One Piece Chapter 1106 Theory Claims Eiichiro Oda Copied a Famous Disney Movie to Write Egghead Arc’s Ending

Egghead arc, which marked the start of the finale saga is nearing its conclusion and followers have been ready to see how Eiichiro Oda, the manga creator will deliver an finish to top-of-the-line arcs of One Piece. The Egghead arc has had a number of the biggest revelations and now what’s left to see is how the Straw Hat Pirates go away the island.

Egghead Arc
One Piece – Egghead Arc

Being the primary arc of the finale saga, Egghead has solved many mysteries which were foreshadowed by Oda for therefore a few years. Whereas some had been anticipated, some twists got here out of nowhere and have gotten the followers excited. Characters like Saturn, Kuma, Bonney, and Vegapunk have modified your entire story growth of Egghead.

Nonetheless, just lately a principle has surfaced on the web that claims that Oda has copied a well-known Disney film to jot down the Egghead arc. In line with this principle, the Egghead arc is impressed by Disney’s Monsters, Inc. and if that is true, the ending of the arc could be simply predicted by wanting on the occasions of the film.

Concept Claims Egghead Arc is Impressed by Monsters, Inc.

One Piece followers have been ready for the following chapter for fairly a very long time because the collection is on a break. Whereas the followers look forward to the following chapter, certainly one of them has delved deep into the final chapter of the story and has devised a principle that weirdly is sensible and holds some confidence to it. 

The speculation was posted by u/quickhelmets on Reddit, and it states that the Egghead arc is impressed by the well-known Disney animated film Monsters, Inc. The speculation claims that Eiichiro Oda has used the characters from Monsters, Inc as a reference to create the characters in Egghead and likewise share an identical storyline.

Monster, Inc.Monster, Inc.
Monster, Inc.

In line with the idea, Kuma was impressed by Sully as a result of each of them are bears. Waternoose the antagonist of the film served because the inspiration for Saturn as each of them are spider beasts. Bonney was impressed by the little woman Boo. Randall was the inspiration behind Kizaru and subsequently Vegapunk is impressed by Mike Wazowski.

Monsters, Inc. Can Assist Predict the Ending of Egghead Arc

If the idea holds any floor and egghead indirectly is in reality impressed by the Disney film, the ending of the Egghead arc could be predicted simply. Within the film, Mike Wazowski uncovered Waternoose and his plan to kidnap youngsters and use them for the vitality disaster. What if, that can also be the plan of Kuma or Vegapunk?

Egghead Island ArcEgghead Island Arc
Egghead Island Arc – One Piece

If Vegapunk or Kuma exposes the actual Saturn in entrance of the entire One Piece world, your entire public will lose belief within the World Authorities which may trigger loads of chaos. This might simply mark the conclusion of Egghead and is also an important place to begin for the finale saga.

Nonetheless, all these claims are only a principle and solely Oda is aware of how the Egghead arc goes to finish. No matter how the ending of the arc unfolds, it’s sure to be fascinating and thrilling and can mark the start of the second arc within the last saga of One Piece.

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