Tatsuki Fujimoto Reveals the Real Inspiration Behind Chainsaw Man Being Filled with Demons

In Chainsaw Man, the villains are advanced characters. The devils are mainly forces of nature that exist outdoors of human morality. Devils characterize humanity’s villains or adversaries. The story’s major villainous devils actually make you query morality and surprise who the true “devils” actually are.

Not all devils combat for evil causes although. Some have contracts with humans working for the better good of society, making these explicit devils appear virtually heroic, even when that was by no means their intent.

Then you’ve gotten satan hybrids who’ve human intelligence and reasoning however nonetheless select to commit heinous evil acts.

Falling Satan (Credit: Shonen Bounce)

When an interviewer requested Tatsuki Fujimoto about his inspiration for filling Chainsaw Man‘s world with demonic villains, the manga creator gave a surprisingly easy clarification.

He mentioned,

“As a result of if the opponent isn’t human, I can draw their inside organs. That’s actually the one purpose.”

That’s fairly an fascinating alternative of artwork and phrases, to say the least!

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Cinematic Inspiration

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works are stuffed with movie references, and he usually writes important characters who’re big cinephiles themselves, like Togata from Hearth Punch, the leads in Goodbye, Eri, and naturally Denji from Chainsaw Man.

Makima in Chainsaw Man
Makima (Credit: MAPPA)

The core idea for Chainsaw Man was instantly impressed by the basic American horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

However that notorious slasher flick is way from the one film or present that influenced Tatsuki Fujimoto’s weird, genre-blending storytelling.

He’s cited the overblown catastrophe parody Sharknado, Quentin Tarantino‘s crime thriller Reservoir Dogs, the wacky horror comedy Assault of the Killer Tomatoes!, and even the somber Japanese drama Storm Membership as sources of inspiration.

In conclusion, Fujimoto’s option to populate his story with demons and devils was motivated extra by creative freedom than any deeper symbolism about morality or human nature.

Typically a creator’s inspirations are a lot easier than followers think about.

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