It’s Even More Complicated Than Jujutsu Kaisen


Initially tailored from the favored South Korean internet novel (plus manhwa) of the identical title, Solo Leveling anime is gaining huge fan approval as one of the vital distinctive storylines ever curated. Set in a world the place regular folks and hunters just like the collection’ protagonist Sung Jinwoo navigate via dungeons and monsters, the anime has followers’ curiosity at its peak.

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

However what these anime followers are most amused by is the System. To offer an summary of it, it’s a extremely mystifying game-like interface. Nonetheless, there’s extra to it than simply that when diving deep into the story, and it’s much more sophisticated than Jujutsu Kaisen and all its strategies. Nonetheless, right here’s a simplified rationalization of the Solo Leveling energy system, step-by-step.

Solo Leveling is all Concerning the Hunters Combating Monsters within the Dungeons

In Chugong‘s Solo Leveling, there are atypical folks, monsters, and monster hunters. These hunters have been initially created via a random ‘awakening’ after the Gate between the human world and the monster world was opened, which led to them gaining magical superpowers and turning into ranked hunters to hunt monsters inside this Gate.

Hunters fight in dungeons to gain rewards in Solo LevelingHunters fight in dungeons to gain rewards in Solo Leveling
Hunters struggle in dungeons to realize rewards in Solo Leveling

These hunters must struggle in dungeons, i.e. the mysterious completely different difficulty-leveled portals that randomly open internationally and permit monsters to leap into the human world. Defeating monsters in these dungeons supplies the hunters with rewards in treasure or elevated expertise factors.

The System is a Particular Anomaly that solely Sung Jinwoo Possesses

Amongst these hunters is the series’ protagonist Sung Jinwoo, who initially makes his entrance because the weakest of hunters. Within the rating system that goes from E rank to D, C, B, and ultimately S rank, Jinwoo ranks on the E degree initially. Plus, what’s price noting is that each one these hunters can’t energy up or improve their mana by coaching or expertise.

Sung Jinwoo in Solo LevelingSung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling
Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling

Nonetheless, there’s a very uncommon likelihood when an already hunter will get a ‘second awakening’, which could find yourself serving to them improve in ranks and energy. For Jinwoo, this system works wildly differently for some purpose, as he possesses a particular skill referred to as ‘System Solo Leveling’ which permits him to see a game-like interface and verify his and others’ stats, progress, and abilities.

This occurs within the fateful occasion famend because the Double Dungeon incident. Throughout that incident, a game-like mysterious quest window pops up in entrance of Sung Jinwoo as he will get terribly battered to the verge of loss of life whereas preventing. Little did he know whereas taking over this quest that this was the very System that’s on the heart of the facility system within the anime.

The System Helps Sung Jinwoo Enhance his Ranks and Ranges

This particular system in Solo Leveling, which solely Jinwoo has entry to additional permits him to degree up his mana and improve his stats, in distinction to different hunters, who don’t get a selection in addition to staying on the identical degree. Plus, the strategic use of this energy system helps Jinwoo not solely enhance his energy, agility, and different attributes but in addition maximize his powers and battle potential.

Only Sung Jinwoo has access to the special system, which is the center of Solo Leveling's power systemOnly Sung Jinwoo has access to the special system, which is the center of Solo Leveling's power system
Solely Jinwoo has entry to the particular system, which is on the heart of Solo Leveling‘s energy system

On the one hand, whereas different hunters stick intently to their innate skills, fight abilities, coaching, expertise, and fights within the differently-leveled dungeons to extend their ranks, Sung Jinwoo, on the opposite has an extra power-up, i.e. his distinctive System Solo Leveling skill, which provides to enhancing his total prowess and ultimately will increase his rank to the very best S degree.

Whereas this rationalization is comprehensible, it’s only as a result of it’s in essentially the most simplified kinds. In actuality, this very energy system in Solo Leveling is much deeper and more extensive than this, and even more durable to know than the facility system in Jujutsu Kaisen, which incorporates harnessing one’s cursed power and utilizing jujutsu strategies to carry out extraordinary feats!

You’ll be able to stream Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll and Jujutsu Kaisen on Netflix.


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