Sanji’s All Blue Dream Can Erase Every Single Devil Fruit from Existence in Wild Theory that can’t be Ignored


Current manga leaks counsel Sanji’s ultimate opponent is perhaps one of many 5 Elders and could possibly be hiding the All Blue. One Piece chapter 1110 spoilers revealed the satan types of the 5 Elders, and Sanji’s arch nemesis could have been decided proper from the beginning.

Sanji joined Luffy’s crew to discover a physique of water referred to as the All Blue, which accommodates all sorts of fish. Current developments within the collection revealed that the Gorosei is perhaps hiding on this space someplace on the Grand Line. 

Sanji And The All Blue

Sanji from One Piece
Sanji from One Piece

Every member of the Strawhat Pirates has a singular dream they work in direction of. Luffy, the captain, goals to seek out the One Piece and grow to be the Pirate King. The chef Sanji needs to find the All Blue – a legendary sea with varied fish from the 4 seas. 

As the top chef of the Strawhat group of Pirates, Sanji’s dream is intently linked to his ardour for cooking. He believes that discovering the All Blue could be the last word achievement of his culinary profession.

The 5 Elders and The All-Blue

Sanji from One PieceSanji from One Piece
Sanji from One Piece

Developments within the manga confirmed that somebody could have been hiding the All Blue within the Grand Line. The perpetrator is somebody from the Gorosei. 

Within the current Egghead Island Arc within the manga, The 5 Elders invaded the island and revealed their satan kinds to assault Dr. Vegapunk. One of many Gorosei, Saint Ju Peter, appeared to resemble a creature from one other well-known e book, the sandworm from Dune

These creatures are recognized for his or her weak spot to moisture and might be killed if drowned in water. Followers on X, previously often known as Twitter, speculated that of the Gorosei, Saint Ju Peter appears the most definitely of them to cover the All Blue because it could possibly be his final weak spot. However a fan had an attention-grabbing idea in thoughts about the true goal of why the all blue is hidden.

Satan Fruits and the All Blue

Sanji from One PieceSanji from One Piece
Sanji from One Piece

Any viewer of One Piece is aware of of one of the crucial well-known weaknesses of the highly effective satan fruit customers: the ocean.

The situation for receiving the facility of a satan fruit is that the person will eternally lose the power to swim. Any contact with seawater renders the person unable to activate his powers and defenseless. Seastones extracted from the ocean can even nullify the powers of satan fruit customers. 

A fan on X theorized that the All Blue, the physique of water the place all of the seas intersect, might have the next impact on satan fruit customers than regular seawater. It might have the facility to fully raise the curse of a Satan Fruit, rendering the person accessible of their powers. 

Might the All Blue possess the facility to erase the existence of each Satan Fruit energy that ever existed? We hope the thriller of the All Blue receives a deserving conclusion.


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