One Piece Theory Predicts Luffy’s Next War Will Be to Save Vivi from Being Forcibly Married to Series’ Most Dangerous Villain Who’s Yet to Make His Full Appearance


Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece options an array of characters who maintain some type of significance to the story in a method or one other. Amongst all these background characters, crucial proper now’s Nefertari Vivi, who has been going by means of loads of main updates and character developments earlier than the beginning of the Egghead Island arc.

Karoo saves Vivi
Vivi in One Piece

It was revealed that in the course of the Reverie assembly, Vivi was kidnapped and her father Nefertari Cobra was killed by the 5 Elders. Nevertheless, afterward, the storyline reveals that Vivi managed to flee and ended up on Morgan’s airship together with Wapol. Nevertheless, in the course of the killing of Cobra, loads of new particulars had been revealed about Vivi.

These particulars are too necessary for the storyline and might be centered on most likely after the Egghead arc. Based on a One Piece idea, Vivi might be compelled to marry the largest villain of One Piece and it will likely be the job of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to avoid wasting their former ally.

The Significance of Nefertari Vivi in One Piece

Vivi is a pivotal character within the One Piece universe. Vivi has not appeared in One Piece as a lot because the finish of the Arabasta arc, but her function stays essential. She is an important ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. Vivi was final seen in the course of the Reverie, when all the necessary leaders of the World Authorities’s related international locations gathered in Mariejois’ Holy Land, and Vivi joined her father on the voyage. 

However this journey turned out to be the worst she had ever taken in her life. Throughout the Reverie, her father King Cobra was murdered, Vivi went lacking, solely to be found afterward Morgans’ ship. Since then, nothing has been revealed about Vivi and what the longer term holds for her within the story.

Imu One PieceImu One Piece
Imu – One Piece

Nevertheless, one factor that elevated her significance as a personality was her reference to Imu. Throughout the Reverie arc, Imu was noticed holding a photograph of Princess Vivi. Later, in Chapter 1085 of One Piece, it was revealed that Imu had a hyperlink with Vivi’s ancestor Lily, and Vivi’s identify included the letter D., making her a member of the D. clan in One Piece.

One Piece Principle States Imu will Marry Vivi

Based on a idea shared on X(Previously Twitter) by @lexypanterra111, Imu needs to marry Vivi and is romantically eager about her. The speculation first demonstrates that Imu is a male as a result of he’s known as Imu-sei in chapter 1086 of the manga quite than Imu-gu. The speculation additionally reveals that Eiichiro Oda has additionally been foreshadowing Lily’s marriage in lots of covers of the One Piece manga.

One Piece Manga Covers Hinting at Vivi's WeddingOne Piece Manga Covers Hinting at Vivi's Wedding
One Piece Manga Covers Hinting at Vivi’s Wedding ceremony

Later within the Reverie arc, Imu is seen holding a set of pictures of Marshall D. Educate, Shirahoshi, Luffy, and Vivi, all of whom have been stabbed, save for Vivi. Moreover, when Imu professed his want for Vivi in Chapter 1086, he by no means explicitly said that he supposed to homicide her. 

The speculation additionally connects the flowers in Imu’s room, that are lilies to Queen Lily, Vivi’s ancestor. Lilies are additionally symbols of affection and loss, which provides to the chance that Imu beloved Queen Lily years in the past and now needs to have Vivi. If the speculation holds any credence, then it will likely be Luffy’s obligation to avoid wasting Vivi from Imu which may very well be an excellent preface for the start of the ultimate warfare in One Piece.

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