It’s All Starting to Get Too Much as Helldivers 2 Players Decide One Enemy Needs a Nerf as It’s Too ‘OP’

The combat in opposition to Automatons and Terminids within the third-person co-op shooter title Helldivers 2 is nicely underway as gamers look to ship democracy to the residents of Tremendous Earth. The dialog round one of the best weapons within the sport has additionally begun, with gamers trying to be well-equipped earlier than they tackle oppressive forces.

Nonetheless, regardless of gamers utilizing one of the best weapons obtainable, some enemies are far more overpowered and more durable to defeat than others. That is the place gamers are drawing the road, and they’re now requesting developer Arrowhead Recreation Studios to nerf one Terminid enemy.

Charger Terminids Are Overpowered in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 players are having a hard time taking down Charger Terminids.
Helldivers 2 gamers are having a tough time taking down Charger Terminids.

One Helldivers 2 participant, Vaye_the_Cat, took to the Helldivers subreddit and complained that they’re having issues with the armor plating of Charger and that it’s “method too sturdy” compared to the enemy’s risk degree. The participant additional mentioned that whereas they’re tanks and must be sturdy, “a Hulk is less complicated to take down” than the Chargers.

The participant additionally listed the explanation why the Charger is simply too sturdy to take down, reminiscent of its physique armor and extra. They added that even the legs of a Charger are thought of to be heavy armor, and solely “EATs and Recoilless” are choices left to defeat them.

The participant additionally mentioned that beginning with Issue 4, gamers might have to face 2-3 of the Chargers directly, and it will get extra difficult. Furthermore, they mentioned that their cost can be able to matching the velocity of Mild Armor dash velocity, and it leaves gamers with no choices apart from circling them.

They added that the one uncovered and non-armored physique a part of the Charger is its buttocks, however it isn’t the weak spot. Additionally they talked about that even when gamers handle to dodge their cost, the Chargers can nonetheless bodyslam them, leading to gamers shedding the prospect to deal them any harm.

Gamers Need the Chargers Nerfed within the Recreation

Players want the Chargers nerfed and armor brought down to medium.Players want the Chargers nerfed and armor brought down to medium.
Gamers need the Chargers nerfed and armor introduced right down to Medium.

The participant requested the Helldivers 2 builders to nerf the Charger and tune down the leg armor to Medium, saying that then they might be capable of use the Autocannon on them. Additionally they mentioned that the builders can attempt to make the Charger’s buttocks an precise weak spot as a substitute of bait for gamers.

They added that they prioritize taking out Chargers, however they’re very exhausting to defeat even with anti-armor weapons. Additionally they mentioned that they’d fancy happening a bug mission with different weapons than simply Railgun/Recoilless, which is simply doable if the Charger is nerfed and the armor is tuned down.

Additionally they talked about that they know tips on how to use the Railgun, however there should not sufficient weapon choices to go in opposition to the Chargers, regardless of the help weapons. A number of Helldivers 2 gamers agreed to them and added that they’re sick of the Chargers as nicely, particularly after Issue 7, and it’s exhausting to take them down with out Railgun, including that the enemy desperately wants a nerf.

Do you suppose the Chargers in Helldivers 2 are overpowered and want a nerf? Tell us within the feedback.

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