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  • John Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy delves into cosmic horror, a subgenre that explores fears past human comprehension and the unknown.
  • Every movie within the trilogy explores a unique side of our human understanding and challenges our conceptions of biology, faith, and identification.
  • Carpenter’s movies, together with The Factor, Prince of Darkness, and Within the Mouth of Insanity, reveal his mastery of cosmic horror and his capability to create palpable concern by way of existential and metaphysical themes.

Maybe unintentionally, John Carpenter created three of probably the most definitive cosmic horror movies along with his self-proclaimed Apocalypse Trilogy—The Factor, Prince of Darkness, and In the Mouth of Madness—from 1982 to 1994. Many filmmakers appear trepidatious to the touch cosmic horror with a ten-foot pole. Cosmic horror is an expansive and extremely malleable subgenre combining aesthetic and thematic components associated to science fiction and, particularly, exploring these fears that exist outdoors the realm of earthly human life.

Cosmic horror, also called Lovecraftian horror, was characterised by American creator H.P. Lovecraft, who recognized a number of key qualities of the style, a very powerful of which is the concern of the unknown or unknowable. To quote Lovecraft himself, cosmic horror explores the “concern and awe we really feel when confronted by phenomena past our comprehension, whose scope extends past the slender area of human affairs and boasts of cosmic significance.” Different components embody the belief that every one the issues that we maintain vital, issues that make us human, equivalent to our morality, wishes, pursuits, or notions of how the world is meant to work are rendered meaningless, giving method to a deep existential horror. In all three entries of the Apocalypse Trilogy, Carpenter explores a unique side of our human conception which turns into unraveled earlier than our protagonists’ eyes.

The Factor (1982)

A analysis staff in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the looks of its victims.

Launch Date
June 25, 1982



John Carpenter’s ‘The Factor’ Is Existential Physique Horror

John Carpenter’s The Thing is probably probably the most simple instance of cosmic horror because the menace is actually alien in nature. What makes the “thing” in The Thing terrifying to this present day is the concept that a creature frozen beneath us acts and lives in a fashion that’s completely antithetical to our understanding of biology. The place one “factor” ends and one other begins is totally ambiguous, and it’s a organic entity that acts extra like a virus. Because of this, it’s practically unimaginable to ever fully kill. The factor has no central nervous system however as an alternative is made up of particular person cells that every have a thoughts of their very own. The fear that presents itself on the faces of MacReady (Kurt Russell) and Childs (Keith David) is palpable as a result of their complete conception of biology and the pure world is being not solely challenged however upended.

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness incorporates an analogous deconstruction, although the movie examines the unknowable by way of a extra non secular lens. The film could be very a lot concerning the relationship between faith and science, how they complement one another, and the way they defy one another. The menace is a mixture of spiritual (historic Christian) myths and a complete dismantling of physics. The characters within the movie are all both quantum physicists on the prime of their recreation, philosophers of science, or clergy. They’re all confronted with the likelihood that maybe the non secular and bodily aren’t as separate as they as soon as thought. The truth that the Catholic Church has been harboring a bodily, very tangible evil for millennia causes every of the central characters to have a disaster of religion, be it their religion in science or in God. The priest within the movie, who is rarely given a correct title however is performed by the unimaginable Donald Pleasence, questions the validity of the establishment to which he has pledged his total life.


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It stays an under-watched entry in John Carpenter’s filmography.

The scientists within the movie, particularly Professor Howard Birack (Victor Wong) and his group of recruited graduate college students, are confronted with a really actual, non-theoretical menace that additionally goes towards the preconceived notions of their chosen profession path. It’s talked about early on in Prince of Darkness that Birack “needs philosophers, not scientists.” From the get-go, he challenges his college students to maintain open and adaptable minds in terms of their understanding of physics, the bounds of that are examined within the trippy second half of the movie. Prince of Darkness then involves a head in what can solely be described because the undoing of actuality. The movie is based on ancient religious concepts coming to fruition in ways in which not one of the movie’s theologians may predict, regardless of how educated or open-minded. Like The Factor, the supply of concern is as soon as once more rooted in an unknowable evil.

‘Within the Mouth of Insanity’ Lives As much as Its Title

Sam Neill stands in a long, circular, mirrored hallway looking confused in In the Mouth of Madness
Picture through New Line Cinema

Every entry in John Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy will get more and more extra transcendental. The threats turn into concurrently extra intimate and extra huge with every subsequent movie. Because of this, Within the Mouth of Insanity is an ideal closing chapter to Carpenter’s exploration of cosmic horror. The movie is way more involved with notion, particularly the notion of 1 man: John Trent (portrayed by style legend himself, Sam Neill). Within the Mouth of Insanity is, at first, extra so a psychological horror movie than a cosmic one. Nevertheless, the traces between the supernatural, the scientific, and the non-public turn into irretrievably blurred. The movie blends spiritual imagery, meta storytelling, and surrealism as a way to discover the depths of Trent’s psyche. How a lot of the movie exists solely in Trent’s thoughts and the way a lot of it’s really taking place is appropriately left as much as the viewer’s interpretation.

Within the Mouth of Insanity qualifies as cosmic horror for just a few essential causes. The primary is that it, like the opposite two movies, could be very a lot involved with the concern of the unknown. To as soon as once more quote Lovecraft, cosmic horror is usually a “contemplation of mankind’s place in the vast, comfortless universe revealed by modern science,” and the horror springs forth from discovering the appalling reality. Lovecraft’s own work typically incorporates characters experiencing insanity. With the evolution of human psychology, the fears related to insanity and with dropping one’s grip on actuality have been articulated in ways in which did not beforehand exist. The title of the movie itself can also be clearly a nod to Lovecraft, hearkening to his iconic and alliteratively-titled On the Mountains of Insanity. Few issues are scarier than one’s personal thoughts, and this movie explores how we may be unknowable even to ourselves. Few ideas are extra terrifying.

John Carpenter Mastered Cosmic Horror With the Apocalypse Trilogy

The Apocalypse Trilogy is a holistic and thematically dense achievement, which as an entire is probably John Carpenter’s biggest. The trilogy is held collectively by an easy, but advanced idea that provides every movie an identification whereas elevating every one when considered as an entire. Just like different nice thematically-tied trilogies, equivalent to Edgar Wright‘s Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy or the Three Colours Trilogy, every movie may be watched individually or seen as half of an entire. There isn’t any incorrect method to watch The Factor, Prince of Darkness, or Within the Mouth Insanity. As an entire, the Apocalypse Trilogy expertly explores the near-universal concern of the unknown and the unknowable by way of the alien biology of The Factor, the intersection of physics and faith in Prince of Darkness, and Within the Mouth of Insanity’ exploration of the overall disintegration of 1’s identification. With these three classics, Carpenter proves he is truly the master of horror.

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