Hidan’s Jashin Ability May Have Given Him a Major Handicap That Helped Shikamaru Take Him Down


The Akatsuki is likely one of the most brutal factions in anime historical past. They have been shaped with the concept of capturing all of the tailed beasts and summoning the Ten-Tails. Being the 9-Tails fox’s jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki additionally needed to keep alert. The Akatsuki recruited shinobi with distinctive talents and divided them into teams of two, which helped them catch their prey.

One of many members of the evil faction was Hidan. Hidan was partnered up with the oldest member, Kakuzu. Hidan had one of the lethal talents and used it to kill Asuma Sarutobi. However one of many Naruto fan theories means that the overpowered means proved to be the explanation for his demise. Shikamaru Nara had a bonus after Hidan used his Jashin means in opposition to him in Naruto Shippuden.

Jashin Costed Hidan His Life

Hidan from Akatsuki in Naruto
Hidan (Credit score: Studio Pierrot)

Hidan gave the Naruto followers one of many greatest heartbreaks in the complete collection. He killed Staff 10’s sensei, Asuma Sarutobi. After that, Shikamaru Nara vowed to avenge his sensei. He did finish Hidan’s tyranny in a manner that might solely be attainable by a member of the Nara clan. Although Shikamaru outdid himself whereas avenging his sensei, followers consider that there is perhaps an important issue current in Hidan’s downfall.

Hidan was a Jashinist. He gained immortality after sacrificing tons of individuals within the identify of Lord Jashin. However it did come at a value. It restricted him from utilizing every other jutsu. The Loss of life Controlling Possessed Blood is the one jutsu he can carry out underneath the oath. Being a Jashinist, he received the present of immortality however misplaced the flexibility to carry out different jutsu. Within the Naruto databook, Hidan is given 5/5 in ninjutsu.

Hidan's Curse Technique Naruto FandomHidan's Curse Technique Naruto Fandom
Hidan activating the Loss of life Controlling Possessed Blood jutsu (Credit score: Studio Pierrot)

However it’s utterly wasted since he can not use it. He can solely do taijutsu since he wants the blood of his goal and might carry out primary actions like working on water. Nonetheless, each ninjutsu and genjutsu are out of bounds. It proved to be a bonus for Shikamaru since his opponent solely had one means. He wanted to watch out, however it might be a simple win for him, contemplating he’s a grasp of Shadow Possession Jutsu.

Hidan’s Overconfidence Led To His Downfall In Naruto

Gaining an overpowered means is all the time a bonus, however in Hidan’s case, it was a drawback. Even after being the most effective ninjutsu customers, he may by no means use something apart from the Loss of life Controlling Possessed Blood. His solely motive throughout a combat is to amass his opponent’s blood by way of his battle axe. This permits him to activate the lethal method.

shikamaru nara vs hidanshikamaru nara vs hidan
Shikamaru Nara vs Hidan (Credit score: Studio Pierrot)

However Shikamaru has 200 IQ, and he deliberate his strikes and left Hidan to die within the depths of the Nara Clan Forest. The one manner Hidan can die is thru malnutrition, and Shikamaru did simply that. Although he was defeated, Hidan proved to be one among Shikamaru’s strongest foes. His taijutsu is exceptionally robust as nicely.

Sadly, he by no means lived as much as his full potential since he by no means used ninjutsu or genjutsu. However it’s nonetheless solely a principle, and solely Masashi Kishimoto is aware of and might affirm whether or not the fan principle is right. Till then, followers must take it with a pinch of salt.


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