One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Has No Need to Confirm if Mihawk Has Advanced Conqueror’s Haki

Dracule Mihawk, the person who holds the title of the World’s Strongest Swordsman, has been feared by many, regardless that he has by no means proven the true extent of his powers. He’s deemed the rival of one of many Emperors of the Sea, Purple-Haired Shanks, and regardless that he can develop into an Emperor, he chooses to not.

Dracule Mihawk - One Piece
Dracule Mihawk – One Piece

This in itself speaks of the facility he possesses. He was just lately seen working along with Crocodile and Buggy, as they co-founded the group known as Cross Guild. Since then, no new replace concerning the World’s Strongest Swordsman has been made within the sequence, and the followers eagerly await to see what he’s able to.

Nonetheless, One Piece followers have one doubt concerning Dracule Mihawk that can resolve whether or not he can be part of the ultimate battle. This doubt is whether or not Mihawk possesses the Superior Conqueror’s Haki or not. This has by no means been formally confirmed by Eiichiro Oda, however he might need dropped some hints about it. 

The Distinction Between Conqueror’s Haki and Superior Conqueror’s Haki

Haki is a thriller energy used primarily by One Piece’s strongest adversaries. It is a vital supply of energy within the One Piece universe. Haki is actually an individual’s ambition or willpower. Anyone can harness this power to fortify themselves with fixed coaching. Conqueror’s Haki is a singular energy that solely a small variety of individuals are born with. 

This energy could be very terrifying as a result of it’s stated to solely exist in a single particular person out of 1,000,000. It’s a extremely uncommon energy that allows individuals to impose their will on others. Its presence immediately renders weaker targets unconscious. Followers of One Piece found that Conqueror’s Haki has a further stage within the Wano arc. 

roronoa zoro king of hellroronoa zoro king of hell
Roronoa Zoro utilizing Superior Conqueror’s Haki

The Superior Conqueror’s Haki is an astounding energy that enables the person to cowl their physique, assaults, and weapons with Conqueror Haki, tremendously growing their fight effectivity. This skill permits customers to strike and harm others by a Haki barrier with out making bodily contact.

Eiichiro Oda Would possibly Have Confirmed That Mihawk Additionally Has Superior Conqueror’s Haki

Mihawk, the World’s Strongest Swordsman, has been portrayed as Zoro’s final opponent all through the One Piece sequence. On condition that Zoro has been revealed to be each a Supreme King and an Superior Conqueror’s Haki person, it’s illogical to imagine that Mihawk, who will battle Zoro after One Piece, has none of those expertise.  

Dracule MihawkDracule Mihawk
Dracule Mihawk (Credit score: Crunchyroll)

Mihawk rose to recognition by battling and vanquishing progressively extra formidable opponents till he was left with no deserving opponents. He turned the world’s strongest swordsman and misplaced curiosity in fighting his opponent, Shanks. Nonetheless, even Shanks possessed Superior Conqueror’s Haki in One Piece.

Subsequently, each Shanks and Zoro have Superior Conqueror’s Haki. Thus, it’s solely logical for Mihawk to have this skill. Moreover, he’s the one one apart from Ryuma who was in a position to make their blade completely black with the assistance of Armament Haki. This feat itself presents a glimpse on the Haki powers of the World’s Strongest Swordsman in One Piece.

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