One Akatsuki Member Was Using Reaper Death Seal All Along, Making Him its Only 3rd User after Minato, Hiruzen

At instances, Naruto followers are reminded why the franchise is a masterpiece and thought of one of many massive three within the business. Masashi Kishimoto not solely created characters with heartbreaking backstories but in addition went to the additional size of making lore that runs deep by the Shinobi world.

In reality, the plot runs so deep that followers give you theories even years down the street. Identical to a current principle that implies an Akatsuki knew about Shinigami and the Reaper Demise Seal and even had his personal model of it!

Which Akatsuki member knew concerning the Reaper Demise Seal in Naruto?

In accordance with a fan principle, Hidan, the Jashin worshipper Akatsuki member, knew about Shinigami and the Demise Seal. Whereas he might not have recognized concerning the sealing method specifically, he did develop one thing similar to it, and it’s due to his Jashin worship.

Reaper Death Seal Naruto Fandom
Reaper Demise Seal | Naruto Fandom

To know all the things additional, let’s delve deeper into the ideas of Shinigami and Jashin. A Shinigami is an entity summoned by the Uzumaki clan that may forcibly extract the souls of the goal and summoner to retailer them in his stomach.

Jashin can also be an entity worshipped by the cultists who known as themselves Jashinists. In accordance with Hidan, Jashin solely calls for demise and destruction. Hidan achieves immortality by sacrificing a number of individuals directly. It’s potential that Hidan reached immortality as a result of Jashin added the lifetimes of the sacrificed individuals to his personal.

Discover how related their powers are? It’s potential that Jashin and Shinigami are one and the identical, or extensions of the identical energy. If we go by this logic, then Hidan’s immortality is perhaps a variation of the Reaper Demise Seal as each of them toy with extracting souls and transferring them.

How did Hidan know concerning the Reaper Demise Seal in Naruto?

The Reaper Demise Seal was invented by the Uzumaki, whose village known as the Land of Whirlpools, situated on an island off the coast of the Land of Fireplace. Hidan is from a village known as the Land of Scorching Water, which shares borders with the Land of Fireplace. Thus, each villages can work together simply. Thus, it will not be unusual for sealing strategies to be shared or leaked.

One other curse method developed by Hidan is the Demise Controlling Possessed Blood. He attracts the insignia of Jashin together with his personal blood and ingests the blood of his sufferer, which then hyperlinks him to his sufferer.

Hidan's Curse Technique Naruto FandomHidan's Curse Technique Naruto Fandom
Hidan’s Curse Approach | Naruto Fandom

This creates a hyperlink between Hidan and the sufferer, and the sufferer can really feel any ache Hidan feels; he mainly makes himself a stay voodoo doll.

Each strategies are S-ranked and have too many similarities to disregard a connection. Nonetheless, the method created by Hidan could possibly be superior as a consequence of its a number of utilization capability. The Reaper Demise Seal can solely be used as soon as.

Hidan | Naruto Fandom

So did Hidan, the soulless Jashinist, uncover Shinigami by utter devotion? Are Jashin and Shinigami two sides of the identical coin? Masashi Kishimoto left it upon us to slowly uncover the Easter eggs scattered round Naruto.

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