One Piece Theory Reveals the Character Who Will Beat Blackbeard

One of the ruthless villains in One Piece, Blackbeard has develop into lively once more because the sequence progresses within the ultimate saga of the story. Not solely did he defeat Trafalgar Regulation, however he additionally attacked Boa Hancock, kidnapped Koby, and captured Monkey D. Garp. Blackbeard is slowly asserting his significance to the storyline of One Piece.

Blackbeard – One Piece

Many followers imagine that Blackbeard would be the essential villain of the sequence and the concluding struggle will likely be between Luffy and Blackbeard. This struggle will decide who will attain the One Piece treasure and obtain the title of the King of The Pirates. Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood that it could not occur in any respect.

In keeping with a principle, Luffy may not struggle in opposition to Blackbeard, a lot much less beat him. As an alternative, one other character would be the one to assault and win in opposition to the antagonist of the sequence and that character is none aside from Koby, who almost escaped from Blackbeard’s grasp just lately in One Piece manga.

Koby’s Speedy Character Development in One Piece

As soon as depicted in One Piece as a timid little boy, Koby has grown right into a Marine Captain who educated with Helmeppo below Vice Admiral Garp’s steering. He’s now serving with the SWORD Marine Particular Forces unit. Koby grew to become well-known for his heroic deeds throughout the time skip on account of the Rocky Port Incident. 

Koby has been granted a 5-star bounty by the Cross Guild, which is valued at 500,000,000 berries, in recognition of his heroic standing. Because the present went on, he developed into such a robust and accountable character that, following the world authorities’s dismantling of the Warlord System, he was given the responsibility of apprehending Boa Hancock. 

Koby from One Piece
Koby from One Piece

However he was unsuccessful, because the Blackbeard Pirates stormed Hancock’s island. And although Hancock was saved by Rayleigh, Blackbeard kidnapped Koby. Afterward, Garp needed to save Koby from the Blackbeard pirates which resulted in him being defeated and captured by the Blackbeard Pirates’ current member Aokiji.

Principle Claims Koby Will Be The One To Defeat Blackbeard

In keeping with a One Piece principle, Koby would overcome Blackbeard within the One Piece sequence. This has been documented traditionally, courting again to the seventeenth and 18th centuries. The title “Blackbeard” belonged to Edward Educate, a real-life pirate. Trying into Edward Thatch’s life, one might even see the connections between Koby and Blackbeard within the anime and manga sequence.

Koby Captured By Blackbeard
Koby Captured By Blackbeard

Thatch was a legendary pirate who prompted havoc throughout the real-world pirate period. He was, nevertheless, assassinated by a person named Robert Maynard. Robert Maynard was a Navy lieutenant accountable for monitoring down and executing Blackbeard. There’s an intriguing hyperlink between this historic occasion and Blackbeard and Koby from the One Piece universe. 

Koby may need been influenced by Robert Maynard, whereas Blackbeard may need been known as after Edward Thatch. It is because Blackbeard additionally wreaks havoc within the One Piece world and just like Maynard, Koby hopes to develop into a Navy Fleet Admiral and will must seize or kill an individual as formidable as Blackbeard to attain this aim.

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