ actions go unanswered as a result of a Lannister all the time pays his money owed.

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