Gear 5 is Destroying Luffy’s Sanity, The More He Uses it the Worse it Gets

One Piece Egghead Island arc has put the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy in opposition to essentially the most terrifying and difficult-to-defeat enemies that Luffy has ever encountered. He’s at present preventing the 5 Elders on the island, to guard his crew and his different mates who he made on Egghead(Vegapunk and Bonney).

Egghead Arc
One Piece – Egghead Arc

For his battle in opposition to the 5 Elders, essentially the most highly effective weapon that Luffy has is his Gear 5 mode, which he makes use of to not solely defeat the previous Emperor of the Sea but in addition beat Admiral Kizaru. Though the complete potential of the gear 5 is unknown, it’s the solely weapon that may save Luffy and assist him escape from Egghead Island.

Nonetheless, there’s a drawback with the Gear 5 mode. In response to a idea, each time Luffy undergoes the Gear 5 transformation, he loses a way of himself. Which means the extra he makes use of the Gear 5 kind, the extra it’s destroying his sanity. And although it doesn’t look very severe proper now, it may turn into an enormous drawback sooner or later.

Luffy’s Character Change in Gear 5 Mode

Not solely does Gear 5 give Luffy wonderful cartoonish talents and render his hair and garments white, however it additionally makes him snicker so much as Joyboy. There have been sure heightened behaviors from Luffy’s typical nature when he initially woke up Gear 5. Luffy seemed to be overcome with an unidentified sense of power and liberation simply earlier than he activated Gear 5. 

He was swaying and hopping round like a jolly particular person. In a while, although, as he utilized the Gear 5 mode extra ceaselessly, it grew to become evident that, whatever the circumstance, he at all times appeared to really feel humorous and joyful when he switched to it. Gear Fifth is a mirrored image of Luffy’s foolish and carefree persona. He will be amusing and ingenious in fight because of this energy.

Luffy in Gear 5 in One PieceLuffy in Gear 5 in One Piece
Luffy in Gear 5 in One Piece

Nonetheless, issues began altering for the more serious as Luffy no matter the scenario nonetheless laughed and ignored his environment. Though he did get indignant for a second when he caught Kizaru and Saturn on the identical time, it was short-lived. He went on once more to snicker and struggle which signifies that Gear 5 won’t simply be affecting his power.

Principle Suggests Gear 5 is Turning Luffy Insane

In response to a idea posted by OPFanpage, in chapter 1107, when Luffy obtained to know that Vegapunk was stabbed by Saturn simply earlier than he was about to flee, Luffy’s temper ideally ought to have modified and he ought to have gotten indignant as Vegapunk grew to become one in every of Luffy’s pal.

Vegapunk gets stabbed in One Piece (1)Vegapunk gets stabbed in One Piece (1)
Vegapunk will get stabbed in One Piece

Nonetheless, as a substitute of getting indignant, Luffy nonetheless continued to snicker and leap from one place to a different. If the scenario had been the identical and Luffy would haven’t been in Gear 5 mode, he absolutely would have raged out and tried the whole lot to defeat the villains and save his pal who obtained injured.

In response to the speculation, Gear 5 mode is not only giving Luffy a power and energy surge but in addition taking up his persona and turning him into Solar God Nika. It looks like he’s dropping his sanity and shortly he won’t stay the Luffy that followers have been watching from the start and may grow to be one thing else completely.

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