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Despite the fact that Monkey D. Luffy turned one of many Emperors of the Sea after the Entire Cake Island arc, it was after the Wano arc that he actually justified his title. It was not simply him, your complete Straw Hat crew proved why they rose to such a excessive rank. Through the years, Monkey D. Luffy has made a number of allies, and so they have typically rescued him from crucial conditions.

Whereas most of them are appreciated, there’s a explicit character that doesn’t get the credit score he deserves. He’s a fan-favorite character, however his contribution is usually ignored. The character within the discuss is none apart from former Whitebeard Pirates’ First Division Commander, Marco the Phoenix. With out him, there could be no Straw Hat Pirates left alive.

Marco the Phoenix is the Sole Purpose Behind Straw Hats Being Alive

marco the phoenix
Marco the Phoenix

Marco the Phoenix was first launched in One Piece when Shanks got here to pay a go to to Whitebeard. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Mannequin: Phoenix. The Satan Fruit offers him the facility to regenerate, and his powers had been showcased in the course of the Marineford arc. From that time on, he remained one of the vital underrated characters, who got here to Straw Hat Pirates’ rescue each time.

Through the Marineford arc, he stopped a full blast from Kizaru and saved Jimbe and Luffy’s life. Whereas Nami froze from worry, Marco saved her from Kaido’s Blast Breath. Brook and Robin had been additionally saved by him from the Cipher Pol. He fought Beast Pirates’ commanders, King and Queen, and saved Roronoa Zoro and Chopper.

marco vs big mommarco vs big mom
Marco vs Huge Mother

He was one of many prime the explanation why the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance got here out victorious towards Kaido. Marco stopped the Huge Mother pirates from coming into Wano by deflecting their ship again into the ocean. Whereas One Piece followers reward all the opposite members, Marco stays underappreciated. With out him, neither Monkey D. Luffy nor the opposite Straw Hats could be alive to succeed in the Egghead Island arc.

Marco the Phoenix Is One in every of Monkey D. Luffy’s Best Allies

Marco the Phoenix is an enormous fan of Monkey D. Luffy. He sees him as his brother, identical to Portgas D. Ace. Whitebeard’s final order was to avoid wasting Luffy at any price, and even so lengthy after his dying, Marco remains to be fulfilling his captain’s orders. Whereas the  Straw Hats invited him to hitch the raid, he rejected saying he left his pirating days behind and was busy trying on the individuals of Whitebeard’s hometown.

one piece - luffyone piece - luffy
Straw Hat Pirates

However later, he joined the raid on Onigashima and proved his price. He entered on the most important second and helped in altering the lead to favor of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Shanks all the time tries to recruit him, however he all the time rejects him. He has misplaced nearly each significant individual, but nonetheless retains a smiling face.

Eiichiro Oda talked about he’ll draw the biggest war in One Piece, and it seems to be like Marco will likely be there to again up Luffy and firm. He would possibly save them as soon as once more and make them victory.

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