Possible One Piece Ending Explains Why Gol D Roger’s Crew Laughed After Finding One Piece

One Piece followers are recognized to develop the craziest theories in regards to the story, the characters, and the situations which are foreshadowed. Occurring for nearly 30 years, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece has had many hidden components within the storyline that lead followers to create notions to foretell the way forward for the story.

One Piece

Whereas some theories make sense, some are simply weird hypotheses which are developed by One Piece followers for enjoyable. As the top of the sequence is getting nearer by the day, these theories have elevated to foretell how the valiant story of One Piece goes to finish and the way Luffy goes to grow to be the King of the Pirates.

One weird concept that surfaced on the web claims that Luffy and Nami will return in time and have a child collectively. It additionally explains why the previous King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger laughed on the closing island when he reached there.

One Piece Concept Claims Luffy and Nami Will Have a Child Collectively

The speculation holds that on the very finish of One Piece, Luffy and Nami journey again in time, whereupon Luffy turns into JoyBoy and gathers the Kozuki clan—those who created the Poneglyphs and knew the mysteries of Laughtale. On the Poneglyphs, Luffy writes, “It was at all times me, Monkey D. Luffy, the Pirate King, not you, Roger.” 

That’s the rationale Roger’s Crew discovered the final island amusing and laughed after they reached there. Following that, Luffy writes an apologetic letter to Fishman Island, stating that he’s going to demolish the island sooner or later. Nami sees to it that they obtain easy directives.

Nami and Luffy in One Piece
Nami and Luffy in One Piece

Luffy and Nami then went on to have kids, and their offspring rose to grow to be the Alabasta Fishman and Dressrosa’s monarch and queen. This explains why Nami and Vivi, Rebecca, and Shirahoshi have comparable appearances. Toki can be a toddler of Luffy and Nami, who bought misplaced due to her satan fruit.

Followers React To Weird One Piece Concept

This concept was just lately shared by @SuperNovahtheories on YouTube, and followers had some disenchanted reactions to it. They didn’t like the concept of Luffy marrying Nami and having youngsters sooner or later. Additionally, Luffy and Nami touring again in time doesn’t clarify how he grew to become the King of the Pirates.

Luffy and Nami
Luffy and Nami

@devanshurawat7700 commented:

“Bro I can’t think about Luffy having a child with Nami”

@ice……….. commented:

“If that’s to ever occur, I wager each member of the crew would return in time”

@rajgunjal6594 commented:

“Hancock is on the best way to kill this editor”

@sairaj98 commented:

“Luffy writes”…. that’s sufficient for me”

@shahidahmedashrafi7573 commented

“How may they offer start to a Fishman”

@aliaskv3147 commented:

“Apology in Fishman Island is as a result of Joyboy couldn’t preserve the promise to Fishman Island (in all probability elevating the island to the highest), not due to some destruction or one thing”

The speculation doesn’t maintain a lot floor because it doesn’t correctly assist the notions about Luffy turning into the King of the Pirates and touring again in time. That is why followers don’t like the idea in any respect and begin stating the failings in it.

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