Shady firm touts weird ‘semen stealing’ $250 ‘insemination kit’


An organization advertising and marketing an “at dwelling insemination equipment” on the social media platform X is encouraging girls to fish used condoms out of the trash with out their companion’s data after which “use the collected semen” to get pregnant in order to “make him a dad with out his permission.”

The corporate, MakeAmom, touts its $250 “semen stealing” product as a method to circumvent legal guidelines within the US that make it unlawful to poke holes in condoms with out the data of each contributors.

Considered one of its advertisements on X notes that whereas poking holes in condoms with out the data of each sexual companions is illegitimate in most states, “stealing the condom with out his data” is “not unlawful in any state.”

A Texas-based firm referred to as “MakeAmom” is advertising and marketing a syringe-like gadget that purportedly permits girls to get pregnant with out intercourse. @MakeAmom/X
A weird advert which appeared on X encourages girls to fish out used condoms from the trash. @MakeAmom/X
The corporate boasts that it provides a method to circumvent legal guidelines that make it unlawful to poke holes in condoms for the needs of getting pregnant with out the data of one of many contributors. @MakeAmom/X

One advert reveals somebody poking a gap in a condom with a syringe as a canopy model of the music “Candy however Psycho” performs within the background.

Within the subsequent section, an unidentified particular person grabs a used condom out of the trash.

The advert, headlined beneath the caption “Not authorized recommendation” on X, then urges customers to purchase a tool that lets them “use the collected semen for dwelling insemination.”

The equipment, an “intracervical insemination impregnator” that claims to allow girls to “conceive with out intercourse,” comes with a specimen cup and a syringe.

Within the advert, the consumer is seen taking the syringe and suctioning out sperm from a used condom.

“Depress the sperm into the vagina,” the advert instructs customers. The clip then cuts to an animated illustration displaying sperm swimming towards an egg.

The syringe-like contraption is promoting on-line for $250 apiece, in line with the corporate website. @MakeAmom/X
The picture reveals an “intracervical insemination impregnator.” @MakeAmom/X

The advert then cuts to a clip of a pregnant girl caressing her child bump. It then reveals a number of information headlines reporting on situations when authorities arrested males for poking holes in condoms.

MakeAmom boasts that the gadget provides “snug synthetic insemination that mimics pure intercourse.”

The “impregnator,” which is designed for the aim of accumulating “low quantity and frozen sperm,” requires the consumer to soak up a specimen of semen after which inject it into the suitable areas in order to “deliver sperm nearer to the egg” — a purportedly simpler technique than common intercourse.

The corporate additionally sells a “fertility enhance complement” although it warns that one of many unintended effects of “growing fertility” is a “wildly excessive libido.”

The corporate’s website, which lists an deal with in Brownsville, Texas, touts the equipment as an affordable various to different fertility strategies.

The picture above reveals the sperm being extracted from a used condom. @MakeAmom/X

“A mean spherical of IUI (intrauterine insemination) ranges from $2,000USD and up, IVF averages $10,000 per try. MakeAmom prices you a fraction of that & you solely want to purchase it as soon as!” the location notes.

The Put up has sought remark from the agency.

X has declined to remark.


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