Genius Helldivers 2 Damage Multiplier Idea Is The Buff We Need To Fight The Illuminate


The Helldivers 2 group continues the nice struggle for unfettered liberty all through the galaxy. The newest Reducing Edge Warbonds content material replace provides an arsenal of latest weapons and, crucially, mechs to help our courageous fighters in eliminating the invasive Terminids and Automatons.

Nonetheless, a fearful new alien race dubbed the Illuminate, getting back from the primary Helldivers sport, could also be on the verge of coming into the galactic conflict and tipping the percentages towards the liberty fighters. A latest suggestion for an amusing new stratagem could degree the taking part in discipline towards the forthcoming enemies.

Helldivers 2 Fighters Report Blue Beam Annihilation

Helldivers 2 gamers have been reporting cases of being struck down with unusual blue beams raining down on battlefields. These blue beams assault each good friend and foe with chilly indifference. The main principle in the intervening time is that these weird assaults tease the return of the Illuminate, a telepathic enemy faction from the primary Helldivers sport.

The sightings racked up a lot consideration, Arrowhead CEO and Helldivers 2 inventive director Johan Pilestedt got here out and denied the existence of the blue beams, saying that they “aren’t actual” and “can’t harm you”. Whether or not the repudiation is real is a matter of debate, however the blue beams are undoubtedly actual.

Wave The Flag, Buff The Workforce

A hilarious reply to Pilestedt’s tweet denying the blue beams proposes the introduction of a brand new stratagem that lets you “die with honor”, with a number of gamers seconding the notion and a few even suggesting methods to raised it, as a buff on your crew.

Working into battle waving the flag of Tremendous Earth, with it probably even buffing your teammates with sheer candy liberty, hits the nail point-blank on the top for the co-op shooter.

It’s a bit complicated how the builders at Arrowhead haven’t already provide you with the thought, contemplating the themes of satirical patriotism that Helldivers 2 closely leans into. Though, with how receptive Arrowhead is of community criticism and suggestions, we may see the Tremendous Earth flag as a stratagem within the close to future.

With the terrifying and squid-like Illuminate on the horizon, our valiant Helldivers want all of the reinforcements, weaponry, and assist they will to maintain preventing the nice struggle and exterminate the galaxy’s invaders, making certain correct, managed democracy for all.

The ingenuity of the community needs to be applauded as properly. For the reason that launch of the co-op shooter in February, gamers have been actively voicing their troubles, and Arrowhead has been listening simply as intently and balancing the sport in response to the complaints. It’s a beautiful concord between the group and the studio that we hope by no means falters.


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