Gojo’s Return No Longer Looks Promising as Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 26 Could be His Last Appearance Alive


Gojo Satoru has turn into the celebrity of the extremely widespread anime/manga collection Jujutsu Kaisen. Followers love him and he’s undoubtedly the principle motive why the present has blown up so massively.

The manga has been an absolute thrill journey for followers these previous few weeks. The Shinjuku Showdown arc has been mind-blowing, and the climax of this arc in Quantity 26 delivers the long-awaited, massively hyped battle between Gojo and Sukuna that followers have been dying to see because the very begin.

Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen
Satoru Gojo (Credit: Crunchyroll)

After build up the anticipation for thus lengthy, creator Gege Akutami lastly pulling the set off on this epic conflict was immensely satisfying for readers.

Nonetheless, the end result left many followers in shock. Towards all expectations, the almighty Gojo truly finally ends up dropping his life on this unimaginable combat, devastating his numerous diehard followers.

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Newest Quantity Holds Some Clues To Gojo’s Return

Jujutsu Kaisen quantity 26 has lastly dropped, and as anticipated with Gege Akutami, this quantity has added plenty of wonderful stuff for the followers.

The very first thing that caught fan’s attention was Gojo’s cowl artwork. Nonetheless, this was not one thing out of the blue, as a result of the amount options Gojo’s final huge combat within the story earlier than he dies against King of the Curses.

Nonetheless, the amount additionally has some fascinating particulars a couple of specific scene. As an example, Gege Akutami portrays an illustrated Gojo’s mind bleeding out, after being overused.

Identical to that, there was yet one more illustration of Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen quantity 26. This time we see Gojo opening his proper eye huge open, whereas additionally emitting some rays of sunshine. It exhibits that Gojo is aware of he’s mendacity on the ground, and that’s what makes this panel a complete lot extra fascinating,

Gojo in volume 26 (Credits: Manga Plus)Gojo in volume 26 (Credits: Manga Plus)
Gojo in quantity 26 (Credit: Manga Plus)

When this specific panel of the newest quantity aligns with the panel of Gojo’s dying, it makes good sense and looks like Gojo is waking up after being hit by a robust assault.

As followers know, Gojo was transported to Shoko’s location, so it’s completely doable that he might be revived and open his eyes as soon as extra, identical to the amount art work suggests.

Nonetheless, this art work alone wouldn’t be sufficient for speculating about Gojo’s grand return to the story.

gojo satoru getting sealedgojo satoru getting sealed
Gojo Satoru getting trapped contained in the Jail Realm

Gege Akutami wouldn’t rely solely on a single illustration to trace at such a serious plot improvement. There have to be different clues or potential storylines that would cowl the way in which for Gojo’s eventual rejoining of the extreme battle in Shinjuku.

Followers are undoubtedly analyzing each element, on the lookout for any doable narrative threads that would facilitate Gojo’s comeback.

In any case, his presence and involvement within the Shinjuku Showdown arc have been extremely anticipated because the starting of the collection.

With Gege Akutami’s masterful storytelling, there’s no telling what surprises or twists might await readers as Gojo’s destiny continues to be revealed.

You possibly can watch Jujutsu Kaisen on Crunchyroll.


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