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As many One Piece followers may need anticipated, the ultimate battle within the sequence goes to be between the World Authorities/Navy and The Straw Hat Pirates. The particular focus of this battle goes to be the present Navy Fleet Admiral, Akainu vs. The Emperor of the Sea, and The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy.


This battle goes to be in all probability the largest second of the sequence and can surpass different particular moments reminiscent of Gear 5. The joy of followers has additionally elevated since they obtained to know that the sequence has entered its last saga and this epic battle could also be manner nearer than they hoped for.

Whereas followers eagerly look forward to it, One Piece has already given a glimpse of this battle in one among its opening themes. One Piece anime’s seventeenth Opening theme referred to as Wake Up has put a particular deal with this battle together with another epic moments of the sequence. This has made the theme among the finest openings of One Piece ever.

One Piece’s Opening Theme Options Luffy Punching Akainu

The opening theme for One Piece anime, “Get up!”, is the third opening for the second a part of the present and the seventeenth general. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp are proven within the opening scene sitting atop Thousand Sunny’s head once they discover a golden Hercules beetle flying by. They grow to be focused on it and start chasing after it. 

As all of them ascend the mast in an try and seize the beetle, they discover a fleet of Marine battleships positioned far off, accompanied by a number of well-known maritime personnel, together with Sentomaru, Helmeppo, Koby, Tashigi, Smoker, and Hina. It additionally reveals the fleet of Admiral Akainu and the opposite navy admirals Fujitora and Kizaru. 

Akainu Fighting Luffy
Akainu Preventing Luffy

The scene then cuts to Luffy combating Akainu with Haki, Zoro combating Fujitora in a sword battle, and Sanji combating Kizaru utilizing his legs. The spotlight of this scene was the glimpse it gave of Luffy’s battle towards Akainu and the way they punch one another whereas Luffy solely makes use of Haki and Akainu utilizing his satan fruit powers.

Luffy vs. Akainu is the Most Anticipated Battle in One Piece

Luffy vs Akainu will probably be a particular battle for One Piece followers because it is not going to solely characteristic the combat between an Emperor of the Sea and The Fleet Admiral, however it will likely be a combat that Luffy has been ready for due to what Akainu did to Ace through the Summit Warfare within the Marineford arc simply earlier than the time skip.

Akainu Kills Ace
Akainu Kills Ace

Luffy has developed an enormous quantity of hatred in the direction of Akainu for frightening Ace after which killing him through the battle. It was the one level the place the One Piece followers have seen him being the saddest. Not solely that, Akainu has additionally been desirous to combat Luffy for a very long time however his obligation because the Fleet Admiral will get the higher of him.

Luffy has educated exhausting through the time skip and now he has additionally woke up his Gear 5 kind. He will certainly be a worthy opponent towards Akainu and as he grows stronger after each arc, if Akainu vs Luffy is created through the conclusion, Luffy might even win towards Akainu to show himself the strongest and take revenge for his brother Ace.

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