Skyscraper-size asteroid will buzz Earth on Friday, safely passing within 1.7 million miles – saimmalik

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — An asteroid as massive as a skyscraper will cross inside 1.7 million miles of Earth on Friday.

Don’t fear: There’s no probability of it hitting us since it can cross seven instances the space from Earth to the moon.

NASA’s Middle for Close to Earth Object Research estimates the house rock is between 690 ft and 1,575 ft throughout. Meaning the asteroid could possibly be related in dimension to New York Metropolis’s Empire State Constructing or Chicago’s Willis Tower.

Found in 2008, the asteroid is designated as 2008 OS7. It gained’t be again our method once more till 2032, however will probably be a way more distant encounter, staying 45 million miles away.

The innocent flyby is one in all a number of encounters this week. Three a lot smaller asteroids additionally will harmlessly buzz Earth on Friday, not more than tens of yards throughout, with one other two on Saturday. On Sunday, an asteroid roughly half the scale of 2008 0S7 will swing by, staying 4.5 million miles away.

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