Mushroom King – How Seppuku and Blood Loss Helps You Make the Most Venomous Elden Ring Build

There are a bunch of the explanation why followers of Elden Ring maintain coming again to this recreation for extra. An in depth, well-designed world, a fascinating story to observe, and a fight system that’s second to none. It’s so strong that gamers can simply go round their appears to be like and their model of gameplay when they need, all due to Queen Rennala.

Because of this flexibility, a variety of builds have turn out to be well-liked on-line for gamers to select from. Some assist them conquer their enemies with Glintstone magic, whereas different helps them do the identical with their blades. However one construct known as “the Mushroom King” permits gamers to rule the world with poison.

Right here’s the way to be the mushroom king in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mushroom Crown Looks Intimidating
A nonetheless from Elden Ring showcasing the Mushroom Crown

When a participant goes about deciding a construct for themselves in soul video games, they need to make lots of selections. They need to resolve what to put on, what to equip themselves with, and what expertise to spend their hard-earned runes on. To make issues simpler for some passionate gamers of Elden Ring, right here’s all the pieces they have to be a toxic warrior.


The very first thing to do for the Mushroom King construct is to decide on the proper class. And gamers can go for one in every of 4 courses right here: Samurai, Warrior, Vegabond, or Bandit. Relying on what class a participant chooses, they get extra stat factors for specific expertise.

Elden Ring features varied environmentsElden Ring features varied environments
Elden Ring Swamps

All of the above-mentioned courses are both massive on Dexterity or Arcane, which might assist with weapons that require some talent to make use of.

Stats to concentrate on

A mushroom king must be a grasp of his artwork. They have to be as aware of their weapon as they’re with the Lands Between. Therefore, it is vital for gamers to concentrate on dexterity, power, vigor, and endurance.

Whereas power, dexterity, and endurance would enable gamers to make use of their weapons successfully, vigor would give them elevated HP to have the ability to take these sudden hits successfully.


Gamers can now connect varied expertise to their weapons. These are similar to the weapon arts in Darkish Souls 3, however way more highly effective. For this specific construct, although, it’s endorsed gamers go for Toxic Mist or Sepukku.

Certainly one of them bathes one’s weapon in poison and even spreads it a bit across the participant. Whereas Sepukku provides gamers the flexibility to stab themselves and improve the blood loss injury of their weapon. This additionally will increase the participant’s assault energy to some extent.

So then, the items are all right here, and there are some decisions right here too for gamers. They will go for one or the opposite, and they’d find yourself with some of the highly effective builds in Elden Ring. It ought to assist them be ready for the Shadow of the Erdtree.

Gear gamers want for Mushroom King to construct in Elden Ring

Scavenger's Curved Sword does Blood loss damageScavenger's Curved Sword does Blood loss damage
A nonetheless from Elden Ring showcasing the stats of Scavenger’s Curved Sword


In the case of weapons, gamers have a bunch of swords to select from. They will both go for Bandit’s Curved Sword, Grossmesser, or Scavenger’s Curved Sword. These swords are glorious for performing some slash injury to enemies. Scavenger’s Curved Sword additionally tops it up with some heavy bleed injury.


A chunk of armor can be an awesome factor to carry collectively the appear and feel that the Mushroom King ought to have. Gamers additionally want to ensure they’ve one thing that helps improve their immunity. For this, they’ll both have the white masks geared up or the mushroom crown.

After all, given the truth that this information is all about turning into the mushroom king, gamers ought to maintain the mushroom crown on the high of their record. It will increase the robustness and immunity of a participant successfully.


In Elden Ring, gamers can equip varied talismans to offer them sure boosts. It’s similar to these rings in Darkish Souls video games. For this specific construct, although, it’s endorsed that gamers select amongst the next talismans.

Millicent’s Prosthesis, which boosts dexterity and raises assault energy with successive assaults, and Winged Sword Insignia, which vastly will increase assault energy with successive assaults. Kindred of Rot’s Exultation raises the participant’s assault energy when poison or rot is within the neighborhood. Lastly, Lord of Blood’s Exultation will increase the assault energy when blood loss is within the participant’s neighborhood.

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