Jujutsu Kaisen’s Treatment Towards One Character was Worse than that of Gojo’s


Gege Akutami is known for 2 issues: creating the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and hating Gojo. Why would he create a personality simply to hate it together with his complete soul? That’s a query for an additional day. For now, let’s discuss one other character who acquired handled worse than Gojo, Kugisaki Nobara.

This not-so-sweet and outspoken woman grew to become a member of the protagonist trio and proved to be a mighty fighter. However what was she rewarded with? A sudden and unsure loss of life. No one within the manga is aware of about her standing, leaving followers in a hopeless dilemma.

Naturally, followers have began questioning if Akutami additionally hated Nobara however by no means talked about it.

Why did Gege Akutami kill Nobara in Jujutsu Kaisen? Does he hate her?

It’s not frequent for Gege Akutami to kill off fan-favorite characters (*cough cough* Gojo, Nanami, Mai, and many others), however his remedy of Nobara left folks puzzled. Some fans suggest that Nobara was by no means meant to exist within the manga. She was added on the suggestion of Jujutsu Kaisen’s editor to increase the manga’s attraction.

If that’s the case then Gege may need wished to eliminate her as soon as the plot was established and the sequence started performing effectively.

Akutami as soon as claimed that Nobara was troublesome to attract. On a scale from best to hardest to attract, he listed Gojo as best, then Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara as the toughest. This has incited followers to derive that Akutami killed off Nobara simply because she was troublesome to attract.

Easiest and hardest to draw Jujutsu Kaisen characters
Best and hardest to attract Jujutsu Kaisen characters | Jujutsu Kaisen

This may look like a farfetched situation, however do you keep in mind all of the instances the mangaka needlessly hated Gojo? Yeah, it doesn’t appear unrealistic now, does it?

How did Gege Akutami mistreat Nobara?

Nobara was an awesome character at the start of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga; nonetheless, as time handed, she grew to become boring. Her backstory was unrelated to the story and appeared disconnected from the remainder of the Jujutsu world. Akutami barely gave her a backstory, and it didn’t incite any empathy in followers.

Nobara KugisakiNobara Kugisaki
Nobara Kugisaki | Jujutsu Kaisen

Someplace alongside the best way, it was implied that Nobara’s character was created to interrupt Yuji in order that he might develop up. Nevertheless, the paradox surrounding her loss of life makes the state of affairs a bit awkward. Akutami by no means deliberate to present Nobara an opportunity at greatness.

Based on followers, the true potential of Nobara was by no means fleshed out and she or he was added simply to create the trio trope. Even her loss of life was proven from the angle of one other character.

Will Nobara return in Jujutsu Kaisen?

It is extremely troublesome to state whether or not Nobara will return to the Jujutsu Kaisen manga or not. Her death was very imprecise, adopted by the doorway of Arata Nitta, who handled her together with his harm discount method. He claims that she has no pulse and isn’t respiratory, however the probabilities of her survival aren’t zero.

Arata Nitta treating NobaraArata Nitta treating Nobara
Arata Nitta treating Nobara | Viz Media

He then advises Yuji to not get his hopes excessive, as the probabilities are nonetheless not zero. He doesn’t discuss Nobara within the manga once more. That is what makes Nobara’s standing troublesome to foretell.

Yuji asking about NobaraYuji asking about Nobara
Yuji asking about Nobara | Viz Media

The following time Nobara was talked about was when Yuji requested Megumi about her and he solely seemed downwards with out saying something. Nonetheless, Yuji by no means forgot her and didn’t need to change her with anybody else. All of those hints could possibly be signing in direction of Nobara’s return, however take it with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, Gege Akutami’s sins are overwhelming, and now why he all the time hides his face. Let’s hope his kill streak is halted quickly, and followers are left with sufficient characters to sympathize with.

You may watch Jujutsu Kaisen anime on Crunchyroll and browse the manga on Viz Media.


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