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It has been practically 2 years because it was revealed in One Piece chapter 1044 that Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit was only a pretend identify given by the world authorities for the legendary Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin Nika fruit. This was such a serious revelation, that it stays one of many greatest surprises within the historical past of One Piece.

This main reality was capable of shock the followers and Straw Hat pirates alike, nevertheless, Jimbei appeared to stay unaffected when he obtained to know concerning the legendary god Nika from Who’s-Who. Jimbei’s response alongside together with his different dialogues within the collection has led watchers to consider that Eiichiro Oda is likely to be hiding one thing from the followers of One Piece.

Luffy Eating the Devil Fruit
Luffy Consuming the Satan Fruit

The true powers of the fruit have been later showcased within the Wano arc, the place Luffy lastly unlocked Gear 5, permitting him to defeat Kaidou, who was one of many former 4 Emperors that dominated over the world.

What Is Eiichiro Oda Hiding From The Followers Of One Piece?

As talked about earlier than, Jimbei appeared to remain unaffected when Who’s-Who was telling him concerning the legend of Nika and the way he’s the one who will come to free all of the slaves on the planet. It’s virtually as if he already knew concerning the legend from earlier than, which is extremely possible.

The explanation why followers declare there’s a risk he knew concerning the fruit’s secret is as a result of he warned our protagonist Blackbeard was coming after Luffy to steal his satan fruit powers. On the time, Luffy’s fruit was solely recognized for granting the powers of rubber manipulation, which mustn’t have been attractive to Blackbeard. This indicated that he and Jimbei one way or the other already knew about Luffy’s secret.

Blackbeard One PieceBlackbeard One Piece

It stays a thriller how Jimbei and Blackbeard obtained to know concerning the actuality of Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit within the first place. Nevertheless, it’s speculated that Jimbei might need heard when he was occupied as a Warlord throughout and earlier than the Marineford arc.

Historical past And Powers Of Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin Nika Satan Fruit

The Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin Nika satan fruit originates from the legend of the solar god Nika, who is meant to in the future come and launch all of the slaves from their distress, granting them freedom.

It was eaten a number of hundred years in the past by Joyboy, and now’s possessed by none aside from our favourite protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. The fruit was hidden by the world authorities for years, and so they invested a number of time and sources into repossessing the fruit when it was stolen from them.

Sun God Nika in One PieceSun God Nika in One Piece
Solar God Nika

The fruit transforms its person into the legendary solar god Nika, permitting them to govern their very own physique in addition to their surrounding atmosphere like rubber. Luffy used the fruit’s powers to lastly defeat Kaidou within the Wano arc, liberating the folks of Wano Nation.

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