Luffy’s Greatest Nemesis Blackbeard Has 1 Uncanny Similarity With Anime’s Greatest Ever Villain Written

One of many Nice Three Shonen animes, Bleach, is a legendary collection with a fascinating plot and plenty of characters. One Piece is an inside rival of Bleach alongside Naruto, they usually dominated the manga and anime industries throughout their time. One Piece and Bleach each share many similarities and infrequently take inspiration from one another.

Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit from One Piece
Blackbeard’s Darkish-Darkish Fruit from One Piece

Among the many many similarities, one which stands out essentially the most is the mirror between Blackbeard and Aizen, who deceived the whole solid about their powers. Aizen made the Soul Society imagine he had a bankai, Blackbeard, who confused everybody about conquerors’ haki regardless of by no means utilizing it in motion.

Similarities between Blackbeard and Aizen Sōsuke

Bleach and One Piece are two of the best-selling mangas of all time, and their respective authors, Eiichiro Oda and Tite Kubo, are good associates and infrequently take inspiration from one another’s work.

Each of the franchises have equal characters, and some of the notable is none apart from Blackbeard, some of the hated characters in Oda sensei’s magnum opus, and Aizen Sōsuke, who is usually hailed as the best anime villain ever created.

Blackbeard, Luffy’s adversary and the chief of the BB pirates, is without doubt one of the vilest characters within the story. Throughout his teen years, he placed on a facade of being a very good son and brother till he positioned Yami Yami no Mi.

aizen sosuke faked his death (anime bleach)aizen sosuke faked his death (anime bleach)
Aizen Sosuke faked his dying (anime: Bleach)

Aizen Sōsuke’s charade of a very good and respectful captain was additionally brewed with perfection, with nobody ever doubting him for a second till it was too late. These antagonists even have an identical approach of complicated the characters and readers.

Blackbeard doesn’t have conqueror Haki, or no less than to date, has but to indicate or use its motion however nonetheless managed to create an aura of truly possessing it. This charade is kind of much like that of Aizen Sōsuke, who managed to idiot the whole Soul Society.

Aizen Sōsuke managed to dunk on everybody within the SS as he turned the captain with out possessing a bankai, in line with many followers who imagine he simply captivated different members utilizing his Kyoga Suigetsu.

Aizen broke the stereotype of getting a tragic backstory in Bleach

Aizen is deemed the best anime villain launched by many, and his reputation among the many plenty is off the charts, much more than many fan-favorite characters. One of many issues that makes Aizen stand out is his backstory, which is nonexistent.

You might have heard it proper; there isn’t a backstory about him or a proof of how he modified through the years.

He’s simply straight-up evil, and as stunning as it could sound, that is what bought it off for Aizen—a villain who didn’t have any emotional purpose however was simply evil as a result of he wished to be.

Aizen SōsukeAizen Sōsuke
Aizen Sōsuke

It refreshed the viewers from the standard antagonist launched, who used to have a tragic backstory, which one way or the other manipulated the viewers to really feel sympathy for them. Nevertheless, Aizen was completely different from others, which sealed his place as one of many biggest, if not the best, anime villains of all time.

Bleach is out there to stream on Crunchyroll.

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